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Light Show

The crowd was pleased with the show.

Hiding in the twilight, they could see the drama unfolding. One of them, the one who got the short end of the sea whip, was blinded by the light. 172 more words


Portion Control

April 07, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

This was one of my finished cartoons.  It was number 16 of 31.  The original concept was sketched on August 07, 1990 (see below). 21 more words


Oceans: Earth's Final Frontier

By: Julia Zeh Edited by: Bryce Harlan        

Our oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Everyone has heard this at some point in their lives, whether they learned it in school or read it somewhere. 710 more words


Finished Friday: Knitted Giant Squid

Here’s a giant squid (aka kraken) to add to my collect of strange knitted stuff (which already includes the Loch Ness monster, an octopus… 247 more words

Kit Dunsmore Writer

Stay Out of the Water!

What’s the size of your head and can see in the dark?  A giant squid eye!

The huge eye enables them to collect more light, giving them an advantage when looking for food and avoiding predators.  58 more words

Marine Biology

Flashing Each Other

By Jane J. Lee

Giant Humboldt squid, which can grow as big as a man, speak to each other in flashes of color, their whole bodies quickly changing from red to white and back again. 632 more words