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‘What a beast!’ Aquarium shares photos of rare giant squid that washed ashore in New Zealand

A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand Wednesday and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery. 293 more words


NASA Wants to Build a 'Robo-Squid' to Search for Life on Other Planets - I Say Make a Movie!

NASA’s latest proposal looks like a sci-fi film in the making. The project calls for the use of a soft-robotic rover that resembles a squid -tentacles included- for missions that can’t be accomplished with conventional power systems. 367 more words


The Giant Squid

As said at the end of this documentary: we cannot go to other planets to see how aliens are, so maybe going to the deep sea to study animals, such as the giant squid, is the next most interesting thing to do. 35 more words


Light Show

The crowd was pleased with the show.

Hiding in the twilight, they could see the drama unfolding. One of them, the one who got the short end of the sea whip, was blinded by the light. 172 more words


Portion Control

April 07, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

This was one of my finished cartoons.  It was number 16 of 31.  The original concept was sketched on August 07, 1990 (see below). 21 more words