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About A Boy

Never in a million years would it ever cross my mind that I would have the capacity to look at you in a way other than a friend. 391 more words


What Would I Give

So much frustration is on my mind right now. It honestly seems as if I’ve become one of those I’ve only read, or heard of before. 413 more words



Part Deux.

Muscles contract. My mind consciously relaxes each, one by one. This has been a practice since I was little – controlling my emotions, not through my face, but throughout my entire body. 425 more words

He Said Not, She Said Not

He was there and I was here
The feeling I had was nothing
It was just a giddy feeling
Nothing real or fancy

But the thought… 14 more words


Well my life is...

Hai World,

So I’m writting this in the back of a car on the way to my bank holiday so a little heads up there. (This was so long ago I’m sorry life’s been busy I think I’ll do a catch up blog soon). 269 more words


[Watch] Big Bang go 'Bang Bang Bang' in new MV!

Big Bang is back with a new track as promised, “Bang Bang Bang”! 73 more words