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Classic and modern clash in Italy

In recent years, groups of Italian students protesting against governmental cuts to education funding and the rise of university fees have gained some popularity in the international media due to their highly original form of opposition. 547 more words


Crescia, Easter bread

I already have the opportunity to talk about Giacomo Leopardi, the great Italian poet. I love his poems, but also his romantic, short life… 463 more words


Thoughts (Borrowed) While Overlooking a Mountain Valley in Peru

The Infinite

Always dear to me was this lonely hill,
And this hedgerow, which from many sides
Bars the gaze from the utmost horizon.
But sitting and looking out, endless…

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Beyond the horizon c'è il al di là

Ofelia Genovese was sitting on the bay window of her apartment, leaning back against a fluffy turquoise, square pillow. She had a copy of Poesia Italiana del Novecento, on her lap. 1,653 more words

Short Stories

Infinite Mediterranean, from the Marches to Egypt

The Marches is a splendid Italian region: a border land, of great artists and musicians. A land of popes, leaders and, traditionally, also a land of tax collectors… A small isolated region compared to others, but when a traveler passes through the Marches, its landscapes and peculiar culture leave a deep impression: Ancona for its harbor, Loreto for religion and faith, Senigallia for its big fair, Macerata known as the capital of Law studies and Urbino which has been known for centuries as the kingdom of culture. 1,921 more words

The Laughing Diplomat


Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

Giacomo Leopardi was an Italian poet, philosopher and exceptional philologist, who lived the scientific revolutions of the early 19th century and ventured into the dark side of naturalist philosophy. 732 more words

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I Enjoy my Sinking in this Sea

“I go on to compare that infinite silence with this voice, and I remember the eternal and the dead seasons, and the living present, and its sound, so that in this immensity my thoughts are drowned, and I enjoy my sinking in this sea.”

~ Leopardi, The Infinite