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One month down, three to go

Well its official, I’ve conquered my first month on this beautiful island called Barbados. I have not drowned, been eaten by a shark, or got seriously hit by a hurricane yet so I must say all is good. 806 more words


Memory and Hauntings in Toni Morrison's Beloved

Memory and hauntings go hand in hand in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Ghosts themselves are made up of memories, they are the past embodied. In the novel, Beloved is not only the past but also all of its trauma embodied into one being, and she is a vessel through which memories resurface. 456 more words

No Fear! Big Brother is Here!

Sorry that it’s been so long since I last updated this blog. Been just…unmotivated to write. I don’t have any excuses since I’m the one who wanted to start this blog of memories. 373 more words

Halloween Countdown 2017: Scooby Doo Bumps for Cartoon Network Part 1!

Click HERE to watch!

I actually can’t remember if this one was called “Ghost” or “Sheet”. In the 1990’s,  I worked with my then-future-husband and some good friends on these station ID’s,called “bumpers”, for Cartoon Network. 63 more words


I’ve Spent The Past Year As A Ghost

I’ve spent the past year as a ghost. The pallor in my skin and the sickening circles under my eyes are ghoulish; I scare others so very easily. 365 more words

Local woman offers haunted experiences



Joni Mayhan has always been sensitive to spirits. It wasn’t always easy to have the spirits around her, especially as a child. 394 more words

Kill, Baby...Kill! (1966)

Plot: A young woman has died under strange circumstances, but the locals are certain it is because of a curse on the Villa Graps. The village lives in fear of a ghostly girl who haunts the area and they believe even speaking her name can evoke her vengeance, so superstition runs rampant. 557 more words