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I helgen åt vi en god tacogratäng. Vi är ingen familj som äter tacos varje fredag men det här kommer vi göra fler gånger.

Originalreceptet kommer från 56kilo.se men jag har ändrat det litegrann. 106 more words


S7 Submission Grappling Tournament in Garland, TX

Next weekend there is a grappling tournament hosted by S7 in Garland at the Curtis Culwell Center. This is a tournament with a different point system than the IBJJF tournaments, focusing on submission and submission attempts. 65 more words

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First Week Back

My first week back was nice. I’ve been looking forward to training with my friends and classmates again. It is easy to say that my stamina is almost non-existent, but it is fun to go home feeling exhausted and having techniques to review at the end of the day. 119 more words

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Machado Brothers Seminar Oct. 14th-16th

All five Machado brothers (Carlos, Rigan, Roger, John, Jean-Jacques) will be at the Carlos Machado Jiu Jitsu Academy in Dallas for a three day seminar. For more information, including registration and hotel recommendations CLICK HERE

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Welcoming the Fall

Since I received my blue belt in August I have been working hard to survive on the mat and am trying to get out of the hardest part of being a blue belt, the beginning. 195 more words

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Blue Belt

I just got my blue belt last month! so excited because I worked really hard for it, and now I get to train with all the upper belts at my school and plan to really dive into the art this year. 185 more words

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End of Summer

So I’ve been taking a break from my writing to focus on my summer class and get my blue belt. After my last post I went to Ventura, California to vacation with my family and brought my Gi along with. 152 more words

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