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Ghost Peppers And Other Things Peripherally-Related to Kitchens

Just to spare you some cognitive dissonance, I feel like I should explain that the feature image for this column has nothing to do with kitchens or Ghost Peppers.  1,056 more words

Dave Barry

Smoked Ghost Pepper and Garlic Avocado Toast

I love avocados. Understatement. I’m obsessed with avocados! Lately that obsession has been in the form of avocado toast. It’s filling and ridiculously easy to make. 423 more words


The 5 Commonly Grown Chili Pepper Species

Chili pepper is a fun plant to grow. In this post you’ll find some information on the 5 most common species of chili.

The chili pepper plant belongs to the family Solanaceae. 708 more words


Choir Attempts To Sing After Eating Ghost Chili Peppers [VIDEO]

YouTuber Chili Klaus had an entire choir chow down on Ghost Chili Peppers and then sing ‘Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.’

Eating a Ghost Pepper on it’s own is tough, but then signing right afterwards with no water or milk… NO THANK YOU! 11 more words

Viral Video

Ghost Pepper - Boys Choir Version

Your bit of not-sure-you-should-laugh-or-cry moment of Zen for the day.  The Herning Boys Choir eats a Ghost Chili Gummy Bear together and finishes “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. 7 more words


Kratky method for hydroponics

Since I have been thinking of starting to grow peppers using hydroponics I found this video very interesting. Here you’ll learn the Kratky method for growing ghost peppers. 10 more words