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Why 'The BFG' is about toxic masculinity

by Percy Palling

Stephen Spielberg is a well-noted liberal, as shown by his hatred of Trump supporters (aka Nazis) in Shindler’s List. But I’d never expected until now that he’d also be a radically progressive feminist campaigner, as is currently shown in his latest film, The BFG. 411 more words

Fisherman hands in giant pearl he kept under the bed 10 years ago

Enormous pearl thought to have come from a giant clam could be the biggest in the world and, if authenticated, is estimated to be worth more than $100m A fisherman in the Philippines has kept what might be the largest natural pearl ever found hidden in his home for more than 10 years. 6 more words

We interrupt Astronomy News to Present this Potato

Wow! There is a lot of exciting space news in the headlines lately…it is a thrilling time to have one’s eyes fixed on the heavens.  However, for the moment, let’s tear our eyes from the splendors of the firmament and concentrate instead on the most mundane of wonders here at our feet—the potato.  189 more words

From Nature: "Giant, deadly ice slide baffles researchers"


23 August 2016
Jane Qiu

The massive ice avalanche in Rutong county, Tibet, covered 10 square kilometres with its debris. Jibiao Zong

One of the world’s largest documented ice avalanches is flummoxing researchers. 470 more words

Applied Research & Technology

What does the future hold for Italian bike brands?

It seems that whenever mainstream media talks about road bikes, Italian brands feature frequently as the ultimate representation of our aspirations while, in contrast, those from Taiwan are suggested as affordable stepping stones to something better.  99 more words


Giant – chapter 6

Valerie winched.

“You’re not lying to me now, are you?” Reed demanded.

“What’s wrong?” Tomas asked immediately.

She yanked her calf on his side, reminded him to move. 1,670 more words

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Former Arsenal and England striker believe say special days dey around the corner for Baba Special. 

Manchester United bin put English football inside their pocket for two decades under Sir Alex Ferguson but after e retire, the club con fall inside gutter as the managers (David Moyes and Louis van Gaal) wey take over from am flop sote the Reds struggle to qualify for Champions League. 

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Manchester United