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Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review

I swear it’s always after the year is over that I end up watching some of the really bad ones or the really good ones I didn’t get to see. 1,392 more words
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Altered Carbon --- Two Teasers and a Trailer

Netflix has adapted Altered Carbon, Richard K. Morgan’s award-winning 2002 cyberpunk novel, into an initial 10-episode series. The company released a couple of teasers late last year, and a full trailer this week. 136 more words


Episode 50: Deuce Bigalow's Dad

Episode 50 and the crew got schwifty! It’s the one year anniversary of the podcast and the crew didn’t let ‘Bad Apples’, an out of season Halloween themed home invasion flick spoil the bunch. 94 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Ghost in the shell

As a big time fan of the anime Ghost in the Shell, both the movies and the series, I knew this movie was going to be difficult to see. 459 more words


Happy New Year!

So how were everyone’s festivities? Mine was the usual stuff-fest of mince pies, cakes, chocolates, nuts, misc. nibbles and what-not. I started off in Yule, where I celebrated the shortest day of the year by eating homemade vegan pizza, a rather crappy sugar-fest of a brownie pudding from Tesco, and watching a Ghost in the Shell marathon courtesy of some DVD’s I’d purchased a while ago so I could get free P&P on Amazon. 648 more words

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Ghost in the Shell: Self vs. Other and the merging of the two (Brief Post)

The live-action version of Ghost in the Shell has a number of marked differences from the 1995 film of the same name. While director Rupert Sanders attempted to bring in a number of familiar elements to his 2017 adaptation, such as the chase and capture of the unfortunate garbage man and the scene of Major Motoko Kusanagi waking up within a dark frame with the bright city behind her. 601 more words


Best and Worst of 2017

I thought I would give a final wrap up of some of my personal favourite and least favourite films from the last 12 months, there have been some stinkers last year for sure  but mostly a lot of really incredible pieces of cinema. 1,352 more words