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Ghost Pets: Paranormal Evidence of Doggy's Presence?

Two weeks ago our beloved dog of over 12 years passed away suddenly. Naturally, we were heartbroken and mourned his passing deeply. Until then, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to what happens to animals when they pass away. 344 more words


Ghost Cats and other Energy Pets

It has come to my attention–and how could it not, really–that people are obsessed with cats these days.  Other animals, too, but primarily cats.

I’m willing to play along to a point–I will NEVER use lolcat nomenclature, but I AM willing to relay to the people of the ubiquitous internet that there are, in fact, ghost cats.  1,368 more words


Gallery Reading: My First Experience

Well, two things: One, I know I’m a week off and I apologize. I got completely wrapped up in the Halloween weekend and neglected my blog duties. 1,454 more words


Did someone die in your house? Would you want to know that?  If it’s happened since you started reading this you should probably call an ambulance as it may not be too late. 608 more words

The Phil Factor

Do Animals Have Souls?

I think one of the most common questions I receive, besides “what’s the scariest place I’ve been to?” or “why do ghosts exist?” is whether or not I believe animals have souls. 557 more words

I Think The Darkness Became The Ghost

Does anyone else believe in ghosts? I don’t want to start a huge debate, but I actually do, and I have one here.

A ghost cat, actually. 414 more words

Country Life