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I’m sure this is a familiar tale. You finally manage to clear your needles of projects. Some made under a strict deadline, some lingering around in the background. 483 more words


FFN: Malabrigo Hat and Cardigan

While it’s not quite Friday, I do have a two finished objects to share, which is pretty exciting.

The first round of items created for the newest arrival to our extended family have been completed. 150 more words


john irving and about a few gifts

I guess you could say I’m a fan of John Irving’s novels. The “Cider house rules” was the first of his books that I read. The German title fascinated me and i was curious what was behind those book covers. 931 more words


A Clayoquot Hack

Well, the 2016 hackathon may be over, but I still love a good hack! While making a sweater for my Mum’s 60th birthday I decided to hack the… 529 more words


The Grand Hatting of 2016

So as I was contemplating Christmas late in November, I had the amazing idea to gift all of the adult members of my immediate family (who might wear one) with a hat this year.   157 more words


The Finishing Line: Christmas Knitting Pt 5

I won – This year I completed all my Christmas knitting in time and avoided having to wrap any half finished knitted gifts. What’s more I did so with an hour to spare! 806 more words

Knitting And Making


Operative codename: Kninernat

Mission: Knit secret Christmas present for the ‘target’, civilian boyfriend Jake.

Clearance: Seven to eight years knitting experience.

Deadline… 219 more words