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Fried Yam and (grilled) ​Tilapia recipe

Growing up in Ghana grilled tilapia was somehow a luxury meal for me, and it was commonly sold by the roadside and bars. Now you can find it at almost every local restaurant in Ghana. 299 more words


Jollof rice recipe (Ghana Method)



4 cups of Jasmine rice

2 medium size onion preferably sweet onions

2 large cloves of Garlic

Ginger (Optional)

Scotch bonnet pepper (Optional) 189 more words


FitFam Jollof Rice

Instagram was lit with various Jollof Rice recipes in the past few days it was world Jollof day I wonder who started this trend! Anyway Jollof Rice is a main meal eaten in the West African countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Cote D Ivoire, Benin, Togo Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Liberia. 227 more words


Team FitFam get in here! Learn to make this Palm Oil-Less Beans Recipe by Sisi Yemmie

“I’ve got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ram, chicken… you name it!”

Sorry, I just had to do that. That’s a line from the popular #YouNameItChallenge that trended towards the end of 2016. 69 more words



This dish fills me with nostalgia, as it was my Mums favourite dish to make on Fridays. The dish is usually paired with a mixture of boiled ripened Plantain and Yam thinly sliced. 547 more words


Fine dining with Eat Jollof London

Being one of five girls, my mum insisted I learn how to cook if I wanted a man to marry me! I’m Ghanaian, but grew up in East Africa, cooking Ethiopian, Ugandan and Kenyan food for my siblings.

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Pot & Platter: Who's Cooking?

Ghanaian and Nigerian Jollof Rice: Which is Tastier?

There’s a heated debate revolving around Ghanaian jollof rice and Nigerian jollof rice. Plenty of people claim that one is better than the other. Is it all a matter of taste or is there a grain of truth to the question of which one is tastier? 369 more words