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Confessional interviews

‘My True Story’

The confessional interview is a straight forward formula being one of the most cost effective types of journalism; there is only one interview. 592 more words


Do You Like It?

As you can see, I’ve upgraded to premium status on this BLOG site. What do you think of it?

I’ve promised myself to really focus on my counseling practice and writing my book (first of 3 on my mind) this year.  17 more words


An Officer and A Spy by Robert Harris

Of the six members at this get-together, half of them found that the subject matter did not make for an easy read over the Christmas holidays and they did not finish the book. 646 more words

Meeting Minutes

Winter 2015 Part 1: Gold Watches, Novelists, and Battle of the Sexes

The winter j-drama season is usually pretty bare, but there was a surprising amount of dramas that piqued my interest this time around. I was pretty excited going into this season and though not everything is living up to my expectations, I think I’ll find something to watch. 1,245 more words


Ghost Writer

The desk awaits
colored in dawn
from the heaven’s above
for the ghost writer
to bring life
into the world.
It’s dark in every corner… 75 more words


Girl Online: My Honest Opinion

Hello again non-existent followers, so my last post was in the Summer Holidays, shortly before I began Sixth Form. I guess an update is in order but I can promise you right now there are not enough swear words in the dictionary to describe my attitude towards Sixth Form so there you go. 1,834 more words

Alfie Deyes

Ghost Writer

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Tuesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 13 January 2015

Fuji TV 993 more words

Fuji TV