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30 Days of Data Visualization Challenge

As I work my way through Discovering Statistics Using R and discover other R-related gems across the internet, I realize that I’m only going to get better at this software if I spend time using it. 68 more words


Project Tycho, ggplot2 and the shameless stealing of blog ideas

Last week, Mick Watson posted a terrific article on using R to recreate the visualizations in this WSJ article on the impact of vaccination. Someone beat me to the obvious joke. 1,482 more words


Best Buy Developer API - Review data

I recently signed up for a free account with the BestBuy.com developer API.  This is a set of web services which may be queried by developers.  251 more words


2. The ggplot2 package: Your Gateway Drug to Becoming an R User

I am a frequent R user, but this wasn’t always the case. Though I have had R installed on my computer for about four years now, it has only been in the last year and a half that I turned a corner and began to use… 1,294 more words


How to create separation plots in ggplot2

It is notoriously hard to quantify how well a regression model with a discrete response fits the underlying data. The usual suspect in linear regression is . 420 more words


How to generate caterpillar plots in ggplot2

Creating caterpillar plots in ggplot2

Caterpillar plots are side-by-side displays of statistical
estimates. They are widely used in multilevel regression to
display random effects parameters, and typically they… 332 more words


Graphing HR Totals

Recently, the New York Times had an interesting article about baseball records where they present some nice graphs showing the pattern of different types of performance (HR, RBI, AVG) of the top players over time. 511 more words