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Song Of The Moment: Narrow Plains - "Ghost"

Our song of the moment comes from the new album by Narrow Plains with a great track called “Ghost”. If you were looking for the perfect song on Valentines Days this would be the one. 67 more words

Song Of The Moment

Episode 46 - The Entity

This was the movie Amanda referenced in episode 44 (Paranormal Activities?) So we sat down with her friend Kasey and let some really rapey ghosts violate us. 50 more words

Valentine Limerick

There once was a big-hearted girl—

Anonymous, but we’ll call her “Shirl”.

Most unlucky in real love,

She wed ghost-hero dreamed of…

For he vowed to keep their romance a-whirl ♥

© Azul, 2016


The Genre Styles Of Crimson Peak (Spoilers)

I’ve always loved gothic horror. Everything from Frankenstein to Dracula have always had this bizarre calming effect on me. When I heard that director Guillermo Del Toro was going to do a film in this style, I was giddy as fuck. 533 more words

Film Reviews

Short Story: A Medium's Confession

“When you’re an old woman, you learn a few things along the way; quite a few things when you’ve made a living off people’s misery. No, not like a lawyer or doctor who line their pockets with poor people’s pennies; but like a medium who’s trying her best to shut the door of whatever world that they’ve unwittingly opened. 543 more words