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Types of haunts and ghosts or spirits

Do you ever have trouble winding down after a particularly stressful, emotional or active day? Has someone else’s presence affected you, their mood, covered you in a cloak? 914 more words


The Flyer

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The Flyer is an illustrated novel about failure, friends, and adventure.  An intrepid man flies over the mountains where he meets the wife and her husband who are traveling on a journey of reconciliation. 97 more words



 I’m not a very good ghost — I mean I’m a good ghost, but I’m not good at scaring you.  Scaring you is not right.  I have enough on my mind trying not to spill my ectoplasm while passing through walls let alone worrying about how I am going to frighten you. 223 more words

This Creepy Video Shows A Woman Being Shoved By An Invisible Force

A CCTV footage caught a South American woman getting shoved by an invisible force. Cecilia Carrasco, the woman in the video, was walking by the receptionist’s desk when she was attacked. 194 more words

I Saw A Ghost.

I saw a ghost. I mean, I am not sure it was a ghost, per se, but it was similar.

Two nights ago I couldn’t sleep worth shit. 547 more words


The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death

During the Blitz of World War II, a school teacher evacuates her schoolchildren to a mansion which may or may not be haunted.

Phoebe Fox as Eve Parkins is great, the actress is strong enough and effortlessly carries the film. 226 more words


[WATCH] The Ghost Of Disneyland

Looks like Disneyland has a little ghost that hangs out after hours.

If you watch the video above closely you can see a “ghost” walking on the sidewalk. 13 more words