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Colin Powell on Trolling Republicans

Powell went to work for George W. Bush due to loyalty to his father. That was catastrophic, not only for Powell’s reputation, but the entire country because of Dick Cheney. 257 more words


Archibald Motley - Painter of the Jazz Age

Born in 1891, Archibald Motley would document, through his art – the next 70 years of black experience in Chicago and France.

Portrait of a Sophisticated Lady… 635 more words

Black History

Oh My! Yet Another Black Panther to Terrorize the Right!

As a youngster, I remember reading the Black Panther comics, along with those of the rest of the Marvel pantheon of Superheroes.

Bad news! Heeeee’s Back! 506 more words

Giant Negros

Viola Davis Wins Emmy

This one has been a long time coming. Viola Davis, seen here rocking a gorgeous print dress, is the first black actress to win an Emmy for a leading role. 147 more words

Giant Negros

Judge Joe Brown Released on Contempt Citation

Judge Joe Brown who was charged with “Contempt of Court” in Memphis – was released after 4 hours on “Personal Recognizance” despite a sentence of 5 days… 26 more words

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From Prison to Poet

This is the uplifting story of one Reginald Dwayne Betts Jr., a stupid mistake, and a decision to move forward.

Yes, One Book Can Change Your Life, Even In Prison… 562 more words

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