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The End

Since I just wrote “The Higgins Boats Crashed Through the Waves”, this would actually be the first story where you are Captain Anderson. This story takes place after Paratrooper Story, and assumes that the eponymous paratrooper died in their assault (because they did). 1,697 more words

IAAPA International Attraction Expo 2017: Part 3 of our recap

Dynamic Attractions is the partner for many award-winning Disney and Universal attractions.  While a lot of those rides use proprietary technology, they used that expertise to create an innovative line-up of attractions, such as the Flying Theater, Dynamic Motion Theater and Immersive Transporter. 507 more words

Industry Profile

The Higgins Boat Crashed Through the Waves.

It’s a rather long title, but I couldn’t think of anything better, and I feel that it suits the tone of the story. It also happens to be the first line in the story. 3,831 more words

Blogging about the BATs

What does Blog stand for anyways…? I’ve been Blogging on Ghosts for a while and I used to know, before beer and sex smoothed out that portion of my brain. 565 more words


Paratrooper Story: Alternate Story

This story starts out the same as the original, but I’ve added some elements and details that I thought of when I first set to writing “Paratrooper Story”. 1,442 more words

Paratrooper Story Alternate Ending #2

This is the “happy” ending for Paratrooper Story. What a sad world, where the happy ending is the one where you live.

Written 4/17/17

Notice: 403 more words

Special Events: Custom Cards

Not all sketchcards come from inside a pack. Here’s a quick glossary of alternative sketchcards:

“ACEO” — An acronym for “Art Cards Originals & Editions.” These can be drawn on blank/generic card stock, or custom printed card stock specific to an artist. 533 more words