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Paranorman is the story of a little boy named Norman who has the gift of seeing and talking to those who have passed away. He sees all those ghosts who talk to him normally and not in a horrifying way. 425 more words


Ouija Always Say Goodbye

There are currently many paranormal and horror films that use an object when communicating with the dead like a ouija board as an example. In the last decade outage boards have become people in film and literature. 905 more words


Turn 10.5 - Reboot

“And ONE MORE THING,” Salaman spoke. “Nearly forgot to mention it earlier. Some of our contestants are bullshit – and they know who they are – so we’ll be removing or replacing them and assigning new roles to certain people. 1,338 more words


New Video: G Cinco - My Life

Directed by Ghost, Minnesota Twins shortstop and Hip-Hop artist Nick Gordon a.k.a G Cinco 87 more words

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Chronic pain is increasingly rampant today.
However, chronic pain and chronic diseases are often invisible. In many cases there are no plasters, visible rashes or nasal discharge involved.

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Near Death Experience

-Hastengs Lee, China

Special Issue: April 2018

The Ultimate Secret Of Pseudoscience: Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena.

A near-death acquaintance (NDE) is a claimed acquaintance associated with afterlife or approaching death.

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