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Unwelcome Guests

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I ran a website called Haunted Britain and Ireland. It was the first of its kind. I had worked in the tourist industry at the same time as being interested in ghost stories and the idea of this website was to compile a list of haunted places that readers could actually visit. 398 more words


The Calling

People always talk about the moment they knew they needed to become a police officer, or a fireman, or just follow their dreams in general…whatever they may be. 956 more words


Some Peace and Community for Queer Ghosts: Queer Ghost Hunters Series

I’ve been charmed by a Youtube docu-series: Queer Ghost Hunters. It is unlike anything else in the genre of ghost hunting reality series.

Yes, it’s remarkably well-produced and edited.   1,966 more words



My name is Maggie, and while the title of Paranormal Investigator is something fairly new to me, the fascination and adoration of the paranormal field is something that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 1,026 more words


Weekly Challenge - Week 1 - GHOST HUNTERS

Look out as something wicked this way comes, but what, but what?  It’s the Weekly Challenge!  Yes week 1’s challenge is hurtling upon us….. Help!!! 237 more words

Game Play

Queer Ghosts and Those Who Find Them: An Interview with Queer Ghost Hunters

When you think ghost hunting, the first names that come to mind are usually Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Zak Bagans, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. 2,150 more words


31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 3: Real Fear (1 & 2)

I’m a sucker for lame documentaries and TV shows where people go investigate paranormal locations. This doc will do you one better, though. Everything the crew goes to investigate is based on the mythos of a popular American horror film. 246 more words

Movie Review