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Dashboard SEO Part 1 with R : Classify URLs and Detect Active Pages

This is my first article on how to create dashboards with R and ScreamingFrog.
I begin with active pages and a simple methodology to classify URLs. 908 more words


we're talking softball (part I)

It’s starting to warm up in Toronto and the baseball season is underway. There is no better time to look at baseball stats.

R users are lucky as there are many great datasets available, chief among them is the Lahman package. 635 more words

Teaching ggplot2

Last week I gave a short presentation to a math class on advanced graphing in R with ggplot2. Click here to view the updated presentation: … 297 more words


Projects & ggplot2

I’ve continued to work with my sister on her class project and thought I would give an update on some of the stuff I’ve been working on. 640 more words

Data Science On a Bicycle, Part 2: Rich & Poor

After our first look at the Bay Area BikeShare data, it’s now time to dig a bit deeper. We will see that the data has many more stories to tell, for example about where the rich work and when the poor rise. 1,086 more words

Data Adventures

Improving ggplot2 plots with ggExtra

I love ggplot2, but I sometimes struggle to remember all the syntax I need to get my plots looking the way I want.

Two of my most common tweaks are to rotate  x axis labels, (because people like to see every axis point labeled), and removing the default grid lines. 162 more words