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A woman manhandled in Bemenda after marching with the 'NO TO GHOST TOWN' T-shirt.(images)

Monday morning, images emerged from Bamenda showing men and women marching with white t-shirts labeled ‘No To Ghost Town’ allegedly voicing out their hatred for ghost towns that have been going on in the town and other parts of the NW and SW regions for months now. 111 more words

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Recipe: Avo-avo toast, y'all! Psst, check out this must-have secret ingredient

You’ve seen it on menus, and in all different shapes and sizes on social media¬†— the phenomenon of avocado toast, is real. So real. And the craze over it has spread like wildfire for a reason! 358 more words


Poem #20 - Little Town of Ether

You don’t have to open a book to plunge into the history of our state. Try visiting a little town like Ether. Although they often fell victim to North Carolina’s all-too-brief gold rush or the decline of our textile mills, these little communities are coping in their own way. 213 more words

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Happy Easter!

I’m really just waiting for news about my scholarship. There’s so many things I want to do but can’t get it started or done because I have no idea whether I’m staying or going this year. 224 more words



Campo Colorado

Out along the prairie line approaching Oklahoma, is the little town of Campo. The business district is mostly vacant and sitting collecting the dust of times gone past. 451 more words

Ghost Trails

Gallivan Photos

This past weekend my friend Michael and I took a trip to an abandoned town called Gallivan. We decided we wanted to go to a small, abandoned, prairie town and take some photos. 308 more words

Through The Lens of a Fisheye

I used a fisheye or wide angle lens for the first time yesterday and I am happy with the results. It will take a great deal of practice to know how best to use it, but I am on the right track. 226 more words