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Wudiu Means Food 

This post of for all the foodies out there who wonder what the situation is here (and why Chris has lost so much weight). The typical Ghanaian diet consists of loads of beans, corn, yams, plaintain, rice, fruits, eggs, porridge, and locally prepared dishes. 341 more words

Peace Corps Ghana 2015

June 1, 2015

In 12 days I’ll be getting ready to leave for the airport and my flight home to Albuquerque. I’m quite busy working on several different projects, trying to get some loose ends tied up before I leave. 1,090 more words


2015 Week 14 Day 3 – 4th April

2015 Week 14 Day 3 – Day 2 rolled into day 3 as we went to the club at the Roof Gardens and enjoyed walking round the gardens in the wee hours!  63 more words



Something wild just happened. We returned to our homestay families after being away for three weeks and I realized that I really love Ghanaian food! I started craving Mama Rose’s cooking while we were gone, and now that we are back I can’t get enough of it. 128 more words

Ghanaian Food

How to: make Ghanaian chicken stew

Happy Wednesday all,

I’ve been meaning to share the foods I cook with you for a long time, but I always forget to take pictures when I am cooking. 322 more words

20 Something

April 8, 2015

The past couple days have been extra fun and busy, because I’ve had guests from the U.S.! My son Sean, who works with me on developing Batiks for Life, and my ‘other son’ Andre, who’s doing photography of our spring line of products for the website. 1,156 more words


African Food: The World is ready!

Not so long ago, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver of Britain published a recipe highlighting his interpretation of Jollof rice. Many Africans took to social media to lividly voice their dismay at a recipe that they considered unrecognizable as part of their beloved West African cuisine. 90 more words

African Food