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Pump It Up: a First Model

First variables selection

After the data exploration in the previous post, the next step is the construction of the first very simple model. I personally prefer to have a simple model to have a general idea of the base performance, and then iteratively trying to improve. 1,107 more words


BAR CHART: a ggplot balance plot (2)


Graph 2: Merchandise trade balance

You can find the data for this plot here or alternatively here is the dput data for balance… 406 more words


Census Bureau Maps


1. Download population data from Census Bureau
I chose population data by county for 2015 American Community Survey
download and save (aff_download.zip)
2. Download… 307 more words


Summary Statistics

The benefit of working with R as opposed to excel is that you can work easily with large amounts of data.  The first thing you want to do with a large data set is to observe the structure of the data as well as summary statistics. 162 more words


BAR CHART + LINE: a ggplot balance plot (1)

You can download session 9 files here (R-Ladies Tbilisi) and specify your working directory with setwd(“/Users/mydomain/myforlder/)


###Graph 1: Total services trade, by value… 339 more words


R data visualizations – Exploring ggplot2: Part 1

Data visualizations are for business users to see the visual representation of Analytics including charts, graphs, maps and other graphical formats. Data visualizations illustrate difficult concepts, unearth relationships among different data elements and also help in spotting hidden trends and patterns within the data set. 511 more words


Linear Regression Simplified: A Visual Tutorial with a Lab in R

Linear regression is perhaps the most widely used statistical tool in data science. It is a fundamental building block for statistical inference and prediction, and many more advanced methods derive from simple linear regression. 1,299 more words