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Operational Community Radio Stations in India[Dataviz]

I’ve been playing with bit of data lately and trying to break into data visualization. I finally decided to have a go with geospatial data and try and visualize the community radio stations in India which are currently operational. 46 more words

An R Enthusiast Goes Pythonic!

I’ve spent so many years using and broadcasting my love for R and using Python quite minimally. Having read recently about machine learning in Python, I decided to take on a fun little ML project using Python from start to finish. 4,584 more words

How to make a co-mutation plot

It has been way to long since I posted here and thought it was time to add something.

Our lab is planning to analyze a series of cancer genomes via exome sequencing.   527 more words






> cor(wcgs)
              sbp0     height0   weight0        bmi0
sbp0    1.00000000  0.01837357 0.2532496  0.28778905
height0 0.01837357  1.00000000 0.5329355 -0.06581544
weight0 0.25324962  0.53293547 1.0000000  0.80663596
bmi0    0.28778905 -0.06581544 0.8066360  1.00000000
> round(cor(wcgs), 3) # 四捨五入
         sbp0 height0 weight0   bmi0
sbp0    1.000   0.018   0.253  0.288
height0 0.018   1.000   0.533 -0.066
weight0 0.253   0.533   1.000  0.807
bmi0    0.288  -0.066   0.807  1.000
… 207 more words

Death and Minimum Legal Drinking Age in the US

In a regression discontinuity design, we compare people who are just above some cutoff with those who are just below, where the treatment is determined by the cutoff. 592 more words


How Predictable is the English Premier League?

The reason why football is so exciting is uncertainty. The outcome of any match or league is unknown, and you get to watch the action unfold without knowing what’s going to happen. 1,129 more words


Reinventing the wheel for ordination biplots with ggplot2

I’ll be the first to admit that the topic of plotting ordination results using ggplot2 has been visited many times over. As is my typical fashion, I started creating a… 705 more words