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Memos to GMB: No 2 - Revenue

After my initial memo to you on ways to cauterize the life threatening hemorrhage of government income through corruption and inefficiency I feel the next most fundamental issue is how to raise the government Revenue that will make everything else possible for even the good book says that money answereth all evil and our backwardness in virtually every index of modern life will require copious amounts of money to fix. 3,313 more words

STOP waiting

Stop waiting for monday to start

Stop waiting for that girl or boy to make the first move

Stop waiting for summer, for the scale to bugde, for the winter… 113 more words


The Missing Piece to My Identity: Reflections on Studying Abroad in Ghana

It has been some time since I left Ghana to return home to the States, and while I have readjusted back to American life, I have discovered some things about myself from my study abroad experience.   654 more words

External Programs

Jollof Rice

Cook Time:1 hr


Cooking oil


•Chili pepper/Powdered pepper

•Green pepper (bell pepper)

•Fresh/ canned chopped tomatoes

•Tomato puree

•Stock cube… 212 more words


Hunger and a Child’s Worth

“It was difficult to get food in those days, Asingiya said. He was referring to the early 1900s and before. “You see, if you give birth to so many children and you cannot provide for them, you don’t have the food to feed them, you can give one of your children to a person who has food, for millet and salt, so you will be able to provide for the rest. 2,086 more words