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The Colossal Squid

You may have heard of the giant squid, the creature that battles with sperm whales in the deep, and may have served as the catalyst for the myth of the Kraken. 588 more words


Review: The Deep Range

The Deep Range by Arthur C Clarke

I almost let January slip by without making a post for Vintage Science Fiction month, but I’m getting my last-minute contribution in with a little-known book by Arthur C Clarke. 1,355 more words

Science Fiction

The Intriguing Sperm Whale

Within a thousand meters off the coast of the Kaikoura peninsula of New Zealand, the continental shelf falls off sharply into the Kaikoura Canyon that runs in a north easterly direction for some 60 kilometres and is around 1,200 meters deep. 641 more words


The Rescue Mission Hits a Bit of a Snag

Having gotten Tam on board, I turned to the Sheriff. “If you and your deputies are too tired to come, they don’t have to. We’ve got this.” 1,087 more words

The Story

Biweekly Monster-Earth Squid

These bark-skinned, squid-like creatures are not true squids. They breath air and recoil from the touch of water. While they can swim through the earth above a walking pace, predators near the surface make it dangerous for them to spend too much time there. 218 more words


Giant Squid

The giant squid, or genus Architeuthis, is a deep-sea dwelling squid. It can grow to tremendous sizes, and in recent estimates put the maximum size at 13 meters (43 feet) for females and 10 meters (33 feet) for males from the posterior fins to the tip of the two long tentacles. 79 more words