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An Irish Blessing


Almost 3 months later and I’m still swooning over my experience.

The only countries I’ve been to outside of the US have all spoken a different language, so visiting somewhere that we could communicate well with people and find our way around easily (I use easily very lightly here…we still got lost a lot) was refreshing. 2,090 more words

Cliffs Of Moher

A Day Without Wifi - By Ashley Smith

Wifi, or any connection to the internet, is one of the most prized possessions of my

generation. We are constantly checking Snapchat or updating our Instagram feed—we are addicted to the feeling of being connected to those around us. 512 more words

Northern Ireland


Remember the photos of the unusual rocks along the water?  That was the Giant Causeway in Ireland.  This area is found on the north coast of Northern Ireland.   382 more words


Last 3 weeks abroad - Part 3

UK Whirlwind Adventure

Limerick, Ireland

After my night in the Edinburgh Airport waiting to board my flight back to Ireland, I arrive at University of Limerick more rested than I expected I would be. 2,891 more words

The Giant's Causeway / Antrim, Northern Ireland


There are three major things Northern Ireland is well-known for: the Belfast shipyard, where the Titanic was built with the tragic end we all know; the religious divisions that tore the country and eventually led to the Irish partition of 1921, establishing the Irish Free State (Southern Ireland) and Northern Ireland into two separate countries; and its amazing landscapes, featured in numerous series and movies such as… 1,166 more words


718-723: Amazing Antrim

718 – Saturday 13th May 2017:  The Point of Magilligan

We arrived at Magilligan Point for our next wild camping – narrow space to reverse the van – oops!   1,643 more words


iRoM19 Causeway Coast Way

I was away from the mountains this weekend, so took the opportunity to do my long run as an out and back on the Causeway Coast Way.