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"Release the Kraken!" - Dwellers of the Deep Part 1 - The Kraken

Since man first built boats and ships, there has always been tales of terrifying beasts lurking beneath waves and murky depths. 654 more words


A Scoop of .... with Your Ice Cream

Whaling became a global industry because there was a need, and thus a market, for the products derived from blubber and baleen. Lamps, lighthouses and streetlights were all lit with one form or another of whale oil. 442 more words


Psephology Presenting As Thalassophobia

Word of the day:

1. the study of elections.

Psephology, which puts me in mind of cephalopods which brings to mind the GOP candidates. 82 more words

Toulouse Street

10 Deep Sea Mysteries And Oddities That Will Leave You Baffled

More humans have walked on the moon than have been to the deepest parts of planet Earth. Covering 70% of Earth’s surface, the oceans are the largest habitat in the world yet we only know around 1% of the seafloor. 535 more words


Rare Massive Colossal Squid Caught on Camera Trying to Steal Fish in Russia

Russian fishermen were left stunned when a massive colossal squid tried to steal the latest catch off the side of their boat – and it was all caught on video! 135 more words