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BAM! Box SLCC Exclusive Box!

It’s a Con Exclusive BAM! Box! I don’t usually like taking my chances with these special con boxes, but we’ve been loving BAM! so much that I just had to give it a try, and I’m pretty glad I did!

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

When It Comes To GI Joe - Size Matters!

It was 52 years ago when two highly important items came into this world: Me and GI Joe.

All right, sure, maybe I’m not as important or interesting as GI Joe, but I wanted to let you know that Joe and I have been around for pretty much the same amount of time. 505 more words

Pop Culture

Reporting on the War

Seventy-four years ago, the events of World War II were the daily concern of everyone in the United States. Hundreds of correspondents, photographers and field artists braved enemy fire, slept in foxholes and suffered bitter cold and unbearable heat in their effort to chronicle events on the war. 3,371 more words

Amazing Military Stories

#1075: Grand Slam



GI Joe as a franchise has always been subject to change.  Despite being the creators of the action figure market, Hasbro has spent the better part of their 50+ years with the franchise playing catch-up to the rest of the industry.  614 more words



So this poor little sod was stuck in a storage box of mine for, I shit you not, about 25 years. I fished him out and was surprised at how good a condition he was in. 451 more words

Restoration And Repairs

Subway Shorts - September 25

Today, IDW starts a revolution where everyone seems like a jerk and Dark Horse introduces us to a Martian who just wants to be loved. I’m looking at Revolution 1 and Black Hammer 3. 578 more words

Subway Shorts