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EDA Week 5: Comparing Snowfall for Different Months

I recently found some interesting data about snowfall in Central Park.  I put the data into a Google spreadsheet.

Suppose that I wish to compare all of the snowfall amounts of March, the amounts of April, etc. 289 more words


Quantifying three years of a long distance relationship

I read two really useful guides to processing text data recently; an analysis of Trump’s tweets to work out whether it’s him or an intern sending them, and… 924 more words


Mixed-design ANOVA : 2 between-subject factors and 1 within-subject factor

Suppose you want to examine the impact of diet and exercise on pulse rate. To investigate these issues, you collect a sample of 18 individuals and group them according to their dietary preferences: meat eaters and vegetarians. 795 more words

Data Science

EDA Week 4: Comparing Batches

Here we illustrate the use of the ggplot2 package in constructing graphs to compare groups of numeric data. We’ll discuss some familiar and some not-as-familiar graphs for this purpose. 494 more words


Chick Weight vs Diet - A case for one-way ANOVA.

The chick1 dataset is a data frame consisting  of 578 rows and 4 columns  “weight” “Time” “Chick” & “Diet”  which represents the progression of weight of several chicks. 937 more words

Data Science

EDA Week 2 - Graph of a Distribution

This week, we are focusing on graphs and summaries for a single batch of data.  The ggplot2 package can’t construct a stem-and-leaf diagram, but there are several ways of graphing a distribution of a single continuous variable. 511 more words


Uncommon Tips for R Programming

I have been working in R for a almost a period of Three Years. I learned it myself from the tutorials, documentation and online courses. Recently, I came across a two interesting problems, which I feel are worth sharing to the people. 931 more words