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You're Not Crazy. You're Gifted.

You obsess over commas. You freak out at the mall. You rage at the sound of a leaf blower. It’s been four years and you still haven’t found the right color for your bedroom walls. 438 more words

Shift in Thinking

A few weeks ago, I nervously shared my TBP’s experience with a private Minecraft modding class.

Although the Internet was slow, the other participants were very new to modding, and the teachers didn’t allow any Minecraft play, we were somehow able to convince him to return.

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Faster or Deeper? Right-Sizing Challenge in the Math Classroom + 10 Great Math Sites

I often encounter this teacher’s dilemma when it comes to their highly capable math students. It doesn’t matter if the classes are “levelled” or if the curriculum includes “honors” and “regular” sections of math; this is the core tension that will emerge regardless of the school’s classroom structure: 802 more words

Teaching And Learning

Considering starting a Micro-school? You Need this Book.

*Links in this post direct you to the GHF Amazon Store. I don’t receive any compensation if you purchase through these links, but by doing so, you will support… 696 more words

Gifted Children

Pressure, Paralysis And Your Great Potential

Have people repeatedly accused you of not living up to your potential? Were you called an underachiever when your grades in school were not A’s? Are people shocked and disappointed that you didn’t become a Nobel prize winning neurosurgeon? 359 more words

Update on the formerly selectively mute daughter

She’s 12 now, my bright, spirited, formerly selectively mute child.  She was formally diagnosed in May of 2008 and I wrote about her journey here… 455 more words

Highly Sensitive Child

Notes on preschools and IEP accommodation for SM kids.

A short update:  My now 12 year old formerly SM child has 18 lines (18!) of dialogue in the school play she tried out for this year in middle school.  1,518 more words

Highly Sensitive Child