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Are you going to Gibraltar Fair?

As a kid I loved fairs. We had one in our village every year after the maypole procession and there was also one at bonfire night for a few years. 1,088 more words



I am sad to say that our lovely big furry old dog is no longer with us.

Pippa went out yesterday morning, but during the day barely moved and struggled to get up. 308 more words


The birds (thanks Daphne, Alfred)

Seagulls are always protective when it comes round to this time of year and they’re raising their young.

Babies here, a few years ago in June. 1,128 more words


Gibraltar Summer Hours – a PSA

Summertime (cue music) and the summer hours are easy.

For those of you with failing memories, or the odd new reader, here are previous posts explaining summer hours: 275 more words


Royal Gibraltar Regiment

If it’s not the re-enactment society, it’s the real thing marching down Main Street on Saturday at 12 noon to change the guard, which they do four times a year. 272 more words


Semana Santa in review

Semana Santa is a big thing in Spain.

While Brits celebrate Easter from Good Friday to Easter Monday, apart from the civil service and the queen who start on Maundy Thursday and years back some public sector organisations took Tuesday too, in Spain it is a clear Sunday to Sunday of processions. 975 more words


It never rains …

The good ship WordPress churns out a lot of advice. Luckily I rarely follow advice. Not even my own.

One of WP’s gems on blogwriting is don’t apologise for not being around. 602 more words