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Lead up to Diagnosis - The Colonoscopy

What a blog title, agh! I would never in a million years have thought I’d be writing something like this. But you know, the further I go along with my UC, the more I’m understanding how important awareness is and access to information – including other people’s experiences. 1,275 more words


Carbs - Pasta is a star!

Carbs are our bodies main source of energy, so a very important part of our diet.

Pasta sits squarely in the carb basket, and can be vastly underrated. 267 more words

7/20 (HUP): C. diff and FMT

Thanks to Dr. Brendan Kelly for guiding us through the case of a 70 year old man with severe pan-colitis and shock who was found to have C. 437 more words

Infectious Diseases

Nails and Hammers: Back to Gracie PEI

I am horrible at jiu-jitsu. I am getting good at jiu-jitsu. The voice of the ego is relentless and informative, and I am always surprised at how it can weasel its way into my thoughts, despite all of my efforts to tame it. 679 more words

7/11 PPMC Report: Chronic Diarrhea

Today we discussed a great case: 54 yo M with PMH GERD/Barrett’s esophagitis and non-healing duodenal ulcer presenting with chronic watery diarrhea and weight loss. (Orange arrows = today’s case!) 214 more words


GI & Liver Ward

Apologies for the lack of blogging it has been so busy, I have currently been working, moving house and preparing for interview eeek

Excuses out of the way, we get told this week whether we have an interview to transfer into medicine, wish me luck! 439 more words


Haloperidol- one anti-emetic to rule them all.

When all else has failed, and the patient does not meet admission criteria, where do patients go?  Obs, of course!  I view it as a valuable tool to augment my ED armamentarium.   383 more words