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All about Orbs

What is an Orb?
Orbs are one of the most common pieces of evidence of the paranormal. Although they are sometimes dust particles, insects or water droplets refracting light on the camera, there are sometimes unexplained reasons for these balls of light appearing on your photos. 236 more words


Review - Friend Request

If you’re the type to be aware of something like Friend Request, this week’s social-media-based frightener that was filmed in South Africa, is set, seemingly, in America, and was released originally in Germany under the title… 702 more words



She was a nightmare called Faye.

Her lips stained with the citrus tang of envy and her eyes like shards of malice. If looks could kill… Well, Faye would be a fucking serial killer. 117 more words

Ghost town

Shuffling through the night

Assimilating with the shadows and lights

Moving between what is to be seen and only to be felt.


to you.

Dear           ,

I have no one to talk to at this time of night, and it has floatingly been a year already.

I should be okay by now. 402 more words


KnB fanfic- KiKuro: That Ghosts that call you

Đã quá muộn để Ryouta quyết định giặt quần áo. Các đường phố yên tĩnh, như thường lệ. Anh đi lại trong nhà, đếm từng bước anh ta đi, giả vờ anh là người duy nhất tồn tại trên thế giới này. 2,931 more words

Kuroko No Basket