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Anger and Banality in Ghosts… of the Civil Dead

My article on Ghosts… of the Civil Dead for Senses of Cinema as part of their Key Moments in Australian Cinema series:

The anger that seethes throughout John Hillcoat’s debut feature film, …

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بوی کافور، عطر یاس

چند روز پیش یه یه ربع، 20 دقیقه‌ای از فیلم «بوی کافور، عطر یاس» رو از شبکه بی‌بی‌سی فارسی دیدم که باعث شد انگشت به دهن بگزم؛

Is that what we are, misanthropes? Good lord no. We're a family.(Nick Cave John Hillcoat)

There’s a lot of love around for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the moment after their outstanding set at Glastonbury. The 10 minute… 907 more words


#183: Ghosts...of the Civil Dead (1988)

One of the most shocking films to emerge out of the macabre Australian cinema, Ghosts…of the Civil Dead is uncomfortable viewing, which disappoints more than entertains. 265 more words

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Busy, busy, busy…that means rushed blog entries like this one – apologies.

Prison films carry a certain miserable appeal. That’s what can attract a film goer to the cinematic classics -‘Penitentiary’, ‘Bad Boys’, ‘American Me’, ‘McVicar’, ‘A Prophet’ (nice sweatshirt – shame about the throat-slitting obligations) ‘Midnight Express’, ‘Riot in Cell Block No. 834 more words


Film review - The Road (2009)

After the success of Joel and Ethan Coen’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men, the next novel by McCarthy that was the obvious one to adapt for the screen was his Pulitzer Price-winning novel… 449 more words

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