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Gifted Education on a Budget

In the current state of educational funding, gifted programs are often the first to be cut or at least curtailed. With that in mind, this week’s chat considered ways to continue programs using creative sources of funding. 725 more words



I’m supposed to be doing my homework. Homework I was supposed to do over winter vacation.

I’ve been working on it, but it’s time for a break. 182 more words


When Gifted Students Own Their Learning

Student ownership of learning is when a student becomes invested in his own learning; the realization that learning is of personal value to oneself. A student’s active involvement in their own education resulting from a desire to learn connotes student ownership of learning. 788 more words


Saving Our Boys

I grew up with a brother who has struggled with mental illness.

My parents must have looked at the boy who wet his pants in his third-grade classroom or hesitated to mix in with other shirtless boys who played soccer and thought something wasn’t right.   262 more words

Gifted Education

Summary of and comments on Laszlo Polgar's "Bring Up Genius!"

This summary is of the English translation of Laszlo Polgar’s “Bring Up Genius”, particularly the parts that have to do with pedagogy. I am not interested in Esperanto or whether if homeschooling is ethical, so I did not include those parts in the summary. 9,303 more words

Bring Up Genius

Gifted Students: Engagement is Key

I recently wrote a blog piece entitled, Are gifted students really an underserved population? and received some very positive feedback; several educators and former gifted/talented students reached out to me indicating that I had “hit the nail on the head” of the plight commonly faced by today’s advanced learners. 237 more words