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After a discussion on aerodynamics and circular motion, the Sprout kids made origami boomerangs!  Really hard work and so worth the end result.

The project was so hands on we didn’t grab our cameras to take pictures!   52 more words


This week we practiced our debating skills.  The Sprout kids were grouped in teams of 2-3 and they were given a topic to express which was better!   16 more words

An Open Letter to Ottawa Carleton Board Members: Keep your Outliers

(For those of you looking for one of my funny articles or blogs posts, you may want to skip this one. S’about to get real up in here.) 862 more words


Simple Machines

With Halloween on everybody’s mind, we took a look at simple machines and then used our knowledge of simple machines to figure out how we could trap and capture some of our favorite Halloween creatures: spiders and ghosts!   8 more words


K-12 Homeschool and Independent Study Programs Now Available!

Since your twice-exceptional child has started school…

  • Are there meltdowns over homework or is your child bored and unchallenged?
  • Are you fighting to get your child’s needs met at school?
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How To Make A Dream Poster

Parenting gifted children is a challenge in many ways. But it is also exciting. Their intensities and passions are electrifying to be around. But sometimes our kids struggle with wrestling that excitement into a dream for their future. 349 more words