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21/05/2018 Visual Studies

To be honest, I never wrote the blog about visual studies before but today Mandy gave me some advice about canvas painting, I think it’s really interesting and helpful for my FMP. 241 more words


18/05/2018 G+I

Today I have done quite a lot websites’ homepage design. Before I design these websites, I  did some secondary research on the website, screen shoot some of the other’s work. 196 more words


17/09/2018 G+I

Today I try to design our website, however, it’s just a test because I am not sure how will my partner choose.

Before I start, I spent one day to research the new software I will use – Adobe XD. 244 more words


16/05/2018 G+I

Today I did two forms of recording my punctuation design. I would like to design a website for the final, because of this, I need more things to put on our website. 121 more words


Should you be drinking kombucha?

Soft drink sales are falling, but kombucha sales are rising! Homebrewers have been producing this favored fermented drink for thousands of years, and increasingly we see kombucha on the drink menus at restaurants, on tap in cafes and health food stores, and in supermarkets. 1,673 more words

Living Healthier

Albino and Preto Brazil Series 2

Top: 415gm. Light weight Pearl weave

Pant: 10oz. Light weight twill cotton

This gi was washed once before.

The Brazil Series, made in Brazil, is for slimmer people like me. 45 more words


GI Distress and Third Reviewers

Two bands comprised of physiologists played to local crowds and to members of the American Physiological Society here in San Diego. It was a fun time!

Comparative Physiology