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5 80's Boys Toys That Need Bringing Back

With never ending Hollywood reboots and old franchises being resurrected, here are the 5 toy lines from the 80’s we’d love to see brought back. 765 more words


GI Jem: A Truly Outrageous American Hero(ine)

I’m a let you finish, but this would have been the greatest crossover of all time – Of all time!

Oh, yes, I went there. Probably not the first, but I thought it was funny, so I did it anyway. 34 more words


After school specials

I don’t know if this is still a thing, but when I was a kid, I’d finish school and get home to my grandparents’ place at about 4pm. 354 more words

The Videogres Have the Power!

My childhood interest in He-Man was peripheral, at best. The occasional figure would come my way through birthday parties or holiday gifts, and every now and then I’d happen to catch the cartoon, which seemed to focus a great deal on people hopping into frame, looking left then right, and hopping back out of frame. 498 more words