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Biting Back

Ghost pepper bit back

As I sank my teeth in it

My tongue stung all day

(Photo of White Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) from Midwest Chili Peppers) 17 more words


Science Says Eating Hot, Spicy Food Is Actually Good For Your Health

We all have that one friend. The supreme lover of all foods hot and spicy.

The human being who commonly mistakes hot sauce for ketchup. They order their Pad Thai as hot as possible (none of that “1-5 on the spicy scale” bullshit.) The ones who not only accept a restaurant’s spicy food eating challenge, they embrace it and happily wait to sign preliminary health documents. 409 more words

Chilies For Summer

A. and N. recently commented that one of my recipes was tongue-numbingly spicy! I hadn’t taken into account my tolerance for chilies, and had assumed giving a range, between say 1-2 chilies in a recipe, would be a sufficient warning. 460 more words

Ask The Chef

Flavor God

Back in June, during my birthday, my trainer, Christine, gave me a nice little work out gift filled with drinks, some nail polish and a Flavor God seasoning. 273 more words


A Nine-Year-Old Eats A Ghost Pepper And It Doesn't Go Well

Every video you see of someone (usually a dumb idiot guy) eating a ghost pepper doesn’t go well, but this kid really sweats it! WATCH –Jax


Found Sound 06-08-15

Some audio gems, with video today, too! For your viewing pleasure. It’s “Found Sound.”


Man talking with Goose:

Airport Musical with Broadway cast of The Lion King and Aladdin: 8 more words

Todd & Erica

Here's Why You Should Never, Ever Eat A Ghost Pepper

The grand tradition of eating spicy and insane things while on camera always leads inevitably to the Ghost Pepper, the world’s spiciest chili. Apparently this fiery pepper rates at over one million Scoville heat units… 190 more words

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