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A Review of B: The Beginning

For a time, I was concerned about Anime’s place on Netflix. Mainly, big seasonal shows like Fate: Apocrypha and Kakegurui were being licensed, but not released until the entire series was concluded. 1,915 more words


Call Me by Your Name is an Anime

I don’t think I can sing this movie’s praises any better than what has already been said. “Call Me by Your Name” was just an absolutely outstanding and touching work of art that I won’t ever forget. 360 more words


Poor Buzz For Ready Player One Takes Impact As Box Office Tracking Suggest Disappointing Opening To Come

Steven Spielberg big splashy Sci-Fi blockbuster return Ready Player One is definitely no one first choice when it comes to anticipated movies this month to the point of it not being known by most people of it’s existence entirely despite receiving several pushes marketing wise from Warner Bros over the last couple of months including a splashy super bowl TV spot that aired to millions upon millions of people… 133 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 - Favourite Male Supporting Character

And so, the 30 day anime challenge reaches day 17. Today’s topic is … Favourite supporting male anime character.

Hmm … now this is an interesting one. 263 more words

30 Day Anime Challenge

Whitewashing and My Unexpected Reactions to it

Based on the rest of my blog, it would be a fair conclusion to draw that whitewashing might be one of those issues that could get me worked up. 1,259 more words

Live-action Remakes

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig

Following the events of the Laughing Man incident, Section 9 continues their operations against terrorism and conspiracy rooted in advanced technology. However, various circumstances cause their duties to greatly escalate. 1,031 more words