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Gifted Children's Rights & Responsibilities

The idea of a Bill of Rights for Gifted Children is nothing new. As early as 2000, various versions of such a statement have been around. 610 more words


Sensitivity and Gifted Children: The Mind That Floods With Feeling

Gifted children are often the most emotional and empathic toddlers in the room.  They are the kids who cry when the ASPCA runs those tearjerker commercials.   704 more words


For Gifted Kids And Their Teachers -- Strategies For Success

Maybe you are an enthusiastic, hungry learner. You have so many questions and so many answers; your drive to analyze and create is massive and never ending. 645 more words

Parenting the Gifted


I find myself extremely lucky to have three highly developed children with above average abilities in intelligence as well as motor skills and emotions. 1,007 more words


Background Noise: A Novel About Twice-Exceptionality

Something isn’t right with Jeremy…

I hear these words often. I also hear you are just being lazy. Or, you need to try harder. And you don’t care.  253 more words

Applying to Avondale Gifted Magnet Program

It’s that time! It’s the time that so many of us have been waiting for!

It is time to apply to the Avondale Gifted Magnet Program! 289 more words

Advanced And Gifted Education

Gifted: The Movie -- A Review of Sorts

I confess. I love sweet sentimental movies with happy endings. Call me crazy. Or old. But, hey. In today’s world? We all need some happy endings. 544 more words