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Ghost town tourism needs to capitalize on its popularity

Mr. Holmes, author of Vanishing Towns: Tasmania’s Ghost Towns and Settlements, said that the state was ideally positioned to capitalize on the trend because of the hundreds of old communities scattered around the state.

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Ghost Towning

I was hooked on ghost-town photography the instant I viewed my pal’s photographs of Belmont, Nevada—the crumbling old buildings, abandoned mining equipment, dilapidated fire truck, crumbling courthouse, and all manner of detritus scattered through the site. 529 more words

Daily Drawing #229, The Home Which Once Was...

I would love to visit a so called “ghost town.” Not to search for paranormal events because I have my own theories on those but to see how people once lived. 158 more words

Timothy Whitt

啤酒,煤矿, 鬼城,和薰衣草

四个基本没有联系的词,为什么会出现在一起?因为有四个跟这些词相关的景点都在Pottsville, PA. 这个既不是国际大都市,又不是历史文化名城的地方,我敢肯定,95%的美国人都没有听说过。不过,对我来说,这里是PA survival trips中不可或缺的一站。为什么?



德国酿酒师David Gottlieb Jüngling 1829年移民美国,在1829年创建了Yuengling的前身 Eagle Brewery。这就是为啥Yuengling的标志是鹰的原因。1873年,DG的儿子加入父亲的酿酒行业,Eagle就改名叫 D.G. Yunegling & Son了。Yuengling就是他家的姓,德语意为Young people。


禁酒期间,Yuengling不是完全不出售啤酒哦~ Porter(啤酒的一种)当时在美国,居然是处方药!感觉药效跟安眠药差不多。

Yuengling是家族企业,但是并不是直接交给自己的后代的。想要继承Yuengling,每代继承人都会用于当时与Yuengling市场价相同的价钱从父辈手里买下公司! 他家啤酒这么火,想必最近一代的继承人压力会很大哦~

密西西比河西边的大伙儿们,很遗憾,你们喝不到Yuengling。因为产量有限,现在Yuengling 只能在密西西比河东边买到。 78 more words


Bodie days

It only happens once a year, the celebration of the life of the founder of the infamous ghost town, Bodie, California, a once, prosperous, if a bit unlawful, mining town in the eastern Sierras.   305 more words


The Streets of the City shall be Full


And the word of the Lord of hosts came, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts: I am jealous for Zion with great jealousy, and I am jealous for her with great wrath.  730 more words