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What is gifted anyway?

There I was, sitting across from the private school’s principal, conscious of the fact that I look more like a sixteen year old than a parent. 879 more words


Your Gifted Child: More Than An Amazing Intellect

The characteristic that convinces a parent that their child is gifted is often an impressive vocabulary or mathematical ability.  This is the criteria that will get them into the “G and T” program in school, and is often a source of pride for both parents and children.   564 more words


Canuck of the Day: Johnny Williams

Johnny Williams is hardly a household name in Canada. This Canuck of the Day is not someone who achieved fame or fortune, or put Canada on the map. 509 more words

Normality and Existential Crisis

There are times in life that you realize that you realize that you probably are not the genius that defines the era or a genius that contributes amazingly to one field or ( 522 more words

Young Adult

Raising a Gifted Child

Parents seem to unwittingly engage in a competition when they talk to their friends about their children.  Their pride can turn into a comparison on what their child can do better than another person’s child, and vice versa. 1,423 more words


How Occupational Therapy Can Help Gifted Children (And Their Exhausted Parents!)

Gifted children have abilities that make them more sensitive to their bodies, their world and the people in it.  They will have to deal with their sensitive natures throughout their lives, but giftedness in toddlers and preschoolers can make daily existence (and their parent’s job) a lot harder!   863 more words


If I'm So Smart, Why Do I Feel Like A Failure?

Was this you? You were told repeatedly that you were so smart; that you had a high IQ. You were the top student. Your parents and teachers praised you… 764 more words