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Now with antlers

An Antler Hat is on the needles, in school bus yellow this time – but it’s turning out a little too small for the recipient I had in mind, so I’ll be making yet another (larger) one right after this is done. I really like this pattern.

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Smooth and connected without breaks in the tones.

We all need something to whip up quickly when we need a gift for someone (especially this time of year), but as a hand knitter I always hesitate when considering my knitting for a gift if I don’t really know how it will be received.  909 more words



Yesterday was a fiber day – the entire day was spent knitting, getting an impromptu spinning lesson, hanging out with knitterly pals, taking classes, drooling over the Signature needles, and shopping in the fiber market. 237 more words

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The stack of projects in the Finishing Pile was getting a tad tall, so I spent a little time weaving in ends and blocking a bunch of stuff. 108 more words

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Acrylic yarn? Ew. (I'm loving it.)

You’ve heard this story before – new knitter, doesn’t know what a decent yarn is, gets sucked in by the cheap, bright acrylic ones she sees at the shop and buys a bunch. 501 more words

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Twelve Weeks and Counting

Knitters everywhere are starting to think about the holidays! So many gifts to plan and buy yarn for and then to knit. So much fun! October 1st is exactly twelve weeks from when I need to be wrapping those gifts and putting them under the tree. 111 more words


The little things

After our four-day weekend in the woods, the Mr. and I had a crazy-busy week at work —- because we are also taking today off to head out of town again! 121 more words

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