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Who you gonna call? 'Ghostbusters' is back in business

NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, the quest for another “Ghostbusters” movie was as elusive as an ectoplasmic phantom.

Various iterations for a third “Ghostbusters” movie cycled through countless rumors and possibilities that had one thing in common: Bill Murray just didn’t want to do another one. 606 more words


The 'Ghostbusters' Screenwriter Opened Up About The Film's New Villain And A Potential Multiverse

Despite a multitude of posters, a great trailer, and general promotional information already being available for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot (including word of a new video game… 319 more words


Daily WTF: Kevin from the New Ghostbusters Movie

Y’all, I’m worried about the new Ghostbusters movie.

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day, a day when we should take the time to express appreciation for the administrative professionals in our lives. 705 more words

Daily WTF

Stop What You're Doing Right Now And Watch THIS

It’s just not fair.  Chris Hemsworth is just too cool.  Case in point, the videos below.

In this one posted to his and Walt Disney’s Facebook page, you can see that he has a message for Captain America and Iron Man. 41 more words


Build A Ghostbusters Bear

If you know me or even visited my personal blog, iRich you know I own at least one Curious George plush. Thanks to the Reys, my mom, a Jersey shore boardwalk, childhood, and probably… 262 more words


My Top 5 Boardgames

Over the last year or so I’ve been playing a lot of different types of board games, some amazing others meh. So I thought I’d give you my top 5 boardgames. 168 more words