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Capt. John Anderson Bio

A couple of months back, I decided to create bio pages for my characters, to flesh them out or even think of new stories to make them more interesting. 317 more words

The Scramble

Remember “The Pilots”? Well this is the story that poem was (sort of) based on. The bulk of this story was actually written, but was put on hold for a couple months because I didn’t know how to make a satisfying ending. 1,291 more words

After Eyadena

Yeah, I’m late. Again. I’m sorry. To make it up, here’s a story!  This is the endpoint of the Paratrooper Story saga. Until I write another story. 898 more words

Prime 1 studio - Storm Shadow

Product Size28.1″ H (713.74mm) x 14.96″ W (379.98mm) x 15″ L (381mm)
With Swords: 24.60″ H (624.84mm) x 14.96″ W (379.98mm) x 15″ L (381mm)* 10 more words

Prime One Studio

Let Snake Eyes Be Snake Eyes

I joked, in the wake of the news last week that Paramount is prepping a stand-alone Snake Eyes movie, that if it’s not an adaptation of G.I. 598 more words

Movie News

The Little Man

Here’s another poem in the same vein as “Ode to GI Joe”, although it focuses less on the identity of the Joe. This one also gave me chills. 72 more words

Me, Myself, I

Had I been bits and pieces.

Strays from lint left on a sweater.

Dirt accumulated in the floor of a car.

Fragments of time would unleash the authentic me… 37 more words