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30-Day Blogging Challenge- Day 11- My 10 Favourite Foods

Helluuurrrr!!” *In Madea’s voice*

It’s always a great feeling seeing you here. This is no formality. In all honesty, it really is a great feeling. Day 11? 287 more words

"If things are getting easier, maybe you're headed downhill."

Today is a glorious fall day, sunny and warm. Gracie has been outside most of the morning. She knows a good thing when she sees it. 290 more words


Ghanaian Black Pepper

For me, Black Pepper  was a staple growing up.  I could not get enough of this spicy, bold, eclectic flavor.  It made everything … and I mean EVERYTHING taste good! 288 more words

Ghanaian Food

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”

I woke up to sun and now it is cloudy. The official report says a partly cloudy day with 78˚ as the high. Weather reports never seem optimistic. 306 more words



Image source :http://justsamli.tumblr.com/post/58781439493/gari-soakings-is-the-future-ghana

​So recently some Ghanaian delicacies have received international recognition. The ever famous Jollof and the can’t touch that Kelewe.

But I was wondering why almighty Gari Soakings has been left out …I have heard interesting names like cassava smoothie But that was just it… 327 more words


Goin' to Ghana

No, not really – I’m pulling your leg. We’re not going to Ghana.

But not too long ago we felt as if we’d been magically transported to that far-away country. 665 more words

West African Jollof

West African Jollof

Chris and I go through food spells where we eat a tonnn of one thing for awhile. This jollof rice recipe has been it for us lately. 263 more words

Ghanaian Food