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A good pumpkin day

It is time to check in with Katie at the museum.

My field trip was very informative and made me feel less unsure about the progress of my pumpkin. 88 more words

Giant Pumpkin

Progress Report

The gourd is growing but the stress of being in a partly shaded spot and perhaps not being fertilized enough, I am afraid this may not be a record breaker. 92 more words

Giant Pumpkin

Pumpkinfest #4: Caging and (Almost Immediately) Releasing the Kraken

The Kraken, legendary sea monster introduced to us by the Norwegians, has nothing on Powell 1548.

The Kraken eats sailors, boats, and whales. Powell 1548 is eating my garden. 615 more words


I am the pumpkin god

I say who lives. I say who gets composted. Yesterday was a big day in GP land. Of the two pumpkins growing I chose the pumpkin that will grow the distance hacking off the inferior fruit along with 10+ feet of the main vine. 16 more words

Giant Pumpkin

Stuffed squash blossoms

For years I have wanted to try stuffed squash blossoms and let me tell you what, they are devine. The giant pumpkin flowers just allowed more room for the herbed marscapone filling.

Giant Pumpkin

Give the people what they want

Giant pumpkins.

This all started in early May when, at Kurt’s for epic wasabi sesame encrusted tuna dinner, conversation turned to Seedling Sunday. Kurt’s girlfriend, Katie, works marketing at Maine Maritime Museum and was planning on growing a giant pumpkin in competition with other museums in the area for the Pumpkin Fest in Damariscotta. 96 more words

Giant Pumpkin

Goals for 2016

This is what I am looking to accomplish this year:

The Dress – I fell in love with the dress from the 2015 Disney Cinderella movie when it came out. 135 more words