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The result!

Hello my Habibis and Habibtis! My ghosts! My family members!

How are you all?! Iam flipping happy! The reason why I haven’t been online and updated now is because I have been dead nervous and pretty upset about a personal thing. 107 more words


Through the window

Through the small rectangular window

That lay at the end of my hall

I would watch with such fascination

A world that was not mine to see… 83 more words

Ghost - Infestissumam

Are you looking for an album that will scare your mom and make her call her pastor to pray for your soul? Do you like the idea of evil church music? 307 more words


Segement from 'The disappearance of letham crouch'

A segment from ‘The disappearance of letham crouch‘ by Chas Owen an early (the earliest I am currently aware of) example of ‘consciously’ horror fiction in New Zealand. 58 more words


Lokispeakz: In The Dark (1)

What do you see in the Dark, my friend? What do you feel? What do you think of, when you turn out the light, and where do you go? 199 more words


Newbottle - 2nd Investigation - Reports

Newbottle Workingmen’s Club and

St. Matthew’s Churchyard

Tyne & Wear

21 November 2007

Venue: Newbottle Weather: cold, cloudy Date: 21 Nov. 2007 Participants: Colin Nunn,  Ivan Brown,  Chris Carnegie… 954 more words