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R data visualizations – Exploring ggplot2: Part 1

Data visualizations are for business users to see the visual representation of Analytics including charts, graphs, maps and other graphical formats. Data visualizations illustrate difficult concepts, unearth relationships among different data elements and also help in spotting hidden trends and patterns within the data set. 511 more words


DONUT CHART in ggplot2


I personally don’t like pie charts that much, I prefer donut charts, they take up less space and the center can be used for extra annotations. 327 more words


Ggplot2 graph of counts in different categories from a check all that apply survey question

Recently, I needed to make a graph that displayed the number of survey respondents who were in a set of categories. The data came from a survey question that was a ‘check all that apply’ (not my favorite) so each respondent could belong to one to four categories. 403 more words

Bar Graph

An implementation of Grammar of Graphics in R

In previous article we discussed about qplot() which is analogy of plot(). Here in this tutorial we will cover ggplot2(). 569 more words


Basics of ggplot2?

What is ggplot2?
  • It is a package in R.
  • An implementation of the grammar of graphics.
  • It is a ‘third’ graphics system for R(along with base and lattice), build based upon the grid system.
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Drawing Pierce County: Census Maps in ggplot2

A side project I am working on (more on that later if I can manage to blog more than once a year) has me needing to interact with several datasets that are broken down by census tract. 653 more words

Clusters of survey data


I had a survey data about a department of a big company. How to see themselves and how to see them co-workers of other departments. 1,328 more words

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