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2014 - 2015 State of the States in Gifted Education

In collaboration¬†with the National Association for Gifted Children, Global #gtchat Powered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented debuted the new 2014 – 2015 State of the States (SOS) of Gifted Education report found… 788 more words


Taking a look at Differentiated Instruction

Much focus of this year’s work with the TAG program at Colo-NESCO has been really creating the groundwork and beginning steps to have a program mirroring the MTSS model. 1,286 more words

Forthcoming Essay

I have an essay to be published in the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal 2016. It will come out in February 2016. Details coming soon!

Gifted Education

Card "tricks" and self-regulation

I recently came across a website with a bunch of card games that are all about math, and yesterday, I pulled one of those games out to “play math” with my son. 630 more words

Looking for a "gifted" coach?

Did you know that emotional coaching is a highly effective way to reach gifted children? Not only that, but parent coaching can provide parents of gifted children with the insight they need to meet the needs of their gifted kiddos. 285 more words


Stuff Smart Kids Like: Silent Reading

Don’t you miss silent reading from elementary school?

It’s the middle of the day, you’re hungry and distracted, and your eyes are so glazed over from the lesson on state birds or whatever that you start hallucinating your eraser has a face and is arguing with your pencil over who’s more useful. 222 more words


What's a Free and "Appropriate" Education for Gifted kids?

One of the key provisions of Special Education law (both IDEA and Section 504) is the idea of FAPE, the right of each child to a Free and Appropriate Education. 1,368 more words