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Should a Two Year Old Use a Workbook?

​Up until my oldest was two and a half I used educational children’s books which covered everything all the typical children’s books on the shelf today would cover… letters, numbers, shapes, etc. 1,213 more words


Why do Gifted People Need Therapy?

The most common question people ask when I tell them that I specialize in working with gifted, talented, and creative people is, “why do gifted people need therapy?” 816 more words

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The Making of a Writer: How to recognise the early signs.

The signs are not always immediately obvious but when it comes to the gifted child you can sometimes spot the cream the moment the little buggers put their heads round the classroom door. 548 more words

Who Do You Think You Are?

Sitting in front of me, this dynamo of a woman, a woman I felt honored to be talking to, who has accomplished so much I dream of doing, who glowed with an energy and brilliance that filled the air around her, said “When I was writing this book, sometimes I still heard that little voice asking ‘who do you think you are?'” 379 more words

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Decorator Crabs & Positive Disintegration

I could not stop the questions: Why have I chosen to believe in my beliefs? Why have I chosen to accept that I am the things I accept about myself and the world? 1,100 more words

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"10 Moments that Changed My Life" by Author Janie Franz

Please help me welcome author Janie Franz, who is sharing the moments that changed her life and her series, The Bowdancer Saga…

It was hard to pick just ten moments. 1,471 more words