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GI Joe Video Game Advertisement Analysis

Back in the 1980’s, video games were entering the highest point they ever had up to then, a few years before a devastating market crash. At such a peak of popularity, many different companies tried to take advantage of the opportunity for success, including many different film and toy companies. 458 more words


Glenferrie Rd reopens after bomb scare

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TRAMS have resumed on some of Melbourne\u2019s busiest routes after police removed a suspicious package that closed Glenferrie Road in Malvern. 5,618 more words

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Not your average Joe...

What do happy meal toys, broken Bionicle pieces, loose Mega Bloks, Mardi Gras beads, and wrestling figures with missing limbs have in common? If you guessed things that you can find in the loose toy bin in your local Goodwill then you are correct.  729 more words


First Strike Issue 3 Comic Book Review

The third issue of “First Strike” is on par with the first two. 290 more words

Book Review

1993 GI Joe Battle Corps Law - Dragon Fortress Reviews

As head of Security for GI Joe, Law has acquired a reputation as a relentless narc in the barracks and a loudmouth nerd on the battlefield. 1,786 more words

GI Joe


Jason Royalty takes on an Exclu themed shoot as he tackles the word “Closer” using GIJOE and Cobra as the vehicle for his creativity. The outcomes may surprise you with an interpretation of the challenge that we didn’t see coming! 851 more words

Themed Series

1992 GI Joe Cobra Headhunters - Dragon Fortress Reviews

Cobra’s elite street level guards, the HEADHUNTERS, are ruthless, highly trained, and picked from the best Cobra has to offer. In order to meet the daunting Headhunter qualifications, a Cobra soldier must have a high school diploma, a GED, or any Warsaw Pact equivalent. 1,707 more words

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