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Japan is okay with white washing?

A friend of mine on twitter posted a youtube video that she had found where Japanese people were asked about their opinion on Hollywood white washing roles, such as in Ghost in The Shell and Death Note. 69 more words

Day 122: Why Ghost in the Shell was never going to please everyone

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whitewashing is a tricky thing to get upset over.

Star Wars is an adaptation of The Hidden Fortress, just as… 413 more words

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Marvel: The Return of White Supremacy?

I’ve noticed a pattern: Marvel’s Daredevil beats up Asians—I also read that he set an Asian man on fire in season one, which contradicts his no-kill rule that he rebukes the Punisher for not following, or it would if Marvel believed Asians were human—Marvel’s… 174 more words


A ramble about whitewashing

Saturday 30th April 2016

In the last week or so, the first look at “Ghost In The Shell”- a Hollywood adaptation of a manga by the same name – has been released. 471 more words


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 - This is White Feminism

As someone who never really got into 30 Rock the way many of my peers did (that show was at its height during my evangelical days, and the cultural overlap was minimal at the time; I’ve considered revisiting it, but I’m not sure how well it would hold up in the present), I walked into… 917 more words


Indie Game: The Movie (2012) - ★★★

The video game industry is still relatively new, its only about thirty years old and with this documentary we see how its become a new medium for artists to express themselves. 659 more words


Ghost in the Shell (1995) - ★★★

What a visually striking film. That’s my main takeaway from Ghost in the Shell, this film has an incredible aesthetic that intensifies its storytelling. From its locations, to its characters to how it displays the technology of the future it has this great unique vision of a future dystopia in Japan. 645 more words