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Gifted Recommended Resources

Gifted and twice-exceptional children are complex (and amazing!) and require modifications in teaching and parenting. Here are a few resources to help you understand your child’s unique characteristics and give you practical tools for supporting your child’s growth. 219 more words

Gifted Education

An open letter to Farrah Alexander

I was getting myself ready for bed tonight and I made the mistake of checking my Facebook feed one last time before turning out the lights. 1,415 more words

Gifted Education

The First Day Of School

As summer winds down and the hope of cooler weather and fall leaf-looking fills my heart I get the excitement of back-to-school planning in full. 1,045 more words

Gifted Education

Build on Strengths: Teaching the Twice-Exceptional (2e) Child

“Knowing that a person builds a happy and successful life not on remediated weaknesses but on developed strengths, I have learned to place those strengths at the top of what matters.” 580 more words


Parents and Teachers: Finding Common Ground

This week, we were joined at #gtchat by 3 educators of gifted children; Angie French, Heather Cachat, and Jeff Shoemaker. Angie is a GT Specialist for K-4 in Houston, Texas. 965 more words


Join Us! 3 Gifted Education Programs Available

Has the traditional education system become an obstacle
to your child’s learning?

If you are like most parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children, you have found that traditional education hinders your child’s learning. 824 more words