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‘Get out of bed! Take photos!’

Gah. One thing that gets this idle person out of bed is the news hunt. He knows it always works. 480 more words


Some answers …

In historical order:

La Sala

I finally received a reply from the La Sala restaurant at the Sunborn floating hotel based at Ocean Village in Gibraltar regarding my review of a meal there at their request. 1,006 more words


Puerto Duquesa, Spain, 2012

What a place, Puerto Duquesa is south of Estepona in Spain, can only be described as one of the greatest hidden gems. Like Marbs, just more exclusive! 538 more words


Russian roulette

Not that it matters. Each scenario is the same. It depends who you are best mates with.

Yes, it’s general election time in Gibraltar.

Last time it was easy. 740 more words


Age cannot wither her

Age does indeed wither the beautiful red rose.

But so proudly she stands until the bitter last.

Unlike the subjects of Laurence Binyon’s poem:

For the Fallen…

618 more words

Customer service?

‘Hello’ I said, as the mobile rang. It was clearly Partner asking me whether I wanted two or three potatoes. Yes, I had sent him shopping again. 539 more words


Ups and downs

The end of summer hours and the return to autumn terms signifies a change in the year.

After 14 years of school and three at university, autumn has always meant a new start for me. 905 more words