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How to: Plot Points onto a Map

Coming from a GIS background, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing data plotted on a map in an insightful way.  The idea of doing this with a programming language instead of a GUI may seem daunting, but if you have a basic understanding of ggplo2t then there is nothing to fear! 456 more words

EDA: Cheese Nutrition


Today I will be exploring the nutrition content in cheese.  All the data I will be looking at can be found on this web page.   1,035 more words

Short ggplot2 tutorial by MiniMaxir

The following was reposted from minimaxir.com


ggplot2 uses a more concise setup toward creating charts as opposed to the more declarative style of Python’s  1,924 more words


Years as coloured bars

I keep seeing years represented by coloured bars. First it was that demographic tsunami chart. Then there are examples like the one on the right, which came up in a web search today. 587 more words


Senate Votes Visualized

It has been exactly one week since the Senate voted to start debate on Obamacare. There were three Obamacare repeal proposals that followed in the wake of the original vote. 411 more words


Enjoy R: Do two consecutive seeds behave independently?

I’ve always wondered whether two random seeds in R provide independent results, whatever they are. In particular, I wanted to check if repeating a sampling operation with two consecutive seeds, say… 496 more words


Geofacet: Bangladesh 64 districts education

Geofacet example using World Bank data on Bangladesh education attainment

  1. set up grids
  2. upload data, source: World Bank
  3. plot and save

1. Grid for Bangladesh districts: 5,269 more words