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The Ghost Pepper

I became a man tonight.

It all started with Jonny, my little brother who has a heart for adventure and a knack for spicy food. A friend of ours had brought ghost peppers over to go along with our Taco Bell dinner tonight. 252 more words

Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Potato Chips

Now that the season of pumpkin madness has subsided, and the cooling winds of dark November have arrived, I can finally catch up on a backlog of other, truly out-there Trader Joe’s products that they tried to slip onto the shelves without anyone noticing. 901 more words

Trader Joe's Brand

Teenage Boys are Hazardous to Your Brain

Did you know Taco Bell has a ghost pepper griller? Well they do. Anyone not cringing at the thought either needs to have their head examined or doesn’t realize what a… 734 more words


Spicy Yuchiki Kuri Soup

Spicy Yuchiki Kuri Soup


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 Onion, chopped

5 cloves garlic

2 jalapenos chopped with seeds

1 teaspoons cumin

1 heaping tablespoon Oregano… 125 more words


The Invisible Hot Sauce World

I’ve come up with a good way to explain to normal people what it’s like to have IBD. My boyfriend mentioned once that me trying to figure out what to eat is like trying to find good food that’s not covered in hot sauce, and that’s what triggered this idea. 286 more words

What Would You Want as Two Food Items on a Desert Island?

This morning, before I went to church, this is what I posted on my Dina Dishes Facebook page: I can feel the panic set in at the realization I am out of ghost and scorpion peppers. 422 more words

Dina Puleo

Ghost Pepper Potato Chips

Ghost Pepper?! Isn’t that one of the hottest peppers known to man? Yes, yes it is. I’ve actually experienced the raw heat of a ghost pepper before thanks to my brother-in-law who just happened to have some on hand at a family event last year. 193 more words