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A Gallery of ggplot2 Extensions

A couple of months ago, I announced the ggplot2-extensions website which tracks and lists extensions built on top of the popular R visualization package ggplot2… 164 more words


How to combine box and jitter plots using R and ggplot2

R makes it easy to combine different kinds of plots into one overall graph. This may be useful to visualize both basic measures of central tendency (median, quartiles etc.) … 508 more words


Yet another case study on data analysis (YACSDA) - extramarital affairs data set

Ok, there are heaps of them on the net. Here comes my YACSDA. Maybe the only thing about it to mention is that it comes in German language. 45 more words

Producing Bar Graphs in R using ggplot2

Hello. In this post, the ggplot2 package in R will be used to produce informative and nice bar graphs.

Table of Contents

  1. The Data: Simulating Dice Rolls…
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Correlation matrix & heatmap

I have started reading the Quantitative Trading with R by H. Georgakopoulos. At the end of chapter 1, he presents several functions to build a correlation matrix between several stocks. 1,458 more words


Statistics: Histograms In R - An Example

Hi there. In this post, I will highlight histograms in the statistical program R using the R base package, ggvis and the ggplot2 data visualization packages. 1,785 more words


dplyr and Zika - Epilogue

I really thought I was done with the Express dplyr series though on completion of the second part I received many messages requesting more examples of using dplyr with ggplot along with some other types of information such as the Zika virus data which can be… 3,925 more words

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