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Read This If You Talk "WHITE"

This post will use the work and philosophy of Susan Cook-Greuter to analyze a common dynamic in the black community. The dynamic is on a personal level, and it happens when a person is accused of not wanting to identify with the black community when they display a personality trait not usually seen in the black community. 2,448 more words

I Space

Ghetto Bitches

In this day and age, media shapes the way we think of “beauty.” Whether we think of beauty in a physical way or an emotional way, media cultivates the interpretation of beauty. 391 more words


Revo sealant

We have been using Stans Fluid for some time with a sprinkle of glitter in it with good results, but we have got some Revo Sealant off Conti to try, so we are going to try it in the Kaisers on the Nukeproof and see how it goes, think we will still use the glitter idea just in case we get a bigger hole in a tyre at some time. 47 more words

What people really want

By: Cleopatra Christopher

What do people really want ?

I want the real you
no lies
real thighs, maybe a wing on the side

Like I’m take out… 214 more words

In the ghetto ...

What is a ‘ghetto’? What could possibly be wrong with the (social) concept of integration? How might policymakers framing interventions into the lives of the ghetto poor be misguided? 999 more words

Gaza in Ireland

A lot has been written about Palestine, whether the part that has been erroneously named ‘Israel’ by zionists, or the pieces that yet retain the ancient name. 982 more words


Ghetto Hard Drive connector for data recovery

While doing spring cleaning in my parts storage I found two old hard drives of mine, which had broken off SATA connectors. They were among broken hard drives and I wasn’t sure if they are still working. 215 more words