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Conservation of Shadows : Yoon Ha Lee

Book review for : Conservation of Shadows
Author : Yoon Ha Lee
Rating : 5 stars

Each is a world of its own

“Conservation of Shadows” is the title of the last short story in this collection. 360 more words

5 Stars

Resurrection Diaries Entry 1: New Job

Entry 1: New Job: Monday July 11

Great news! I accepted the job offer from the Church Of The Resurrection today. Donna seems to have her reservations about it, but I think it will be a good way for us to get out from under the wing of her parents. 259 more words


Sir NoFace And Indisputable Evidence

I’ve talked about this before to a degree but must again. As a believer in the paranormal who always looks at things skeptically, and one who has spoken to many skeptics, there is, in my opinion, nothing that can change the minds of the hardest skeptics. 639 more words


Requiem 4 by Mike Duran

Blurb from the author:

Graviton Cemetery—the biggest, oldest, most haunted graveyard in the world.

And Requiem 4 is here to clean things up.

In a dystopian, war-torn future where a godless global network reprograms the masses for compliance, the Requiem units are a dying breed. 360 more words

Book Review

7/25/2017: Ghosts

There are ghosts in Vietnam, didn’t anybody ever tell you that? There are silent tears on every corner and wide smiles too, real smiles mingled with the salty water in the air. 357 more words

Revisiting the Spiritualist Movement (Part III)

Here is the third installment of our look back at Chicago’s Religio-Philosophical Journal, one of America’s leading spiritualist periodicals published during the second half of the nineteenth century.   1,384 more words


Lonely Whispering She-oak Tree

Moreton Bay brings many sights and sounds to the eyes and ears of a sailor. During my time on the olive green liquid in the middle bay I saw turtles, dugong, dolphins and such on a regular basis. 524 more words