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When you're too excited to sleep...

So you’ve got this awesome idea. Thrilled and excited. Energy rushing through your system… at three in the morning. What do you do.

Get up. There’s no use in just lying there when you almost jump out of your skin with excitement. 168 more words

For The Good Days

On the quest to find „The giddy feeling“

My love,

Currently sitting in my apartment, drinking Pimms (unfortunately with Red Bull as our Ginger ale was empty – again I’m helplessly failing at being fancy). 926 more words


(dj) Variations of April / giddy glad (4.23)

Singing, sighing and sighing
Variations of April in any shape and size
An unthemed, theme

giddy glad
(solo renga)

cabbage butterfly,
gnats, wasp, carpenter bee share… 55 more words

American Japanese Style Poetry


emotions: guilty

giddiness: overtaking

self control: sliding

where once I moved so headstrong

now I obey your music

Colleen’s 2018 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 11 more words


When you geek-out on your awesome idea...

Express, share, use.

Use your awesomeness to think up a bunch of other cool stuff cause you’re like totally in the zone right now. Express your joy by grinning, squealing and jumping up and down. 16 more words

For The Good Days

When you feel giddy with excitement...

Excitement, while much more fun, has the same physical consequences as fear. So be mindful of things like energy drains and tense muscles. But other than that. 7 more words

For The Good Days

Me and Doug: A History

It’s funny.

When I first met Doug in person, it was the July 4th holiday last year.  Doug and I have been friends online for at least 2 years prior to meeting.  801 more words