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“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”

I woke up to sun and now it is cloudy. The official report says a partly cloudy day with 78˚ as the high. Weather reports never seem optimistic. 306 more words


Goin' to Ghana

No, not really – I’m pulling your leg. We’re not going to Ghana.

But not too long ago we felt as if we’d been magically transported to that far-away country. 665 more words

West African Jollof

West African Jollof

Chris and I go through food spells where we eat a tonnn of one thing for awhile. This jollof rice recipe has been it for us lately. 263 more words

Ghanaian Food

Fufu & Chill

Watch how my 1st time cooking for my besties went down.

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Being Miss Boansi (YouTube Channel)

How I Make Ghanaian Bofrot.

If you’re on my Snap Chat, then you’ll know that 7/10 times, I’m making something in the kitchen. Due to this, I decided to make a quick Vlog via my YouTube channel (OfficialMissBoansi: Remember to like, share, watch & subscribe!) showcasing how I make Ghanaian Bofrot (sweet Ghanaian doughnuts).

Happy viewing!

Being Miss Boansi (YouTube Channel)

African Restaurant: Chop Pot

On this bright, sunny and warm day, I am excited to bring Chop Pot Bar to you. Chop Pot Bar is located at The O2 Centre on Finchley road and it is quickly becoming a favourite street food hub for Africans and non-Africans alike. 698 more words

Where To Eat African Food In U.K

A Warming Ghanaian Dish

We hear that it is really cold in America right now, so we thought it’d be a good time to share one of our favorite Ghanaian dishes. 272 more words