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Oldies at Large - Old Man Boab

The most striking thing about entering the North West corner of the continent, the top end of Western Australia from the remote NW Northern Territory, is the magnificent old man boab (also the baobab of Africa & Egypt). 1,163 more words


Mad dogs and Sydney men go out in the midday sun....................

In This Post: Fitzroy Crossing – Derby – The Gibb River Road – Broome – Cape Leveque – Beagle Bay

The drive from Fiztroy Crossing to Derby was great.   1,089 more words

Gorg-eous Bell Gorge

Well we though we better hurry up and check out the Gibb River before the year was through, but we probably left it a bit too late. 678 more words


Tunnel Creek National Park

What a stunning place! Tunnel Creek is quite famous in the Kimberley, so I wasn’t sure if it would live up to its reputation. I was also not sure how successful I would be taking photos in the very low light,  but I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded my pictures. 16 more words


Day 72 - Gibb River Road

We arrived in Derby, a small town located on King Sound and boasting the highest tides in Australia of up to 12 metres between low and high tides. 1,604 more words


Barnett River Gorge

Still loving the Free camps. We stayed another night on the banks of the Gibb River when we reached the end of the Kalumbaru Road. The boys decided to check out a problem with the rear wheel on the car, and learned the hard way why you don’t jack up a car on the sand… 201 more words


Brolga Free Camp

Well, that isn’t really the name of this free camp, but when we first discovered it there were brolgas around the creek. It is near the King Edward River crossing on the Kalumbaru Road, and we set up camp there on our way back down from Mitchell Falls to re-join the Gibb River Road. 272 more words