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These two items I cannot live without. This goes on my food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I use one or the other or sometimes both. 41 more words

Violet Kim

Triple-choc chilli Browies

10 minutes, even a football player can bake this. Thank you BBC. The chilli touch is mine, just because I’m attending a party at an indian friend’s house. 128 more words


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No post from me today but I do feel like Sweet Kitchen Science's use of the Grim Reaper's chocolate is worth sharing. In my experience, the white "Purgatory" chocolate is delicious, slightly floral and usually about a two out of ten heat but, due to natural varience in the crops of ghost pepper they use, can be as high as a four on occassion. Whatever its heat, though, the rest of this recipe should keep it down to a reasonable level for most people. Enjoy.

What makes a Super Hot Pepper?

Happy thursday everybody, it’s time I explained some terminology to you.

It’s a common thing in the chilli world to refer to some peppers and pepper products as “super hot” but what does that actually mean? 703 more words

Ring of Fire Honey Garlic Ghost Wings

Recently, while shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore, I noticed that they started carrying ghost peppers (bhut jolokia).  Since I’m a pepper fiend, I… 428 more words

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Fruit and Fire

Hello again spice lovers, this week we’re going to look at another of my sample sauces from ChimouliS but this one’s a little different.

Instead of being hot like their… 878 more words


Fast food purveyors of late have been going all spicy and hot with their special sandwiches. Ghost pepper this, el diablo that, etc…I’m planning to try most of these and I started recently with our own Ramona Wendy’s and the “Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken”. 121 more words