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Dreams and Fables

This has to be one of most favourite sets of photographs I’ve ever shot and edited. I really do love to put a heavy emphasis on the post-processing side of photography. 70 more words


There is a learing Elf in BARNEYS Xmas window

Actually, he is not an Elf in the traditional sense…..rather…….a saucy little contortionist….ELPHRESH.  He is a young guy prancing about in shiny pantaloons……..caressing rather sexy mushrooms. 43 more words


Adventures in Chinatown

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of sunshine and a walk with an old, new again friend to make your day. Purchasing an obscene amount of edamame, and finding green tea flavored Pocky sticks doesn’t hurt either. 34 more words


Land of the Giant Mushrooms

According to science news, Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms.

So like the Shivering Isles?

Honestly, after reading the article, I had a hilarious mental picture of a bunch of bespectacled men in labcoats hucking grocery-store mushrooms at each other while they argued whether a fungus, lichen, or other similar organism could grow to 8 meters.  89 more words

Stephanie Beavers


I would gladly tell you what the Texan and I did in Las Vegas last weekend, but then I’d have to kill you.

Not really. Our trip was tame, but fun. 343 more words


City Bowl Market: Edition II

10 days. 8 splits. 2 lates. 111 hours. My life has been in the Conservatory kitchen for the past 10 days. 46% of my life has been spent at work. 525 more words

Life Updates!

Minecraft Monday: A River Runs Through It! Plus, Notch Challenges Bethsda to a Fight to the DEATH!

What a week!  Man, Notch has been busy!  First he gets married, takes some time off, and poof!  Right back into coding.  I have to say it is quite nice to see all the changes taking shape, though I am a little leery about the islands and rivers, but ya’ll might not know about that.  531 more words