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Should gifted students be taught separately?

Written Sep 7, 2016

While all children are indeed gifts, and are gifted in their own way, not all children are academically gifted. Usually, schools provide specific criteria for admission to a gifted program – often, an IQ test is utilized as the initial screening. 326 more words


What is it like to raise an extremely gifted or brilliant child?

I’m talking about elite intelligence here. When did you first know they were gifted? What did you do to feed their curiosity and intelligence?

Written Sep 6, 2016… 588 more words


Which is better, skipping a grade or two and being average for that grade level versus being an advanced student in a lower grade level?

Written Sep 6, 2016

The Research

Students who are accelerated do extremely well academically after they skip. On achievement tests, bright accelerated students perform just as well as bright, older non-accelerated students.

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How Does School Culture Affect Gifted Students?

A school’s culture – particularly how it views gifted education – can have a profound effect on a gifted student. It is a concern for parents who are looking for an environment where their child will thrive academically as well as socially. 663 more words


Fifth Graders Take Over, Part II

Click here¬†for the next installment of “How We Took Over the World.”

Watch, enjoy, and leave a comment for these great kids.

Applying to Avondale Gifted Magnet Program

It’s that time! It’s the time that so many of us have been waiting for!

It is time to apply to the Avondale Gifted Magnet Program! 289 more words

Advanced And Gifted Education