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Jigabachi Unwrap

Thanks to a helpful walkthrough by Matthew Kean and some elbow grease, I learned UVLayout throughout the process of this unwrap. Being able to manage UVs in a new way has been exciting and I’m eager to make more use of it. 45 more words

Jigabachi AV

Ghost in the Shell - Movie Madness Day 2

Day two of Movie Madness, the day I watched Ghost in the Shell, the original film from 1995. I decided on this film for today because I was feeling fairly suicidal, and was thinking about the idea of transhumanism. 616 more words

Movie Madness

The Subtle Genius of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

A close viewing of the first episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has made me appreciate how much thought went into every shot and scene. 1,503 more words


What J.J Abram's Hollywood adaptation of "Your Name" means to anime

DISCUSSION – During the month of September, of this year, we got an announcement that Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams have received rights to adapt the anime film,  807 more words


Artist Profile - Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is a VR Artist based in Canada and utilises software like Tilt Brush and Quill to paint in VR.

These examples of her work are fantastic and really highlight how open things are in todays modern creative landscape. 58 more words


Head Transplants Happen | Links I Like

May set my first Google alert for this.

The world’s first head transplant, which was scheduled to take place in December 2017, has been delayed…

224 more words

Episode 66: Ghost in the Shell Movie


We discuss and argue about both a League of Legends tournament and the newest anime inspired film, Ghost in the Shell. How many flashing lights can I identify as polar bears while watching other people play a computer game? 42 more words