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The Plight of the Gifted Child... and how this can lead to depression and anxiety

During the past week, I had the opportunity to participate in two panels on gifted students.  One involved a group of teachers and the other involved a group of parents.   613 more words

OT and Non-Disabled Gifted Children

I was asked to write another guest post for Therapro, the fantastic OT equipment and materials company that I have been using for clinic and home items for years.   203 more words


Educators: What To Do About The G Word (#Gifted)

You don’t have to use the G Word.

Even though, let’s face it, you use it for athletes, artists and your quirky Aunt Millie.

But you do have to recognize that gifted children exist in your school. 555 more words

Gifted Or Disordered? The Unrecognized Behavioral Traits of Young Gifted Children

Here is a short list of many common behavioral characteristics of gifted children:

  1. Spontaneous. 
  2. Boundless enthusiasm.
  3. Intense focus on passions.  
  4. Highly energetic.  This is the child who doesn’t seem to need as much sleep or downtime as peers.
  5. 816 more words

School life

White Class is for students in the lower secondary age phase

In White class, students build on and consolidate skills they have already learnt and discover new ones too! 34 more words

The Case of Being Black, Female and Human (Ep01)

Re: The Empowerment Starts Here Podcast


In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Walker. In it, she talks about the vocation to be human (as defined by Paulo Freire in the… 73 more words

The ESH Podcast