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Some Like it (Really) Hot: Making White Ghost Pepper Sauce

We were perusing one of our favorite garden nurseries a few springs back when my son Calvin saw a lone Ghost Pepper mixed in with the tomato plants. 1,148 more words

Toyko Shows Us Heartfelt L.A. Mood Pop On New Release 'Stronger Love'

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Toyko has just released Stronger Love, the follow-up to debut track Ghost Pepper. Toyko (pronounced toi-koh), for those who don’t know, is a Los Angeles based-project who have a fun and eclectic approach to electro-pop, or, as they describe it, ‘mood pop’. 187 more words


Taste Buds

Cartoon characters have really HUGE tongues.

Just saying.

Comic Commentary

Ep 33 - This is the 11:30 train to 'Advice' via 'Dick Jokes'

Every thought about travelling to Amsterdam alone? Worried about leaving your former flatmates with a serial killer? Ever curious about what it would be like to be a human urinal? 179 more words

Podcast Episode

Napalm Spicy Chicken Wings

I usually spend half the day to treat my family to my decadent buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese on Super Bowl Sunday.  This year we aren’t particularly interested in the game, so we won’t be having a crowd over and it’s far to much effort (and way too many high fat/high calorie leftovers) to make for just the two of us. 499 more words


I'm Ready For My Closeup (Week 4)

-Week Four Check In-
Starting Weight: 177.7 lbs
Week 3 Weight: 176.6 lbs
Week 4 Weigh In: 173.4 lbs
Week 4 Weight Loss: 3.2 lbs… 123 more words


Gifts @MrsRenfros

These two items I cannot live without. This goes on my food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I use one or the other or sometimes both. 41 more words

Violet Kim