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Residential Public High Schools for Gifted Students

There are many reasons a student might choose a residential public high school. These schools can provide students with a challenging curriculum at little to no cost to the student’s family. 1,225 more words


Important Theorists and Theories

While the definitions or requirements for being classified as “gifted” shift by theorist and by state, there are some beliefs which transcend state lines. In short, it generally is agreed that students who are gifted possess a high level of aptitude, achievement, creativity, and motivation which sets them within the top 90% or higher of their peers.  557 more words

Summer Reading for Gifted Kids & Adults

The good ol’ summertime … traditionally a time to relax and oftentimes – read. The benefits of summer reading are numerous. For gifted kids, summer reading  can be a way to relax; time to explore their passions. 571 more words


Gifted Children's Rights & Responsibilities

The idea of a Bill of Rights for Gifted Children is nothing new. As early as 2000, various versions of such a statement have been around. 610 more words


How to Recognize a Gifted Child

Recognizing giftedness in a child often depends on how one defines ‘gifted’ and whether you are considering it educationally or psychologically. Terms such as ‘precocious’ – having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual – or unusual qualities such as being hyper-attentive to adult conversations may signal giftedness. 540 more words


When School Isn't Working: Steps to working with your child's educators

It is very common for parents to discover associations like ABC Ontario at times when something is not working in their child’s school life. As a parent, you know your child’s needs best, and it is important to be perceptive to their needs and wants. 293 more words