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I’ve been talking the past few days about how long it takes me anymore to get around to seeing movies. I just don’t watch many. However, a friend recently posted a captioned pic from a movie. 37 more words

Syn-En: Ghost World, Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“I can lick your itchy belly.”

“Hmm?” Wiggling against the pillow propping up her back, Nell added another note to the tablet. A lot of species wouldn’t be happy with her taking over the administration arm of the Alliance. 2,822 more words


Syn-En: Ghost World, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Aricose Groat stood beside the stub of his captain’s chair. Wires bristled from the control hubs tipped on their sides on the dreadnaught’s bridge. 2,247 more words


Syn-En: Ghost World, Chapter 2, Last day for #99cents

Chapter 2

Nell Stafford’s sandals whispered across the cut rock. She glanced down. A toga. She was wearing a toga. Her chest tightened. Oh, no, not this dream again. 4,618 more words


Syn-En: Ghost World, Chapter 1, only #99cents until 1/3/16

Chapter 1

“Our quarry is escaping.”

Admiral Beijing York bit his lip to keep from laughing at the Amarook pup’s words. They were on a starship, deep in space, and this corridor led only to one place: the cargo bay. 4,945 more words


Ghost World

It’s funny how serendipity works. I remember watching a Hindi movie song and going “Whoa! How come I’ve never heard of this before!” It’s a pretty catchy number with, surprisingly, no big actors in it. 731 more words

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