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Anthony Payne: A Real Cornish Giant

There are many tales of giants in Cornwall, look up them in a book of legends and they seem to spend quite a lot of their time throwing massive boulders about and striding great distances.  272 more words

Everyone Rush To Giant Before This Amazing Pasta Sale Is Over

Pre-packaged pasta sides are a cheap and easy addition to your meal, and they’re even more affordable if you wait for a good sale. When we say a “good” sale, though, that doesn’t mean a sale like this one at the supermarket Giant. 79 more words


When Giants Fall

Trapped beneath the fallen gum
in whose branches I’d learned to climb,
I marveled how its limbs still clung
to shattered treehouse bones.

That night when father stumbled home, 67 more words



Whilst wandering amongst the bluebells I came across several trees that looked like they’d been crushed under the feet of a giant. It may have been caused by the crazy storms we’d had, but giants seem more plausible.

New Vintage Base Ball Team To Begin Play in Alton

ALTON, Il (KMOX)- The St. Louis area’s newest vintage base ball team takes to the field for the first time this weekend. The Alton Giant, named after Robert Wadlow, will play the game as it was played in 1858, in old-style uniforms, without gloves and with balls caught on the first hop counting as an out. 256 more words