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Help minimize healthcare's environmental footprint

Are you interested in reducing EUI and GHG at your facility? Envision’s energy consultants can help you identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities beyond the “low-hanging fruit.” 222 more words


On the top four Most Wanted list

A quick round-up of the Top Four Most Wanted greenhouse gases that are too hot to handle! 233 more words

Climate Change

Understanding and managing the environmental footprint of livestock in Africa

Agriculture, including livestock as well as crop production, makes up about a third (30%) of the global greenhouse gases (GHG) that are generated by human activity and warming our planet. 211 more words


Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan

With more consumers recognising the importance of sustainable products, large global companies are now listening and adapting their products. Unilever and 8 other global companies generate at least a billion dollars worth of revenue from sustainable products or services. 190 more words


Climate Change - A Simple or Complex Problem?

Climate Change
A Simple or Complex Problem?

Many say that climate change is a very complex environmental problem. Well, that’s just not true. Climate change is easy to understand. 403 more words

Climate Change

Farm Inputs and Output GHGe 

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) can arise in all stages of the food supply system. And can include transport, fuel combustion, electricity production, cooking, fertiliser and enteric fermentation (farm animal digestive process where carbohydrates and broken down by micro organisms).

Myth busting – Part 10

Wow, we made it to Myth busting – Part 10! Let’s quickly look back over this mini-series so far and recap what we have covered. 2,805 more words