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How hot is that pepper?

My wife can’t tolerate any heat in her peppers at all. Even mildly hot peppers have too much fire. I’m sure she’s not alone.

There are hundreds of pepper cultivars on the market and we often can’t decipher too much from the name alone. 483 more words


Of Reapers and of Ghosts

The cold weather in January killed my Carolina Reaper plants. They were two seasons old and still cranking out the beautiful and red peppers, and I miss them still. 1,048 more words

Trader Joe's - Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese - Food Review

March 31, 2018

The heat takes a few seconds to kick in, and then builds for the next few minutes. This is going to be a little more heat than some people like. 144 more words


The Melbourne Chilli Eating Challenge - A spectacle of insanity.

What is it about watching people inflict pain upon themselves that we sometimes find so fascinating, nay… entertaining?

I believe that a healthy percentage of people who follow my silly antics do so because they enjoy seeing someone else try something they wouldn’t dare. 371 more words


Ghost Peppers And Other Things Peripherally-Related to Kitchens

Just to spare you some cognitive dissonance, I feel like I should explain that the feature image for this column has nothing to do with kitchens or Ghost Peppers.  1,088 more words

Offbeat, Somewhat Silly Humor

Smoked Ghost Pepper and Garlic Avocado Toast

I love avocados. Understatement. I’m obsessed with avocados! Lately that obsession has been in the form of avocado toast. It’s filling and ridiculously easy to make. 423 more words


The 5 Commonly Grown Chili Pepper Species

Chili pepper is a fun plant to grow. In this post you’ll find some information on the 5 most common species of chili.

See my new post for a… 723 more words