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Grafiken mit Hintergrundbild erstellen

Manchmal kann es sinnvoll sein, die graphische Darstellung einer statistischen Größe auf ein Hintergrundbild zu applizieren. Mit R lässt sich das folgendermaßen bewerkstelligen:

Zuerst liest man mit der… 123 more words


Custom square root scale (with negative values) in ggplot2 (R)

My prior rootogram post Jon Peck made the astute comment that rootograms typically are plotted on a square root scale. (Which should of been obvious to me given the name!) The reason for a square root scale for rootograms is visualization purposes, the square root scale gives more weight to values nearby 0 and shrinks values farther away from 0. 291 more words

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Exploring Pitches in Cole Hamels' No-Hitter

As I’m a Phillies fan, I was pretty excited about Cole Hamels’ no-hitter against the Cubs on Saturday. This provides a good excuse to demonstrate the ease of using Carson’s… 771 more words


Visualizing the Range of MLB's Best and Worst Outfielders

Baseball Info Solutions’ Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) metric measures a player’s total defensive contribution at a given position, compared to league average. The primary component, as outlined in… 648 more words

Why I use Panel/Multilevel Methods

I don’t understand why any researcher would choose not to use panel/multilevel methods on panel/hierarchical data. Let’s take the following linear regression as an example: 745 more words


Waterfall plots – what and how?

Waterfall plots” are nowadays often used in oncology clinical trials for a graphical representation of the quantitative response of each subject to treatment. For an informative article explaining waterfall plots see… 1,083 more words

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The Amazing Watson makes Data Science so elementary

I got the email from IBM saying try out Watson, yada yada yada. I was not so sure what to expect. So i uploaded the diamonds dataset from the flagbearer ggplot2 package in R. 102 more words