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Bannack Ghost Town Creative Series

In my photography class we just recently took a trip to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana where we practices our camera skills hitting specific elements for each shot. 14 more words


It's her.

Not far from him was the only lit street light one could find. The light was enough to notice the badly laid speed breaker with stones sprouting out of it. 191 more words


get the picture

I’m that noise you fail to explain and that spot you swore you already checked. When your dog looks like its barking at nothing, it sees me and so have you. 71 more words

Peculiar Thuan Kieu Plaza

Welcome back, fellow humans :)

Have you heard about the Thuan Kieu Plaza?


There were many rumours of hauntings, curses or negligence of Feng-Shui (a Chinese philosophical structure for balancing architecture with the unseeable forces) surrounding the Thuan Kieu Plaza, as a result, people were frightened to enter or reside in this building. 348 more words


Ghosts & The Work Trip to Reading, UK

I recently returned to Dublin from a trip to the UK office for some training/1-1 time with a fellow coworker.

Reading may not be the glamour spot of ubiquitous English fantasy culture (I was leered at and followed my first and second nights and decided to not leave the hotel after dark unless accompanied by a ‘chaperone’), I did enjoy my stay. 177 more words


Chestnut House

Kansas City, Mo

The Chestnut House is an 1884 Victorian Gothic house that is believed to be haunted by former tenants named the Finches, a mother and her son who occupied the home for 70 years. 43 more words