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IMF Frets About Giant Sucking Sound Of Hot Money, Wants To Take Over Global Monetary Policy

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The IMF was lulled into its comfort zone by worldwide central-bank money-printing to bail out and enrich bondholders, bank investors, counterparties, and other investors via the masterful creation of magnificent asset bubbles. 138 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Giant Sucking Sound: Russian Money Yanked From US Banks

Source: Testosterone Pit.com

US Banks enjoyed more or less steadily climbing, or rather soaring, deposits by Russian institutions and individuals, having tripled in just two years to $21.6 billion by February, according to the… 277 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

...so nafta, 20 years (and a tad) after...

…Ross Perot, cleverly ridiculed, had it right. Well, almost right. And that ‘almost’ is very significant – that ‘giant sucking sound’ was of jobs leaving not just the US but also Mexico, since the passage of Nafta on 1 Jan 1994. 482 more words


"That Giant Sucking Sound"

Quick Commentary

I am not sure if Mayor Francis realizes this but he is  apparently undoing the efforts of the Federal government. While Citizenship and Immigration Canada is trying to attract professional Canadians living abroad to come back home, Mayor Francis is sending them across the border to work. 133 more words


Giant Sucking Sound

Giant sucking sound?!  Can y’all hear it now?  Why is it the guys that actually make sense, the ones that would actually work for us never get close? 504 more words


Gifting in Las Vegas?

That is if LV is still open…..

World Market Center Las Vegas Announces Plans For June 2010 ‘Gift + Home’ Market

World Market Center Las Vegas has announced plans to launch its first ancillary market – “Gift + Home” – June 13-16, 2010. 89 more words