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TMNT and Ninjas

I was totally a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan as a kid… I guess I’m dating myself by saying that but…nevermind!

I had this unusual fetish with black panthers back then (and I’m not saying I still don’t!) I always wanted to be super stealth, super sleek, and veiled in black – What better embodiment than the black jaguar and black leopard?!   108 more words


Some weight loss myths

1   Giving up carbs

Processed carbs can contribute to weight gain but you shouldn’t give up on complex carbs or wholegrain such as brown rice which have a lot of fibre and make you feel fuller longer. 804 more words


January's Video of the Month: Rika Usami


No, that’s not the sound of a bone breaking.

That’s the sound of Rika Usami’s gi!

(Seriously, what does she put in that thing?) 85 more words

Martial Arts

Географические заметки

Интеллектуальные права представляют собой одну из важнейших сфер инвестирования в динамично развивающихся государствах, а также одну из существенных статей дохода в современных преуспевающих компаниях.

Немного разбираться в этой интеллектуальной юридической материи, на самом деле, желательно всем, чтобы не нарушать закон, а использовать его в своих интересах.

наименование места происхождения товара

Enteral vs Parenteral Feeding on ICU

A 70-year-old man had been an inpatient on the intensive care unit for nearly 40 days after a complicated recovery following mitral valve replacement. He was being gradually weaned from the ventilator via tracheostomy but required no other invasive organ support. 791 more words

Case Summary

Spinach-mango-banana smoothie bowl

Left:mango and banana, right: spinach, mango and banana

Spinach-mango-banana smoothie bowl



Smoothie bowls: love them or hate them, you can’t deny they do make a filling and nutritious breakfast! 192 more words

Rough Attempts To Be Something Like Healthy