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Guest post:Two weeks on the Gibb River Road

Although I would have liked to go everywhere unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet! I have a habit of jumping on a plane at any chance I get and haven’t taken the time to see all the delightful sights in my own backyard. 6,155 more words

August 31, Part 2

After lunch, we headed off on foot. It was a bit more than an hour to the gorge. Our route was challenging, but it took us through increasingly exotic, rugged scenery, with astonishing and often glorious views. 497 more words


The Kimberley's WA: Darwin to Lake Argyle

The Kimberley WA 2016

Map of the Kimberley region in NW Australia

About the Kimberley’s

It’s believed the first humans, or human like bipedsĀ arrived from the Asian side of the Torres Strait when the land separation between the respective land masses was much smaller – at about 100km or so about 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. 893 more words


The Kimberley is Burning!

The Kimberley is burning! A lightning strike on Ellenbrae Station in late September started the fire and it spread rapidly across 1.5 million hectares of land. 233 more words


Where Are We?

So where are we? We’re in the Kimberley, one of the last wildernesses in the world and one of the least populated areas anywhere. It’s right at the north-eastern end of Western Australia and its eastern edge is the border with the Northern Territory. 807 more words


Trip 3:Wednesday, August 30 Part 1

I awoke a few times during the night and, looking up at the stars and tree branches, I felt completely alone and removed from the world. 461 more words


Off We Go! Or how I spent my summer holidays July-August 2016

It’s 5am on a chilly winter’s morning in July. It’s still dark and we’re sitting in a hotel’s open-air restaurant trying to stuff as much breakfast into us before we set off. 777 more words