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Violin plots in ggplot2

Use geom_violin() to quickly plot a visual summary of variables, using the Boston dataset from the MASS library.

1. Upload the relevant libraries:

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Game 5: Models: Sampling from a distribution/population (Continuous r.v.)


  1. Find out the discrete uniform DU(K), (continuous) uniform (0,1), U(0,1) related R commands.
  2. Prepare a 2×2 window for the following graphs of X, a discrete uniform (10) random variable.
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Easy Animation in R

I recently animated some figures using ggplot and ImageMagick. ImageMagick is an application independent of R. A set og ggplots are created in R, and ImageMagick is used in the command line to merge the set of plots into a gif. 334 more words

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A Simple Tutorial of the ggmap package in R

The R package ggmap allows ggplot2 capabilities with google maps. I have recently used it for a few projects, and wanted to save a few quick sample plots so I can easily return to creating similar plots. 182 more words

Data Science

Simple boxplot with base R and pipe

In last post, I downloaded TCGA 309 normalized RNA-Seq data for OV tumor tissue.This time, I’m going to draw simple boxplot from this expression tissue. 617 more words


Dataviz of the week: 8/3/17

Corinne Riddell posted this on Twitter. It’s one version of multiple time series that she tried out, one for each USA state. It’s not the finished article, but is really nice for its combination of that recognisable shape (I suppose if your country has a dull shape like Portugal — no offence — then readers won’t immediately recognise the meaning of the arrangement) and the clean, simple small multiples. 114 more words


Plot maps with base mapping tools and ggmap in R

Plot maps with ‘base’ mapping tools in R

Understanding what kind of data you have (polygons or points?) and what you want to map is pivotal to start your mapping. 554 more words