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My Week in Review: Weeks 30-32

I’ve had such busy weekends lately that before I realize it the weekend is behind me and I haven’t done a Week in Review…and now THREE weeks are behind me, so…time to do a little catch up…I’ll just do highlights to get caught up so this isn’t HUGE. 576 more words

Week In Review

When In Ireland...

Last weekend, I traveled to Northern Ireland for the weekend. I wasn’t sure why I was going to be honest. Everyone always says that you need to go to Dublin and drink Guinness, but no one really says much about Northern Ireland. 334 more words

Just back from - a day trip to Belfast

Strictly speaking, I’m not “just back” from this one, but having recently visited Budapest for the day, I realised that some of my earlier days out by plane haven’t yet made it to the blog, so watch out for Berlin hot on the heels of this one. 766 more words


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Do you already know our new intro trailer for this blog?  It is our own production and we recently added it to our… 38 more words


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Kennst Du eigentlich schon unseren neuen Intro-Trailer für diesen Blog?  Er ist eine Eigenproduktion und wir haben ihn kürzlich unserer… 37 more words


Giants Causeway

Today we went to the Giants Causeway with our Irish teacher.

It was a great day out and the views were amazing. I would love to go back there one day because it is a great tourist destination


GIANT'S CAUSEWAY, in Northern Ireland

Nicknamed ” The Giant’s Pipe  Organ”

Oct 3, 2016

On the 2nd  Wild Rover Tour day trip,  the Giant’s Causeway was the 2nd stop.   The Giant’s Causeway has  a distinctive rock formation  symmetry for  almost 18 miles on the coastline.   316 more words