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It’s currently 1:25 AM, Saturday, July 30th… (and yes, I’m humming Les Miserables with my title)

My mind is going one hundred miles an hour, my body is physically aching knowing I’m about to leave but there’s also this anticipation and excitement, my heart thankfully is set on a firm foundation- although my emotions are giving me a legit run for my money. 299 more words

On Death and Patriotism

I thank my friend Kwasi: for asking me to fish this one from the archives.


There is nothing like a “good” funeral to bring Ghanaians together. 404 more words

Home Sweet Home

Breaking Barriers

On Thursday 28th July 2016, I was privileged to attend the morning session of Greater Works Conference 2016. Greater works conference which was inspired by the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in John 14:12 which says… 1,456 more words

Daily Post

The story of Ananse and the famine.

Once upon a time, there was a great famine in a town in which lived Ananse, his wife and children. Famished with hunger, Ananse decided to go to a distant land where he could get some food for the family. 911 more words


The story of how Ananse’s second daughter got married.

When Ananse’s second daughter reached marriage-able age, he thought of a way of choosing the best young man of the village for the girl. This he did by asking all the men who were asking for the girl’s hand in marriage to engage in a wrestling bout and he picked the conqueror as the husband. 322 more words


Lessons from #ENGINE business plan defense. 

I conceived an idea to get honey on my table everyday throughout the year. I wanted to produce this myself. After sharing this idea with my peers, I got a team and #BeeFactory was born. 303 more words


[VIDEO] BET Ghana Cypher 2016

BET Ghana Cypher 2016 Mp4 Download

BET Cypher’s 2016 edition was done in Ghana recently and rappers, Boss Bouncy and Slimkhala displayed their lyrical prowess. 8 more words