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A Surplus of Memory: Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (A Centennial Book)

In 1943, against utterly hopeless odds, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto rose up to defy the Nazi horror machine that had set out to exterminate them. 78 more words


Rickey Smiley Talks About Corner Stores Selling Loose Newborn Pampers [EXCLUSIVE]

It’s another day on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” as Rickey Smiley talks about what makes you or the neighborhood ghetto. When your neighborhood has a family dollar and dollar general less than two blocks apart that’s ghetto. 147 more words

The Show


​Shawn knew it would be a bad day, particularly when the first thing he heard waking up was his mother coughing from upstairs. Then barking out “Amen!” Inwardly disgusted at her ritual of smoking a joint while watching T.D. 2,405 more words

D.O.D Returns To Wall Recordings With High-Energy Slammer ‘Ghetto’

D.O.D – ‘Ghetto‘ – WALL Recordings keeps on rolling out the high energy jams this summer, with the latest being a cut from the mighty  142 more words


Hill to Hood

The brightest rose

In the midst of the thorn bush grows
The darkest of nights
Reveals the glory of the galaxies by star lights

You would think the most precious treasure 
Would be found in the precise measure
Of the safe confines of a King's scepter
This is not the case however

No this treasure is found
In the equivalent of the dog pound
(No snoop dogg or bow wow)
But up in the hills in a shady town

Amidst the cracks of theft and poverty
Is the mother's voice so clearly, properly
Singing psalms, wisdom and the lost story
Of a people who are God's property
He listens intently on her knee

Product of my environment some would say
But the Creator of that environment was the chosen Study
Intently looking at each season pass
How the rain provided for each blade of grass
Sunrays warmed each one rich, poor, whatever the class
Wind, unseen but mighty in impact as it passed
These were His teachers despite what He lacked

No mighty men taught him but the lowly shepherd
Who toiled up the dark hill to get the lamb that left the herd
By the words of prophets and kings he heard
And not by priestly traditions was his heart stirred

Not the entertainment of palaces and thrones
But among shavings of carpentry were His skills honed
Not the privilege of servants of beck and call at hand
But to help as a servant to all at hand

His song from the workshop touched their ears 
The calming of the rebels fears
The soothing of the worried mother's tears
A warm, stern rebuke to His lazy peers

Nazareth, Nazareth, O town on the hill
Do you know by whose hands your grounds are tilled
Do you know by whose feet your grounds have been trod
And if you did wouldn't you find it odd
Without much notice this Child waxed strong with man and with God

That the true ghetto gospel has already passed by
To say His life was paved by the petaled rose would be a lie
Not by streets and temptation was His life molded by
But by Spirit and choice was the enemy denied

And this is an example to you and I
Yes, your journey has been hard, this can't be denied
But from the ability to make hard choices you can't hide
Raise a child in the paths of God
And eventually it won't matter what streets they trod

Nazareth, O Nazareth. 34 more words

Atlantic City - Putting Class into Perspective

Atlantic city isn’t my scene, never was, and never will be but it was suggested soooo many times I felt negligent in not stopping by. It wasn’t as if I had the money to gamble and if I did I’d rather spend it on some other food source than the PB&J’s that were becoming the bane of my existence than a few shiny casino chips. 314 more words


I’ve always been struggling with gender roles, and mostly I grew up making sure to never wear a dress, to never cry when I fell and scraped my knees, and to not flinch when the ghetto boys pulled a knife on me. 1,196 more words