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As I mentioned earlier (see: https://bushsnobinafrica.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/drones-in-the-bush/), we did get an improved drone as soon as prices dropped. Although my son immediately managed to fly it, I am still building my confidence after the earlier mishaps! 736 more words

Bush Pills


I don’t have a phobia against mice and rats but I do find large numbers of them unnerving nonetheless! 190 more words

Age Of Sigmar

Reports of giant rats (exaggerated, as usual)

The Mirror had this charming story of a retiree in the resort town of Torquay who spotted some “giant” rats in a parking lot. He even provided some pictures. 188 more words

Science Saturday

Here’s this weeks Science Saturday picks. Enjoy!

New species have been discovered in Papa New Guinea, including this handsome fellow. Click here to read the the BBC’s article on the discoveries. 77 more words

Science Saturday

Skaven Giant Rats - custom sculpt (Part 1)

For some time I wanted to try and sculpt some simple models myself. Seeing I needed a few Giant Rat units for my Skaven army I figured they were sort of “doable”. 327 more words


The Mutant Giant Rat Media Flap

This is normally the sort of thing I try to ignore, but the papers and online media sites recently seem to be more full than usual of stories about giant rats, poison-immune rats, mutant radioactive rats with glowing eyes… well, maybe not that last one but you get the idea. 956 more words


Rats Infesting Hospital Entered Corpses Through Vagina And Anus: Ex-Worker

Are you about to eat? Don’t start if you’re going to read this.A rat infestation at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C, was so bad that the rodents were entering corpses through the vagina and anus, a former worker says.Doris Kennard won a$237,000 judgment for emotional distress against the hospital on July 18, court records show. 365 more words