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Haunted ghost pepper potato chips

These haunted ghost pepper chips are so good. I do not normally care for “hot” chips since most are not hot at all. most get all the flavor from salt. 11 more words


Fruit and Fire

Hello again spice lovers, this week we’re going to look at another of my sample sauces from ChimouliS but this one’s a little different.

Instead of being hot like their… 852 more words


Fast food purveyors of late have been going all spicy and hot with their special sandwiches. Ghost pepper this, el diablo that, etc…I’m planning to try most of these and I started recently with our own Ramona Wendy’s and the “Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken”. 121 more words


This Man Tore A Hole In His Throat After Eating A Ghost Pepper, So Maybe We Should Chill On Eating Them

For the adventurous (and slightly masochistic) eater, ghost peppers — the red hot chili that’s been likened to one of satan’s “prolapsed organs” in the looks department — are high on the list when it comes to “look at me, I tried it” bragging rights. 504 more words

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Ghost Pepper Causes Torn Oesophagus

A puree made from these peppers – which are infamous for their off-the-charts level of spiciness – led to a rare, life-threatening condition in an otherwise healthy, 47-year-old man in California, according to a recent report of the man’s case. 215 more words


Ghost pepper burns hole in man’s esophagus

U.S. (KRON)— Imagine eating something so hot that it tears a hole in your esophagus and have to spend more than three weeks in the hospital. 85 more words