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Totally Knitworthy

As I have probably mentioned, I don’t really knit for other people very much.  Most people either don’t really appreciate what goes into handknits, aren’t going to take care of them appropriately, or just don’t actually like knitted or handmade things.  283 more words


Knitting Series: Yarn Stash Part 2

Let’s talk about my yarn stash (again).

I last made one of these posts on March 30th, about a month ago. If you want to see the first part of my stash, you can go check out… 841 more words

Knitting Series: Yarn Review - Brenda and Heather Yarns

Let’s talk about self-striping Targhee Wool.

It’s time for another yarn review!

I recently finished knitting these socks for my dad for his birthday, and I thought I’d tell you about the yarn I used. 550 more words

Knitting Series: Yarn Stash Part 1

Let’s talk about my yarn stash.

So I thought it might be fun to run down all the yarn I have in my stash right now. 907 more words

Knitting Series: Gift Knitting

Let’s talk about knitting gifts for others.

Gift knitting can be a tricky subject among knitters. There are a number of considerations one makes before knitting a gift for a friend or family member, the primary one being this: 453 more words

Reflections on a Knitted Christmas Part 2, Girlfriends

The idea of knitting a Christmas gift for all of my close friends and family, brought me more joy than I had anticipated.  Unfortunately, as is so often the case when you’ve left yourself with very little time to achieve something, mistakes can be made. 1,038 more words


The Gift Knitting List

Hey all!

I hope January is treating everyone well.

I have a bunch of knitting requests for 2018.. and ideas for gifts for certain people… so I’m just popping on to post the list here so that I can keep track of it! 288 more words