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Sharnagat Vatsal the Maharshi Saubhari Rishi

शरणागत वत्सल थे महर्षि सौभरि

ऋषियों को वेदों ने प्रजापति के अंग-भूत की संज्ञा दी है; उन्हें जन्म से ही सच्चे धर्म का ज्ञान था एवं आचरण भी उसी के अनुरूप होता था। वे त्रिकालदर्शी होते थे। … 10 more words

History Of Maharshi Saubhari Rishi

Sitting on the threshold of two worlds

An epic farewell to Afghanistan- three days of motorcycle (and van) chakaring through the Central Highlands– Bamyan, Daykundi, and Ghor provinces.  This is an area basically inaccessible to the rest of the country, except on a network of donkey paths and precarious mountain roads.   1,555 more words


#Rukhsana who was stoned to death for marrying a loved one

I was away from the internet as usual as I had come to my town. But find the chance to go through social media accounts.  On social media many of likeminded youths had updated their accounts with a photo of a cute girl seeming to be on the peak of her youth. 485 more words

Taliban stoned to death a nineteen year old girl

The Taliban stoned to death nineteen year old Rokhshana in Afghanistan for attempting to leave a forced marriage and elope with another man.

Authorities said that  Rokhshana was arrested and executed in a Taliban controlled area. 112 more words

Violence Against Women