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Ghost World

It’s funny how serendipity works. I remember watching a Hindi movie song and going “Whoa! How come I’ve never heard of this before!” It’s a pretty catchy number with, surprisingly, no big actors in it. 731 more words

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Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Ghost World is a graphic novel about two teenage girls, best friends Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer; both are cynical and pseudo-intellectual, and at the same time concerned and clueless about the future. 198 more words


Undressing Ghost World

Enid: Before I was going to college, my secret plan was to one day not tell anybody and just get on some bus to some random city and just move there and become this totally different person… 658 more words


Ghost World in Review

What goes into a person coming of age? Is it when she leaves for college, when she buys her first car, when she realizes she doesn’t want to be friends with her high school bestie for the rest of her life, when she makes her first big mistake, when she loses her virginity, when she graduates from high school? 1,156 more words


What You Make of It: The Diary of a Teenage Girl

The movie The Diary of a Teenage Girl reminds us just how much energy we put into constructing our identities. It’s true that any coming of age film has the capacity to remind us of that, but most don’t, falling back, instead, on clichés. 505 more words