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Cabbage Rolls

My grandmother’s hands are a ghost
that guide my own while cooking;
that stop me from watching the pot
or pouring the pasta too early. 73 more words




They’ve returned, after the annihilation

To find their home, beyond recognition

From the burning winds, sinking all they knew

Into the deserted light, reflecting in their suits… 306 more words


Childhood ghost leaves voicemail message. I guess.

So here’s a non-story for you.

A woman who reckons she was plagued by paranormal activity as a child has received a “terrifying” voicemail message from the spirit wot done it. 89 more words


Fake ghosts land youths in real trouble

Oh, the folly of youth. A group of young people found themselves in a real-life nightmare while trying to create fake ghost videos for the benefit of YouTube. 107 more words


New film suggests sex with a ghost not good idea

We’ve all been there – it’s Saturday night, you’ve had a few drinks, you’re feeling in the mood for some romance…

And you wake up next to a ghost. 101 more words


Retail therapy for arcade ghost

When you’ve been trapped in a shopping centre for nearly 120 years, you’re going to want to do a little browsing every now and then. 127 more words