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Enjoy R: Do two consecutive seeds behave independently?

I’ve always wondered whether two random seeds in R provide independent results, whatever they are. In particular, I wanted to check if repeating a sampling operation with two consecutive seeds, say… 496 more words


Geofacet: Bangladesh 64 districts education

Geofacet example using World Bank data on Bangladesh education attainment

  1. set up grids
  2. upload data, source: World Bank
  3. plot and save

1. Grid for Bangladesh districts: 5,269 more words


Geofacet: Nepal 75 districts

1,4, NP01, Humla
1,5, NP02, Mugu
1,6, NP03, Dolpa
1,7, NP04, Mustang
1,8, NP05, Manang
2,9, NP06, Gorkha
2,1, NP07, Dharchula
2,2, NP08, Bajhang…
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Geofacet grids: Nigeria Federal States

Geofacet grid for Nigeria’s 37 Federal States (below):

1,5, NG.KN, Kano
1,3, NG.ZA, Zamfara
1,6, NG.JI, Jigawa
1,7, NG.YO, Yobe
2,2, NG.KE, Kebbi…
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A nice example of hafen/geofacet from Washington Post to ggplot2

I’ve recently came across the hafen/geofacet function and was pondering to blog an example. Then, I came across a perfect example, thanks to  kanishkamisra for working on the dataset & code and making it available via github here!


Types of Run, Visualized

I did a Google search for types of run. The results were all verbose. Why not visualize it so that you have it all in one page rather than having to scroll through multiple pages of text? 187 more words


BAR CHART: a ggplot balance plot (2)


Graph 2: Merchandise trade balance

You can find the data for this plot here or alternatively here is the dput data for balance… 406 more words