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Harlem 1985

Taken a few years before the “Gold Rush” on Harlem real estate. These shells were there for pennies and I wish I had seen the potential, but my crystal ball was a bit blurry at the time! ©Matt Weber

(Street Photography)

We have Moved! (to the Ghetto)

Maquel and I have moved out on our own. I feel like a big kid now, all grown up and living in the “ghetto” of Salt Lake City. 433 more words


Is Ratchet the New Fashion????

I’m an 80s baby. I come from an era of “the fanny pack”, “neon colored biker shorts”, “Jordache”, “four-finger rings”, “velour and Adidas”, the Dookie chains (Big Daddy Kane, LLCoolJ), scrunchies, huge earrings, the dreaded shoulder pads, spandex on boys, and since I will run out of space with all the horrible fashion trends that existed, I will list lastly, the worst hairstyle outside of the Jheri Curl, the Mullet. 1,333 more words


Only Dopes Sell Dope

Sitting on Toronto’s Subway is a overload on the senses. The sound of the oncoming train, the conversations, the huge billboards, the sights, the smells, the weird habits. 673 more words

Crazy Life Experiences

20th Century African American Cinema Stereotypes & Donald Bogle: A Series

Part Six:  Late 20th Century African American Cinema

I’d like to state that Spike Lee is not saying that African American culture is just for black people alone to enjoy and cherish.

2,330 more words
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