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K-12 Homeschool and Independent Study Programs Now Available!

Since your twice-exceptional child has started school…

  • Are there meltdowns over homework or is your child bored and unchallenged?
  • Are you fighting to get your child’s needs met at school?
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How To Make A Dream Poster

Parenting gifted children is a challenge in many ways. But it is also exciting. Their intensities and passions are electrifying to be around. But sometimes our kids struggle with wrestling that excitement into a dream for their future. 349 more words


On Being That Weird Girl

Being called weird used to hurt.

A lot.

Kids call each other names all the time but sometimes a word sneaks through the armor and cuts you to the quick. 567 more words

Gifted Education

The Adapted Home

These past few months since attending the PG Retreat have been filled with emotional change for our family. After 3 years of trying to figure out what it was exactly that made our family so different, now we KNOW. 2,022 more words

Gifted Education

Anne D. Sterling

Occupation: not-for-profit developer
Born: Evanston, Illinois, August 24, 1938
BA in History, New York University, 1964
Writing instructor, BOCES program gifted children, Poughkeepsie Pub. 639 more words


Life Skills Monday

The homeschool year is progressing and the calendar is getting fuller by the day. As a family of four we are busy with many trips and events but we are also continuing our year of saying “no” to invitations. 1,372 more words

Gifted Education