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Talking to Spirits So They'll Listen

by Leah

Have you ever been interrogated? By the police, your parents, your boss? No one likes to be talked to in this manner. Well, someone might, but that’s a different thing altogether – if you know what I mean. 1,182 more words

Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Search for the Unknown by Jason Hawes

I didn’t realize that this book was for middle grade kids when I picked it up from the library, but I still enjoyed it. Yes, the chapters that are based on the Ghost Hunter’s explorations overly simplistic but they’re also incredibly creepy. 288 more words

Book Review

Gilbert Speaks on We TV's Ghosts in the Hood

As a natural born psychic and professional ghost investigator, I’ve seen my share of dead people. I also have two ghosts who live in my attic, and said ghosts, … 766 more words

Doctor S.'s Story

The third and last of the “true” winter tales from Catherine Crowe’s Ghosts and Family Legends: A Volume for Christmas. Doctor S. tells this tale on the fifth of the eight evenings of fireside ghost stories. 234 more words


Why Did George Washington Appear?

Find out tonight on my interview on Beyond Reality Radio!

The ghost photos that I took are shown below and will be discussed on the show. 23 more words

Project Paranormal SKY TV SHOW Episode 2 Review and analysis

What an AMAZING place we investigated for our SKY TV Show, Episode 2 Brougham Hall in carlise, Below is our sky tv show, which aired TODAY (26th November 2016 10pm) 426 more words


The Party House-Iowa City, IA 9.17.2016

The Claims

  • The sound of music playing, day and night, sometimes so loud it wakes up the clients at night.
  • Fans and lamps being knocked over…
  • 3,535 more words
Ghost Hunters