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The "I" Patch is Off

My most recent layover in that shitty little place called Injuryville is receding into the distance and that’s a good thing. I’m well on the way to a place with a lot of jitz gyms called Recovery. 268 more words


Jiu jitsu helps those who help themselves

I recently had surgery to correct a detached retina. The doctors had been very adamant about how active I should be during my recovery. They said I shouldn’t move period. 671 more words


Pharmacology Test 2 study guide:

Finally the test two study guide is here. The list has information the was given to us as well as supplementary info that I think is important. 2,763 more words


Jiu jitsu Makes You Plan

I have a lot in common with the people I train with. We all spend a great deal of time training together and if they are anything like me they spend a great deal of time thinking about jiu jitsu, too. 499 more words


Your Military Left: San Antonio’s Underground GI Newspaper


Between 1967 and 1971, American GIs stationed on military bases across the world, wrote, produced, published and distributed over 130 newspapers.[1] These newspapers, edited and written anonymously and often distributed clandestinely, offer a unique window on the activities and thoughts of many servicemen who opposed the US intervention in Southeast Asia and found the situation in Vietnam intolerable. 781 more words

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