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Skills Program Day 50: I am too tired to formulate a cohesive thought. Ben playing Rock’em Sock’em Robots with friends. Some days seems so blissfully normal. 40 more words


House of Gold: Part 3

So I ended up publishing early again. Good job, me.

Breakfast was at nine thirty. In half an hour seventeen children would shower, brush their teeth, find their clothes in the cupboards, comb their hair, and seat themselves at the dining table on the second floor of the Dome. 1,678 more words


Kid! I'm Not Awake Yet!

I’m not a morning person; however, this fact isn’t relevant to my boy who wakes up before 7:00 am to talk to me about silicone. 555 more words


Friday. Again.

Skills Program Day 49 : The Center met with Ben’s school yesterday. I was sad that the psychologist who works with him was ill, but from all reports it was a successful meeting. 117 more words


The Ups and Downs of Growing Up Gifted

by Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle, authors of When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers

If you want to know what kids think and feel about growing up gifted, just ask them. 820 more words

FSP Author

Don't Forget the Music

Skills Day 48 – What an amazing day! The eighth graders at Ben’s school were participating in a Civil War reenactment. Midday I received a call from the Learning Services folks at Ben’s school asking if he could walk with them over to the park and watch. 530 more words


The Vestibular System

Skills Day 47 – Not the best day at Center. There is a boy there, about Ben’s age and twice his size who has called Ben an “idiot” in the past and who generally works at setting Ben off. 870 more words