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Multi-color text in ggplot2

Occasionally when producing charts, it’s helpful to plot a single text element in multiple colors. Here’s an example of labels from the SDG Atlas where we used multiple colors to good effect to make labels for “Bangladesh” and “United States” clearer (I’ve darkened some parts of the chart to make the relevant labels clearer): 330 more words

The United Nations of Words

Newsletter e-mails are often artifacts of faded interests or ancient online shopping endeavors. They can be nostalgia-inducing — virtual time capsules set in motion by your past self at… 1,368 more words


R Course in Rio de Janeiro

R Course in Rio de Janeiro

We are preparing an R for Data-Science course (direct link here) in partnership with the IBPAD (Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis). 139 more words


A little more with ggmap...

So I usually have to plot sampling locations on a graphic of a site plan…here’s a fake site.

grim<-get_googlemap(c(lon=-79.5569,lat=43.1832),zoom=19,maptype = "satellite",scale=2)

ggmap(grim) +
 geom_path(data=as.data.frame(coordinates(grimboundary)), aes(x=lon,y=lat),colour="red") 412 more words

Population Pyramids of Georgia in ggplot2

You can download session 9 files for constructing the population pyramids of Georgia here: RLadies Tbilisi 

mypath <- "/Users/GozerTheGozerian/Keymasters Folder/"
setwd(paste(mypath)) #set your working directory
… 1,710 more words

ggmap objects

TIL… about ggmap objects

so i grabbed a map:

grim<-get_googlemap("grimsby, ontario",zoom=17,maptype="satellite",scale=2)

gives me this:


and looked at the structure:

> str(grim)
 'ggmap' chr  "#4A543B" "#4A543B" "#54533E" "#585446" "#646054" "#6D695A" "#6D695A" "#605C4A" "#605C4A" ...  115 more words

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