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Geiki Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Winjana Gorge (Photographs)

Next stop we were off to Fitzroy Crossing. Geiki Gorge was beautiful, but the official walking track was terrible… so we made our own tracks. Then we tested our 2wds on the Leopold Downs road – sand, corrugations, creek crossing – to see Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. 117 more words


Frankly, my dear, I don't Gibb a dam.

The Gibb River Road: An iconic 4WD conquest…

For the number of people travelling it and the amount of sealed sections the only reason you need a 4WD is so that you can explore the side roads. 288 more words

WeSternly (advise Fun)

Further afield - Darwin to Broome

The Kimberley or the one in which Jonty traveled over 2,000km overland through remote Australia, ran 46km at dawn, dusk and dark in the outback, camped under the stars, didn’t speak German, got lost, swam in idyllic pools at the end of palm tree filled gorges, has never been dirtier or smellier, and saw no snakes, mosquitoes or spiders, but plenty of giant fruit bats, crocodiles, bizarre trees and red earth. 2,177 more words


Mitchell Falls

At the beginning of this trip Master T and Master J would be lucky to make it through a 2km walk. By the time we got to Mitchell Falls however they were managing two 2.5-3km walks in a day. 161 more words


Hunting for rock art

We spent alot of time in the Kimberley searching for Aboriginal rock art. It’s not that the sites aren’t well advertised, more that when you show up at a site the track is not necessarily clear nor are the individual artworks sign posted – you have to find them, which is half the fun, particularly for the kids, young and old, coz who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt. 185 more words


One year on the road!!

At the beginning – Mt Feathertop, Bright

July 2015.- Larrawa Station

Well, we have been on the road for exactly 1 year now! 365 days of travelling, camping, house sitting, seeing the most amazing sights. 621 more words

El Questro Station

Our last stop on the Gibb River Road was El Questro Station but to get there we had to cross the Pentecost River – early in the dry season this is high river but when we arrived it was only about 40cm at the deepest – but given the crocodiles you do not want to have car troubles whilst crossing. 1,075 more words