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Tonnellerie Rue by The Bruery Terreux

Rating: 5/5

Tonnellerie Rue by The Bruery Terreux is an 8.5% ABV American Wild Farmhouse Ale/ Saison aged in oak barrels.

Commercial Description:
Our tonnellerie series is the perfect showcase of what we mean when we say that we make “wildly traditional bière”.
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Anime Beers :P

I REMEMBER #5: The Real Genesis of Terminators Has Already Begun! (MUST SEE VIDEO)

I REMEMBER when I first saw this video back in 2011 and wondered how the media was going to run this story. I waited and waited and realized that none of the major outlets were picking up on it. 269 more words


Ep. 59 - Political Killzone: Jin-Roh and Militarization

To Listen, Click… Here

Even with movies in this series, Mamoru Oshii is not one for cinematic narratives that are, let’s say, straightforward, or even lucid. 5,498 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Early Art: Digital Fanart

Here are a few pieces of digital fan art I created in 2006 & 2007. All were digitally painted using Photoshop.

The portrait of Geordi is one of the best pieces I think I have ever done (perhaps better than some of my recent work), but it certainly took a while and I am now trying to both improve the work I produce, but also am actively trying to shift my style and workflow to be faster and less rigid. 32 more words

Fan Art

Early Art: Traditional Fan Art

Here are a few pieces of fan art I made in 2012, using traditional media:


How I Got Started in Technology

I have had several people asking me this question recently with the explosion of traffic coming to SudoSecurity. I think it is time to actually answer it and to give a more recent blog post to my own blog. 454 more words

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Ghost in the Shell Online: First Connection

Still can’t find a release date: looking forward to this game :(
Ghost in the Shell online (Trailer here) Looks really good.

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