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Forbidden Island: A Game for Gifted Children

I recently purchased a new game called Forbidden Island by Gamewright that would be an excellent game for gifted children. Working as a team of 2-4 people, players move around a set of tiles that change every time the game is set up.   244 more words

Should Achievement Be the Sole Determinant for Inclusion in a Gifted Program?

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Inclusion of a particular student in a gifted program is often predicated on how the term ‘gifted’ is perceived by those determining entrance requirements.  815 more words

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Ten Tips for working with young gifted ELA learners

  1. Never assume a gifted learner “knows” how to do something or “can figure it out”. Gifted students are quick learners and frequently pick up new skills without the need for repetition.
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Why Gifted Students Can Benefit from SOI Assessment

There are many kinds of giftedness. One of the most common misconceptions about gifted individuals is that they will excel in all areas.

Some individuals who are highly academically gifted can be very average when it comes to creativity. 739 more words


One for all, or all for some? Re-examining the limitations of gifted education in the public school system.

I am a product of a supplemental “gifted education” curriculum in a public school system. Up until taking this curriculum course, I did not reflect deeply on what that actually meant not only to myself but to the larger system I belonged to. 780 more words

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What's Love Got to Do With It?

An early Valentine’s Day post. This is a subject that I’ve been thinking about for years but seldom speak about and have never (as far as I can remember) written about. 1,211 more words