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Rethinking Maths Struggles

Growing up I was ahead of the curve in many areas of my life and struggled terribly in others. I was years ahead in literacy but I also failed basic maths multiple times. 1,783 more words

Gifted Education

Review: Story of the World: Part I

Creating an education plan for my son has been painful. One of the things that makes gifted children so different from regular kids is their asynchronous development. 797 more words

Gifted Education

Inspiring Gifted Kids through Emerging Technologies

The emergence of new technologies has historically been a source of inspiration for generations of high-ability and gifted students. Today, however, it’s important to realize that development of these technologies is on an exponential trajectory; years, not decades. 699 more words


The "Normal Mom" Swan Song

A Swan Song: a person’s final public performance or professional activity before retirement.

This Mother’s Day I woke up feeling not very happy about having a day to celebrate motherhood. 1,185 more words

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Ability Grouping – Has Its Time Returned?

Students can and should be grouped to learn in a way that best meets their individual needs, and regrouped at reasonable intervals during their progression along a curricular continuum.

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A Visual Guide to Middle School IOAPA Courses

With the introduction of our middle school courses in Fall 2015, many students and teachers may still have questions about the types of courses offered by the Iowa Online AP Academy, who these classes might benefit, and how to select students who will be prepared for and challenged by online coursework. 105 more words

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There's No Why "Phase"

The “Why” phase for kids typically happens as language blossoms around age 3. New words are forming. Conversations are starting. It is a magical time… 608 more words

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