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Endoscopy Adventures Part 2

Well, that was an experience! Went in for my endoscopy around 3PM. Honestly, U of M has amazing facilities and staff. They have a whole building dedicated to outpatient medical procedures and the blankets were really warm and the environment real calming. 310 more words

Cervical Cancer

Endoscopy Adventures Part 1

I am currently starring at the time in the right corner of my laptop as the time slowly moves forward 2:31…2:32…2:23. With every minute change, my anxiety increase 10 fold. 300 more words

Cervical Cancer

Keto diet change week 1

In the last few months, I’ve changed his diet to include more fruits and vegetables in a smoothie through his PEG Tube (gtube), and the changes I’ve seen in him through just doing that much have been amazing. 808 more words


7/7 Morning Report with Jossy and Dr. Robbins: Don't. Trust. Anyone.

A young women w/ no past medical history presents with abdominal pain and N/V, found to have pancreatitis c/b transaminitis (AST>>ALT) and hepatic steatosis ultimately found to be 2/2 surreptitious alcohol use! 75 more words

#Morning Report

7/6: Morning Report w/ Ryan Guiness: Cholangitis + Something Rare

A man in his 40s w/ no PMHx presented with abdominal pain, fever, and mildly elevated bilirubin, ultimately found to have cholangitis secondary to severely dilated biliary ducts from Caroli Disease. 169 more words

#Morning Report