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Is CHARLIE Real? The History Behind the Demon Who Wants to Play #CHARLIECHARLIEchallenge

If you’re an Internet person, you’d know all about it! The spirit quest pencil game has once again become popular and has taken the Internet by storm. 393 more words


Flavor of the month: Spirit Communication and the Charlie Charlie Challenge!

Last month it was sucking on shot-glasses. This month’s episode of ‘What’s sending kids to therapy’ seems to be the #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

The newest craze this month is to scare yourself senseless using two pencils and a piece of paper with the aid of a friendly Mexican Demon called Charlie. 1,310 more words



you crept into my waking dreams again
then spent the whole day as a ghost
all i could do is wonder then
is if it was i that haunted you the most… 91 more words


Who is The Supernatural Cat?

I have always had a strange fascination with the unexplained. I don’t take anything for granted and if I can find a normal explanation for something ‘paranormal’ i will. 177 more words


The dangers of communicating with spirits

The Charlie Charlie challenge

A strange new game is taking over the internet and it’s called ‘The Charlie Charlie challenge’. It’s been played by thousands of people and there are many videos on Youtube about it. 455 more words


Think again...

Nope, this is not a skeleton of an airplane… Nope, this is not a wing of a stealth plane… And nope, it is not something out of a SciFi movie. 44 more words

In The City


Killer struck from behind, remaining undetected. But the crime wasn’t perfect. It never is.

There’s always some evidence left behind.

Aha!. Ran off in a hurry and dropped something. 22 more words

Short Story