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EggHatch - a function for easy pattern addition in ggplot2 bar plots.

So, when I had a little time a few months ago I started coding a wrapper function for ggplot2 in R, with the aim of making it a straight forward process when adding 3 basic patterns (hatching) to ggplot2 bar graphs. 3,668 more words

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An Introduction to R

Recently, I have finished the first version of a below¬†30-pages introduction to R. It uses an exemplary workflow to explain some basics of the language and the application of the packages… 10 more words


Animated Snow in R

After¬†hearing R play the Jingle Bells tune, I really got into the holiday vibe. It made me think of Ilya Kashnitsky (homepage… 481 more words


R Visual - Building Facet Grid in Power BI

Since Power BI started to support R visual, it has become difficult to criticise Power BI’s visualisation capability because we can now take full advantage of R’s powerful visualisation packages such as ggplot2 to create Power BI reports. 204 more words

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Kuwait population pyramids: changes between 2000-2020

Plot made in ggplot2 using geofacet, personal elaboration of Census data.

Here is the the geofacet gris, although maybe not one of the most exciting ones… 65 more words


Plotting made easy with the power of functions.

What do you do when you have a million variables to plot (separately), and need to speed the process up a bit? Write a function to do your plots for you! 233 more words