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Dotplots in R: Base Graphics, ggplot, more Base Graphics

The textbook I use in my intro stats course makes extensive use of dotplots as an intuitive alternative to histograms when the number of data points is small enough to visualize each case as a single dot.   247 more words

Predicting And Mapping Arrest Types in San Francisco with LightGBM, R, ggplot2

@tachyeonz : The new hotness in the world of data science is neural networks, which form the basis of deep learning.

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Hyetographs, hydrographs and highcharter

Dual y-axes: yes or no? What about if one of them is also reversed, i.e. values increase from the top of the chart to the bottom? 438 more words


[R] Extracting data needed for plotting results from extRemes package - Extreme Value Analysis

Something a little different to my usual posts and targeted to people interested in Extreme Value Analysis (EVA).

I have been working on an analysis of extreme sea levels as part of my PhD on flooding risk. 605 more words


Airplanes above Mainz

Quiet a while ago I bought a SDR-RTL USB dongle. Originally to capture the signal from my outdoor temperature sensor. However, no one had decipherd the signal for that device so far and I was not motivated enough to invest too much time in it. 2,427 more words


15. Make It Pretty: DIY Pirate Plots in ggplot2

January. Is. Over. Though the world is on fire/everything is spiders, in my work-life, I am quite relieved: I have escaped the most gruelling month of continuos large deadlines that I’ve ever had to manage (#NewFacultyLife), while (mostly) getting everything done that I needed to. 1,398 more words

2016 box office

As it’s the start of a new year, I thought that now would be a good time to reflect on the best films of 2016. 216 more words

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