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Sci fi short ‘Odessa’ takes home Grand Jury Prize at Gasparilla International Film Festival

You smell that in the air right? If not take another sniff (unless you are in Southern California then you may want to consider a gas mask) but yes our friends it’s festival season! 902 more words

Sci Fi

Giff Time

So for this project we needed to create a gift. I thought for a long time of what video or pictures to use and quite frankly I think this is the best video ever so its only fitting. 159 more words

This is Hannah... Hannah eats Pineapple

Hello everyone! This is my roommate Hannah.  This is a giff of her eating pineapple. Though this looks like a video, it’s not, it is actually 13 pictures of her that I took of her eating a pice of pineapple and I speed up the speed of the picture slide show. 105 more words

Public Relations

Make a GIFF assignment!

This assignment reminded me very much of a social media cite called Vine. Vine is like twitter or Instagram, where you post a picture, but instead of it being a picture or status, it is a video clip that sets itself on repeat. 141 more words

King's Gambit has been accepted to the Gasparilla International Film Festival!

King’s Gambit has been accepted to the Gasparilla International Film Festival!  We’re extremely excited to have our world premiere at such a fantastic film festival! 38 more words