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The Inn Pt. 13

Last night I was at the Inn, and shortly after everyone cleared from the lobby, I decided I had to use the bathroom. I’ve mentioned before… 349 more words


Destiny: Dinklebot no more

Gamers Informer¬†have revealed that Bungie have replaced Peter Dinklage with Nolan North as the voice of Ghost in Destiny. Ghost is one of Destiny’s most recognised ‘characters’, as it acts as your little robotic guide throughout the game. 214 more words


Horror Bite Challenge #20

The Replacements

by Darryl Foster

Lydia Moss had lost everything in a house blaze. She was 35, disfigured by the fire and haunted by the dying screams of her family. 354 more words

Flash Fiction

Fantasy | Reality

Two plus years ago I fell for a boy, and I fell fast and hard. Then he ghosted me. I had no idea what had happened to him– did he die, did he meet someone else, did he fall out of like (or lust) with me, was he abducted by aliens…? 465 more words


Things That No One Ever Knows

I could see the tail lights of my truck just past the open doors of the ambulance. The first EMT stepped backwards through the doors and pulled on the stretcher. 2,575 more words


You're The Inspiration 

Just because you’re the inspiration

Doesn’t mean you’re the intended

Taking what life gives us

Even those not comprehended

Just because you’re the muse

Doesn’t mean you’re the truth… 40 more words


Theatre Ghost

Theatre Ghost

For a theatre to claim to have a ghost is about as natural as can be. The theatre community likes their superstition and mystique. 2,583 more words