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Summer Reading: On the Great Lakes and Gibson Guitars

The blog has been on hiatus for the summer. Most of the department faculty have been away on research trips or vacation, or buried deep in research. 529 more words


A Long and Winding Road (Gibson's Self-Tuning Guitar)

Begging the pardon of The Beatles and their single-swan-song, the last studio single released in the United States (peaking at #1), “The Long and Winding Road… 517 more words


How Blue Can You Get

Times continually passes on and takes some of our friends along with it as it goes.  Thursday,  that friend was the great BB King.  He was the ambassador and face of the blues for the last half century, a genial presence who crossed over into the mainstream yet maintained the same intensity and integrity as when he was carving out his legend in the 1950’s playing clubs across the country as he toured almost non-stop. 301 more words

Favorite Things

If I Leave Here Tomorrow Will You Still Remember Me?

As a lot of you know, in addition to being a cartoonist I’m also a musician. I’ve played in several bands and have performed solo acoustic shows. 140 more words

The Juno 2015 eOne/Gibson Guitar Party

I’ve been away for a while. I’m sorry. Now tell me that title didn’t catch your eye. It’s true, I was invited to the eONe… 320 more words


More threats from government regulations

In a recent Mises Institute article by D. Brady Nelson he discusses the “hidden tax” damage of government regulations. Mr. Nelson says they pose “a bigger threat to liberty, economy, and morality than other weapons of forceful government intervention: 769 more words

Bad And Excessive Laws