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Off The Beaten Path in Southern Vermont

I woke up at 5 AM, was reminded that I wasn’t a morning person, and stumbled out my back door at 6. My friend was waiting for me in his parked car as the headlights cast a dull amber pallor onto quiet streets that were under the cold gray dawn. 6,257 more words


Shark Farm in Kexiong City closes due to severe water pollution which also damaged the ecosystem.

The recent new spike new in pollutants in the Kexiong Sea has caused the closure of one of the key economic source in Kexiong City. Pollutants such as diapers, cum, animals and human biological wastes such as pee and shit have found its way into the Kexiong City’s sacred sea. 749 more words


Dampish weather, but improving! C'mon out!

Saturday – October 22

Thankfully, the Annapolis Royal weather today has not been nearly as bad as forecast, so it should be a very comfortable night for this evening’s GHOST TOWN events. 65 more words

Visit the Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield was booming in the early 1890s. We are talking three saloons, boarding houses, general stores, you name it, Goldfield had it. That’s because it had a huge gold mine. 176 more words


Rain? Who cares?

Rain? Who cares? GHOST TOWN events are just CREEPIER in the rain, so don your boots, grab and umbrella, and join us!

Humerus & Patella, our spokeskeletons, were very very excited yesterday to see some of their favourite old friends return to the Gardens. 178 more words

A Graveyard? By Candlelight?

Did you ever wonder how to find your long lost relatives when you are a skeleton? Not an easy task! Humerus & Patella are sometimes lonely, and really look forward to frolicking with others like them during GHOST TOWN. 248 more words

Brancaleone Ghost Town (Summer 2016)

Brancaleone Superiore is a ghost town in southern Calabria, Italy. Located on a hilltop with a splendid view over the Ionian Sea, the village was definitively… 54 more words