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Data Visualization - ggplot2 - the anatomy of a barchart - something unobvious

Due to the fact that this is my first post I want to explain why I started blogging now and why I choose this Topic, and why I choose the R package ggplot2 to explain the anatomy of such a simple Thing as a barchart in comparison to the more fancy data visualizations that can be found using your favorite search engine (sooner or later, rather sooner) I will also share some of my D3 experiences). 1,918 more words


Some plots to go with group based trajectory models in R

On my prior post on estimating group based trajectory models in R using the crimCV package I received a comment asking about how to plot the trajectories. 1,574 more words

Data Visualization

Redrawing Steven Jay Gould's Graph

The late Harvard paleontologist and baseball fan Steven Jay Gould wrote a famous study on the disappearance of the .400 batting average in baseball in his book… 596 more words


6. Make It Pretty: Plotting 2-way Interactions with ggplot2

ggplot2, as I’ve already made clear, is one of my favourite packages for R. And since that original post about ggplot2 remains one of my most frequently visited, I thought I would proceed with starting a series of posts called “Make It Pretty”, all about sharing ways of visualizing data that I think are attractive/effective/comprehensive. 2,288 more words

Spaghetti plots with ggplot2 and ggvis

This post was motivated by this article that discusses the graphics and statistical analysis for a two treatment, two period, two sequence (2x2x2) crossover drug interaction study of a new drug versus the standard. 1,331 more words


Basic plotting in R with ggplot2: A Beginner's Guide to Time Series

Graphical illustration is essential both for good presentations, good seminar papers or other forms of content orientated communication and analysis. Humans are visual beings and although there are those “just-show-me-numbers!”-types out there, nearly everybody is happy – or at least not opposed – to see a good graph, which allows to intuitively comprehend what you are trying to say. 2,246 more words