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FREE #Kwanzaa #dolls clothes #patterns @ ChellyWood.com

At the end of December and earlier this month, I shared my patterns and tutorials for the Kwanzaa poncho, the skirt worn by the Photographer doll… 848 more words


TV Geek Review: The Toys That Made Us

As a generation, children of the 1980s are largely defined by the toys we played with. So much so that Hollywood has or will be turning most of our collective childhood into movie franchises. 295 more words


FREE #Kwanzaa #dolls clothes patterns @ ChellyWood.com

If you’re not familiar with Kwanzaa, there are a number of resources available to you on the web. I recommend that you google the term and learn a little about this very special holiday celebrated by many Americans of African heritage. 663 more words


Weekend Update: Eddie Murphy on the Holidays' Hottest Dolls - SNL

Eddie Murphy shows off new dolls on the market for the holiday season, complaining about how GI Joe has changed, Ken has become too effeminate and how the Mr. 25 more words


The History Behind Iconic Toys in Netflix's The Toys That Made Us.

Every year around early December, it becomes clear that there is that one ‘must have’ toy that needs to under the Christmas tree ready for opening on December 25th. 627 more words


Twelve days of Crimmus, part 2! GI JOE!

Time to really get things going with GI Joe: A Real American Hero’s “Cobra Claws are Coming to Town.”

Given the toy commercial nature of GI Joe, it’s no surprise they did a Christmas episode. 682 more words