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Ghostly Encounters

By Michael Walsh

When five successful British writers revealed their belief in ghosts they based their stories on personal experience. Did they open themselves to ridicule? 531 more words


Every Man Must Find His Own Way Home

Every Man Must Find His Own Way Home

By Joseph Parish

The following is an untold account of an incident pertaining to my father and his friend Tommy Burns. 678 more words


Untitled (Ghost)

Today I’ve decided to share one of my rough short stories, part of a series I’m writing called “About a Girl” (tentatively titled – not sure I’ll be able to keep that working title for obvious reasons). 2,634 more words

[Harry Potter Fanfic] How Nearly Headless Nick Really Died


Orbs of light flew from the street lamps that dotted the park into the silver device in Ron Weasley’s hand.


Ron returned the light to one lone lamp directly above him and his two children, creating an eerie glow around them that extended into pitch black. 174 more words


The AYMERICH Show - My Costa Rica UFO Story

THE DARKSIDE… “My Costa Rica UFO Story” – Okay many of you have been asking for this episode for a long while. This is from episode 3 of my old show “The DARKSIDE..” a show I used to do with… 642 more words


The Spider Bite

A young woman was sunbathing on the beach and was just about to drop off to sleep, when she felt an insect running along her jawbone and then down her neck. 111 more words


The scary message

I’ve been lying in my room for hours now. It’s 5:30 am and there’s not much I can do. You know what the worst part of my situation is? 514 more words