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Subject: Movie Night

Dear R,

Going home wasn’t really a bad idea. That was what we’re meant to do because you asked to be hosted for a few days since you’re staying in the city. 808 more words



Is it love at first sight? No, it can’t be. I don’t believe in love at first sight; plus it was more of a matter of “irritation at first conversation”. 270 more words


I also made a start on my scrapbook Sam got me- I can’t wait to add to it from this weekend.

They used my photo!

This is small potatoes but I’m giddy none-the-less. Our church saw my photo and used it on their page -twice! And between the posts over 110 people liked it!


Flirting with Spring

I ran away
From work
Escaped when they
Weren’t looking
Drove away
As fast as I could
Chased after the sun
For once, it was… 50 more words


Next Time, Stop.

It takes two type of people to brave being humiliated. The first are confident, secure with a necessary dabble of arrogance. The other, well, they don’t even notice the laughs. 443 more words