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Hot, Hotter or Hottest?

When it comes to heat, how hot is hot? And what factors may contribute to how hot a product is? No matter how much you may or may not like spice and heat, the degree of perceived “heat” can be more than a little subjective. 728 more words

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Live a little @MRSRenfros

I know most people don’t do spicy. And I must say, it’s a little sad. Spice is good for you. It can prevent heart attacks and strokes, cancer prevention, lower blood pressure, weight loss and boosts serotonin. 76 more words


Trinidad Scorpion, Scotch Bonnet, and Ghost Pepper combo pack

If you like pepper sauce then I recommend this combo pack from Cranky Rooster. Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost Chilli peppers are in the ranks as the hottest in the world. 34 more words

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The Caribbean Dragon

Another tuesday, another sauce review, welcome back to my Chilli Pepper Company month.

Today I have for you their Dragons Breath, missing apostrophe and all. It too claims to be a “very hot” sauce but we’ll soon see if it compares to the amazing Ball Breaker. 512 more words

This Nashville-style sandwich is hotter than Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean combined!

So, we’re hanging out at Let’s Be Frank, this funky little dive bar right next to the El Mocambo. I first was here in February for… 194 more words

Hogtown Eats

Heaven or Hell?

Happy tuesday again, everyone.

This week I wanted to showcase a less extreme sauce. I wanted to but the allure of my favourite chocolate was just too strong. 645 more words

Perks of Being The "Gofer"

Hot, is an understatement. I’m not talking temperature hot, these are “SPICY-DON’T TOUCH YOUR EYES HOT” french fries!!!

I eat these with a fork, so touching my eyes isn’t a problem…but, they are “fries”, some people will eat them with their fingers – fair warning has been given! 80 more words

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