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Statigraphic diagrams with ggplot

rioja::strat.plot is a great tool for plotting stratigraphic plots in R, but sometimes it is not obvious how to do something I want, perhaps a summary panel showing the percent trees/shrubs/herbs. 459 more words

graphing basics using ggplot2

Just yesterday, I started learning R from R for Data Science available online. It is a really nice book, lot of R code to write and exercises to practice. 735 more words

R Language

The Toughest Sport in The World: Radar Charts

This past week’s Makeover Monday highlighted an analysis done by ESPN that strived to answer this question: when it comes to raw skill, what is the hardest sport to compete in? 392 more words


Trend in Housing Market in India

The data for the plot is sourced from FRED using the tidyquant package in R and the plot is generated using the ggplot2 package in R. 231 more words

Are Hurricanes Becoming More Frequent/Stronger?

Hurricanes – All Hurricanes.
Major Hurricanes – Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale 3, 4, or 5.

Data: NOAA.
Tools: R (package: “ggplot2”)
Also posted on reddit. 6 more words


Market Basket Analysis In R For Beginners

Market Basket Analysis is a data mining technique used by many companies. It can find the relationships between products and what items go together. From a business perspective, the insights will let the marketers know what items most people buy frequently together. 1,479 more words

Data Visualisation