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Sometimes this is all that is needed

I wrote a post that disappeared so lets try this again…

Recently a friend of mine received some devastating news. So in attempts to show her she’s loved, cared for, and has support I decided to make her a gift. 153 more words


Rising Temperatures


We have been having some really hot weather here lately. I have been less inclined to work on spinning projects because my hands end up getting sweaty with the heat and holding the wool, so it ends up sticking to my hands and not drafting properly. 376 more words


More mitts, done!

Today I finished my second pair of Silk Garden mitts.

Only that tiny bit of yarn was left. However, I’d cut out a section of gray/brown to keep them light and more on the red side. 73 more words

Bang Out a Quickie

This is a slightly difficult blog post to write today (which is partly why it is so late getting up). I am knitting something new and the pattern is really fun to knit, but the reason why I’m knitting it right now is not great, grand, or exciting. 490 more words


Play dough, FO

This afternoon, to distract the Wee Boy while big sister had a play date over (ever try keeping the little one away??? Tough job!!), we made some play dough. 207 more words

Doc determined sanity irrelevant

I’ve been dealing with some health concerns. (Who doesn’t these days?) One such concern caused the need for an MRI and nerve test in my spine and hands. 480 more words


Either very behind or very ahead

Knitter friends, how is your post-New Year knitting world taking shape? Have you been filled with the start-itis impulse to cast on everything you were holding off on before gift-knitting season took over? 423 more words