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Infant Mortality Rate in India

Infant mortality rate is the number of infants dying before reaching one year of age, per 1,000 live births in a given year.

The above plot shows that the five major states with highest Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in 2014 were Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. 199 more words

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Mix ggplot2 graphs with your favorite memes. memery 0.4.2 released.

Make memorable plots with memery. memery is an R package that generates internet memes including superimposed inset graphs and other atypical features, combining the visual impact of an attention-grabbing meme with graphic results of data analysis. 682 more words


Introduction to R - A Roadmap

This is an attempt to orient you around R. To give you a roadmap of sorts to help you find your way when learning R. The following text will show you: 2,776 more words

Resources for dplyr and ggplot2

Today we introduced the R packages ‘dplyr’ and ‘ggplot2’. We only had time for a few brief demos, but these packages are very powerful and you may be using them quite a bit! 270 more words

EggHatch - a function for easy pattern addition in ggplot2 bar plots.

So, when I had a little time a few months ago I started coding a wrapper function for ggplot2 in R, with the aim of making it a straight forward process when adding 3 basic patterns (hatching) to ggplot2 bar graphs. 3,700 more words

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An Introduction to R

Recently, I have finished the first version of a below 30-pages introduction to R. It uses an exemplary workflow to explain some basics of the language and the application of the packages… 10 more words


Animated Snow in R

After hearing R play the Jingle Bells tune, I really got into the holiday vibe. It made me think of Ilya Kashnitsky (homepage… 481 more words