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Alphas March to End Gang Violence in Chicago

Way to step up, guys! Now get the Kappas and Omegas (and Sigmas and Thetas) in there to to provide an example of how real black men work and cooperate peacefully together. 353 more words

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Simone Biles

If you haven’t heard of this diminutive woman, trust me – you will by the 2016 Olympics barring injury or unforeseen circumstance. Move over, Dominique Dawes! 72 more words

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The Black Father They Don't Think Exists

Riding the Subway downtown, I see a lot of different folks. From the millennials in natty suits, to the homeless. Coming back to the office from a meeting out in the ‘burbs on a train which travels through one of the poorer sections of the city, I wound up next to a young black man, in dreads and a T-Shirt… Who was pushing a baby carriage.   564 more words


Elijah Cummings Obliterates Republican Witch Hunt Benghazi Committee

Elijah Cummins has had a long relationship with the Clintons. Not that that in any way influenced this butt kicking…


The Story of Jeremiah Hamilton - The First Black Wall Street Millionaire

Great tidbit of previously unknown or forgotten history here…

The Story of Wall Street’s First Black Millionaire

Jeremiah Hamilton made white clients do his bidding. He bought insurance policies on ships he purposely destroyed. 1,097 more words

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Black Scientist Attempts to Create Time Machine

With all the hype about the movie, “Back to the Future”, whose premise was in part, time travel to the year 2015 – it isn’t surprising there is interest in examining the possibility of time travel again. 1,302 more words

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Correcting History - Free Black Man Convicted of Freeing Slaves in 1840's Pardoned by Delaware

Righting the historical wrongs. Samuel Burris had titanium plated brass cajones, knowing what would happen to him if he was caught by the slave catchers! 578 more words

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