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Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

This is one of the few times you’ll ever hear me say that I actually prefer a sequel (or in this case, a prequel) to the original film on which it’s based. 1,308 more words


Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London (2011)

Four hours. Four long hours. Four long hours in a waiting room, no less. All at the dusty end of a Bank Holiday.

Add in the twisting warp in the time-space continuum that only banal form filling and playing Snake on a Nokia can create and it could so easily have transmogrified into more. 94 more words


COTD 26.10.16:Tread carefully...

26.10.16 – Today’s COTD is X The Wheel

The ghosts of old may be knocking at your door today, but should you let them in? 98 more words


Reading 6: The Moonlit Road

Reading 6: The Moonlit Road

Today we read what will later become the basis for Rashomon (羅生門), written for Cosmo in 1907 by Ambrose Bierce. 49 more words


Aunt Ader's Place Part 5

As the fire burned low, the lap babies had been put down and knee babies were sleeping quietly on pallets, the chatter from the older children slowed as they; too, drifted off to sleep at the feet of their mothers, aunts, and grandmother.  298 more words