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Sunday Randoms

Skills Program Day 23 : Zow. Tough day for everyone. But sometimes you need a little rain to clear the air.  I think that we are all feeling the stress of the return to school tomorrow. 308 more words


Spring Break

Skills Program Day 22: Ben seems stronger and lighter every day. Greeted me with a big, tight, full body hug this morning. He has mastered the pedals and is spending lots of time in the sunshine. 276 more words


A Thousand Words


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So. So proud of him today. A little practice and we’ll be off with the trainers. YEA!!!!! Little feet pushing and pulling and peddling. 134 more words


On the Road

Skills Problem Day 20- Posting quickly from the road. Just quick observations for now since I am using my phone :

Although we have not fully instituted the diet, It seems to be doing something. 48 more words


The Darkside of the Brightside

Skills Program Day 18 – Ben is tired from his sleep over last night. Since we still have a week before the diet eliminations take place, and since I have not been 100%, we went out for dinner. 591 more words


The Mental story of the Mental frieght train

I have three children.  20, 18 and nearly 16.

I stayed at home until the third started school in Prep, then I worked part time – until he was in year 9 at high school. 1,245 more words

The Cost (So far...)

Skills Program Day 17 – Spring Break/no school. The neighborhood boys are over today while mom works. Moms always think that it is an imposition to watch their Littles, but I am glad of it. 514 more words