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Deep Magic Volume 1: Visualizing Apache Mahout in R via Apache Zeppelin (incubating)

I was at Apache Big Data last week and got to talking to some of the good folks at the Apache Mahout project.  For those who aren’t familiar, … 1,695 more words


Push it to the limit: SOM + Clustering + Networks

What is the highest dimensional visualization you can think of? Now imagine it being interactive. The following details a Frankenstein visualization packing a smorgasbord of multivariate goodness. 431 more words

R, FRED, and the 2016 Texas Primary: Part 3.1

In this post I will go over how to create an aggregated table of the FRED data and merge it with the election data. This aggregated table will serve as the basis for a future post on mapping out both the FRED and election data. 1,706 more words


googleformr at Work: Pneumatic Road Tube Allegory

Steve Simpson (@data_steve) created the googleformr package to enable users to easily send information to a Google Form.  It’s a nice way to send and securely store data via R and the price is great…FREE! 669 more words


Plotting bar charts in R with ggplot2

I was introduced to plotting and exploring data in R during the online Coursera Data Science course. We covered the base plotting system, lattice plot… 943 more words


Dashboard SEO Part 1 with R : Classify URLs and Detect Active Pages

This is my first article on how to create dashboards with R and ScreamingFrog.
I begin with active pages and a simple methodology to classify URLs. 908 more words


we're talking softball (part I)

It’s starting to warm up in Toronto and the baseball season is underway. There is no better time to look at baseball stats.

R users are lucky as there are many great datasets available, chief among them is the Lahman package. 635 more words