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Burnt Out Old Building , In Mammoth, Arizona.

This old relic burned recently, in Downtown(lol) Mammoth, Arizona. Unfortuate, looking at the guts and innards of the structure, it was one of the older buildings here.The architecture, the beams sticking out under the roof, the hand form adobe bricks, all harken back to a bygone time.Roof gone, collapsed inward and removed to a trash pile onsite, this is the inside, with some salvage brick from the walls in the foreground.Some of the salvaged adobe below, on pallets… 37 more words


Property Value

The realtor walked them through the last room, and the couple looked shyly about with suppressed enthusiasm. The man smiled at his wife, exhaled and then turned to the realtor. 112 more words


Book Review: Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward

A year and a half ago I read Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner and found within it one of my favorite passages of all time: 1,602 more words


True Capitalist Radio is now BACK and Independent!

In the day and age of censorship and demonetization, I have decided to make the True Capitalist Radio broadcast completely independent from ANY oversight by ANYONE else but “myself.” Although I’m losing thousands of dollars by doing so, I feel this is a proper step that needs to be taken to prevent from being silenced. 213 more words


'You are not me... Whoever you are, you are not me.' - Ghost Virus, 2018

Good morning everyone! I have a special surprise for everyone this morning! My first ever Q+A! This is with renowned crime author Graham Masterton! This is for his new book  1,771 more words


~You Broke My Heart~ 

Living this way

The heaviness


Your rejection

Sliced away defense

Tears flow daily

How long

This pain


My Lost Love, My Ghost

I live in the shadows with you… 21 more words

Human Behavior


Searching for words I couldn’t find for so long

Zombie state the microwave is burning cowards’ soul

Voiceless drops shaking entire weakened body

Shaded eyes blindness no goal to which I’m coming… 42 more words