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Co-authorship Network Analysis (CNA) in R

I’m planning to do some meta analysis of co-authorship in my field, which is really cool, but there is one small problem: I have no experience in co-authorship analysis, or any kind of complex network analysis! 911 more words

They walk in line SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and R charting using ggplot2

Some Weeks ago I started blogging, and started with the first part of a series about the not that obvious aspects of charting using the well known (not to say famous) R package gglot2 (developed by Hadley Wickham). 292 more words


The GAP in desired fertility in Europe. Part 1.

Using data from the FFS and the Human Fertility Database we have recomputed desired fertility estimates using Rodriguez and Trussel (1981) method and simulated the Parity Progression Ratios to first births for women in 11 European countries.

Working paper soon to follow.


1887 crude mortality rate in Spain using classInt package

>nclassint <- 5 #number of colors to be used in the palette
>cat <- classIntervals(dt$TBM, nclassint,style = "jenks")
>colpal <- brewer.pal(nclassint,"Reds")
>color <- findColours(cat,colpal) #sequential…
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Kombination von Box- und Jitter Plots mit 'ggplot2'

Mit dem ggplot2-Package lassen sich verschiedene Plots miteinander kombinieren. So bietet z.B. eine Kombination von Box- und Jitter Plot die Möglichkeit, in einer Graphik sowohl basale Verteilungsmerkmale (Median, Quartile etc.) als auch die Verteilung der Werte selbst darzustellen. 428 more words


R and the Nobel Prize API

The Nobel Prizes. Love them? Hate them? Are they still relevant, meaningful? Go on admit it, you always imagined you would win one day.

Whatever you think of them, the… 153 more words


New Zealand Coloured Maps (Choropleths) in R


In this post we will

  1. Provide links to high quality shape files and detailed administrative data for New Zealand.
  2. Import Shape files into R which store geo-spatial information on the boundaries of administrative regions or neighbourhoods.
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