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6 Common Facts for Acoustic Guitar That You Never Heard Of!

Here acoustic guitar is the world’s most played instrument so far. It is considered one of the most versatile musical instrument as well. Most of us, for a time being, may decide to take up playing guitar. 616 more words


Guitar Town

Waukesha is called (unofficially) Guitar Town.  Now…we do have several music-themed shops in the downtown area (teaching, repairing, selling instruments, and a brisk trade in old vinyl).   204 more words

Refretting a Gibson Les Paul Standard

Here we have Gibson Les Paul Standard with some fret issues. The biggest complaint was that the strings kept slipping off the side of the neck. 206 more words


Thoughts about My Li'l Wanna-Be Rockstar

As a mother to a growing and exploring 3 year old, I will do what I can to support what she needs and help her develop her skills in her line of interests.   215 more words

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The Flow


Rico Lamoureux

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Brandon and his three bandmates were baking, the hot ankle-high sand making it even more difficult to walk as they trekked through the vast open desert playing their instruments. 498 more words


That time I asked Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark what he liked so much about Gibsons

By Steve Newton

My nephew Jeff has been letting me borrow his Gibson Les Paul Standard for a while now, and, holy crap, is that one killer instrument! 136 more words

Guitar Heroes