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Buying A Karate Uniform (Gi) Suit Size, Cut & Quality. Budo Online


 1) The basics
2) Sizing
3) Gi Type & Cut
4) Material, Weight, Cost & Quality
5) Gi Care

1) The Basics: What is a karate gi and how does it differ to other martial arts uniforms?  3,331 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

Deconfigure/Reconfigure GI/ASM/OHAS after Host Name/IP Change.

GI, ASM, Listener and Database will be down after changing Host Name and/or IP address. Will get an error when starting ASM or trying to query the Disk Group. 1,275 more words

Budo Brand Development

Budo is a UK based online community, selling fight wear and different martial art equipment. After failing to achieve a desirable result with the local designers, Budo reached out to me for help. 194 more words

Budo Online

Benedict (New Menu) Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

November 4th, 2015. I went to Benedict to try their new menu. I always love their place. Moody ambiance with friendly people. And the lovely thing, my favourite spot there, now a non-smoking seat. 984 more words

Food And Beverage

Der Blender

Mein Beitrag in Gewissensbits, 2014:


Carola bekommt die Projektleitung für ein Software-Entwicklungs-Projekt übertragen, ihr erstes Projekt mit einem eigenem Team. Sie darf vom Kern-Team der Firma ein paar Leute übernehmen, verstärkt für ein Jahr durch weitere Programmierer von einer Leiharbeitsfirma. 115 more words


The man in my fridge

Let me introduce you to Pedro, he has been living in my fridge since April. Twice a week he comes out of the fridge to warm up for a couple of hours whilst he is fed flour and water, before being returned to his favourite cool environment to ferment. 186 more words