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Gibson CEO: The problem is retailers

Though many guitarists in the real world might cite a recent history sketchy quality control, preposterous list prices or an assortment of new models that just don’t pique interest, Gibson Guitars CEO and primary stockholder¬†Henry Juszkiewicz points instead to a crisis of retailers for the company’s recent, … 192 more words


A New Report Shows That The Legendary Gibson Guitar Company Is Facing 'Imminent Bankruptcy'

After over a century and almost $1 billion in revenues each year, the Gibson guitar company — the minds behind the iconic Les Paul and SG designs — are reportedly facing bankruptcy, as explained in a new report from the… 191 more words


The 5 Shades of Gibson Guitars

There are countless reasons, shared or not, to buy a new guitar, any guitar. But when we talk about a sacred monster like the Gibson Les Paul, the game becomes serious. 513 more words


Bluesfest Dreaming

Dreams can be the strangest source of inspiration in the way they connect the most illogical events and people to a message that you can take in any direction you like. 564 more words


Matt Umanov Guitars is Out Of Business


This is a Dam Shame !

Yes, we just lost another Great Greenwich Village , New York Institution today, Matt Umanov Guitar Shop on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. 126 more words

Gibson v Epiphone

This is a great comparison video showing the differences in a say a £250 guitar and a Gibson that would be out of reach for most new players at over £2500. 44 more words

Epiphone Guitars

KISStorian ranks ACE FREHLEY solo eclipses

ACE FREHLEY – 1978 — The crucible salvo that defined Ace’s sound for all of his future KISS & solo offerings and that served as the ‘shot over the bow’ that woke KISS fans to the fact that Ace was even cooler than we had thought ….if you don’t like “Rip It Out”, ‘What’s On Your Mind?” …I hope you suffer! 480 more words