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Drawing Pierce County: Census Maps in ggplot2

A side project I am working on (more on that later if I can manage to blog more than once a year) has me needing to interact with several datasets that are broken down by census tract. 653 more words

Clusters of survey data


I had a survey data about a department of a big company. How to see themselves and how to see them co-workers of other departments. 1,328 more words

Open Code

Code for a brief introduction to ggplot2

Today we are discussing ggplot2. Below is code that we talked through, showing the basic syntax and approach for ggpplot2.

install.packages("ggplot2") # Install the ggplot2 library. 413 more words

How to install and use the hexSticker package


A couple of days ago, the hexSticker package was published on CRAN. The package provides some functions to plot hexagon stickers that may be used to promote… 622 more words

Visualizing Data

How to plot a companion planting guide using ggplot2


Recently my girl-friend asked me whether I could do some data project being useful for our family rather than just for myself. A couple of years ago – after our first son was born – we decided to rent a small garden ( 566 more words

Visualizing Data

Violin plots in ggplot2

Use geom_violin() to quickly plot a visual summary of variables, using the Boston dataset from the MASS library.

1. Upload the relevant libraries:

… 225 more words

Game 5: Models: Sampling from a distribution/population (Continuous r.v.)


  1. Find out the discrete uniform DU(K), (continuous) uniform (0,1), U(0,1) related R commands.
  2. Prepare a 2×2 window for the following graphs of X, a discrete uniform (10) random variable.
  3. 135 more words