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E.P.I.C.: Star Gazing, chapter 1-2

Back to E.P.I.C. on the .com blog, but for all you Heightened and Rebel fans they are available on my web-site at, http://www.miriamasdan.com . It is easier to keep the two separate. 3,314 more words

Paranormal Romance

Ghost Hunting 101: The Ultimate Resource for Beginning and Experienced Ghost Hunters

Price: $2.99


Length: 219 pages
Publish Date: August 29th, 2015
Language: English


Want to know all of the tricks, tips, and secrets to becoming a great ghost hunter? 168 more words

Haunted Places

Interview with Benjamin Jeffries, Author of Lost in the Darkness and Grim Shadows Falling

A lot of my research began in the library and with documentaries on the subject. Say what you will about Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, but the majority of those television episodes have great researchers like Jeff Belanger (my hero) who provide great starting points for deeper investigation and research. 1,969 more words


The Questions That Shall Not Be Asked, Part 1

I’ve long said that writing is a way for me to process the issues and burning questions that I can’t or don’t want to talk about with—gulp—real people. 1,047 more words

Ghost Pic From Unknown Haunted Venue

A paranormal ghost hunting group known as the Norfolk Ghost Hunters were in a reputedly haunted location when they captured the anomaly on the right. 459 more words

Ghosts & Hauntings

New Ghost Hunters Fic--'Beautiful Sinner'!

I have been writing this fic on and off for over a year now. I started watching Ghost Hunters from the beginning again and felt like writing again. ☺

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