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Nighttime poetry; Mindfuck and murder

Sirens scream in this neighborhood almost every single night
darkness roams the streets outside disrupted by electric light
between the cops and the fire station, house of sterilized healthcare… 163 more words


Don't Turn Around

Unfortunately, I was uprooted into this world among some of the vilest human beings known to mankind; I am talking about being raised in the ghetto, where moral values, love, affection and loyalty are scarce, a place where words are mere empty utterances and envy is rife.  410 more words

Ian T. Sebàs

Grungy Building

Inside of a grungy building filled with dirt and graffiti, where everything looks the same and without any sign of a door to leave…which way is out? 32 more words


Drag Queens as Laughing Philosophers 

Academia has sold us the idea of philosophy as something so ancient, so irrelevant, and so marginal, that we forget to name our own wisdom traditions and our surrounding pop philosophy, even our ghetto philosophy, when we find it. 444 more words


The Merchant IN Venice!

That’s right, I said “IN”, the Merchant IN Venice! Read below from one of our guest bloggers about a rare opportunity… I have always wondered how it would be to see Shakespeare’s characters in the places which the Bard himself thought for them, how it would be to see Lorenzo wooing Jessica outside a Venetian… 12 more words

Shakespeare In The World