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Carbon Dioxice

“Even if greenhouse gases were frozen at current levels, the oceans would continue to warm for centuries and thus lead to rising sea levels.” ( 44 more words

Three Numbers for a Sustainable Future

I’m reposting this piece from my old website because it explains our carbon budget and why it’s so important that we stay within it. It also ties in well with my recent post, … 489 more words


Organic farming is actually worse for climate change than conventional farming

Organic food is booming right now, as more and more people choose what they perceive to be healthier, more environmentally friendly food.

But a new study published in the June issue of Agriculture and Human Values suggests that organic farming, as it currently stands, is not as sustainable as it could be, and when done on a large scale, even produces more greenhouse gases (“GHGs” are heat-trapping compounds that contribute to climate change) than its conventional counterpart. 259 more words

environment - case study

example 1

  • China has decided to ban coal in beijing + other 5 states by 2020 & use natural gas + electricity for heating purpose…
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CCL2015: Full Conference Report

An idea whose time has come

In 2010, when Citizens’ Climate Lobby brought 25 citizen volunteers to Capitol Hill, it felt like a big challenge to get enough people to go the distance, to meet with all 535 voting members of Congress. 3,114 more words

Climate Solutions

Is this Alberta’s moment to become a leader in climate policy?

Alberta has reset its climate policy. Provincial Environment Minister Shannon Phillips committed Thursday to put an end date on Alberta’s much maligned GHG policy while aligning its carbon price at or above its trading partners. 870 more words


Alternatives to Fossil Fuels: An overview

Recently I discussed the G-7 pledge to decarbonize our economies by 2100. As a follow up let’s talk about energy sources and fuels able to take the place of carbon-based ones like coal, crude oil, and natural gas. 523 more words