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Day 31: BFFs

The only reason this one agreed to come back from holiday was on the understanding that he’d see his best buddies from school once we were home. 225 more words



i don’t ascribe to “the right person” theory
but i do believe people can “click.”

it feels so easy
i didnt ever know,
it could… 96 more words



When I see her message,
When I read her words,
When I know she’s smiling,
I’m giddy

It’s hard to miss
The way her laughter lights up the room… 218 more words


Giddy - A Haiku

Fast, dizzying love;

Hurt heart pulled and pushed around

From pillar to post.

Emma H, age 26, 31/07/2017 7 more words



Walk in someones shoes to know what its like. This holds true for so many aspects of life. I had heard of vertigo – described in different ways based on how the person experiencing it felt but nothing could have prepared me for how it actually felt. 349 more words

The Experiment: An Update

The truth is that as I’m catching up with my context for this blog, time keeps passing. The “Experiment” was actually initiated over two weeks ago now – it was what prompted me, finally, to start writing here – but it feels like I’ve barely participated in it. 327 more words

Sexless Marriage

Quite the Pair

We can be:
Brilliant and disgraceful,
A handful
Of stars that
Forgot how to

We can feel:
Giddy and vile,
A pile
Of embers that… 32 more words