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Ability Grouping – Has Its Time Returned?

Students can and should be grouped to learn in a way that best meets their individual needs, and regrouped at reasonable intervals during their progression along a curricular continuum.

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A Visual Guide to Middle School IOAPA Courses

With the introduction of our middle school courses in Fall 2015, many students and teachers may still have questions about the types of courses offered by the Iowa Online AP Academy, who these classes might benefit, and how to select students who will be prepared for and challenged by online coursework. 105 more words

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There's No Why "Phase"

The “Why” phase for kids typically happens as language blossoms around age 3. New words are forming. Conversations are starting. It is a magical time… 608 more words

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Unpopular Opinion: The Gifted Label Isn’t Important

I’m going to get into my canoe and hold onto the paddle tightly for this one. I can already feel the ire rising. I’ll try to explain before I run out of your patience and goodwill! 863 more words


So a Gifted Kid walks into a Garage Sale

I bought a violin over the weekend. $15 at a garage sale. The sound post is rattling around the body, the D string won’t tighten, the A string is just  993 more words

Homeschooling the asynchonous

What does asynchronous development look like in a gifted child? It can appear in a variety of ways. In our children it can be everything from reading while still in diapers to correcting the grammar of adults while still in the sippy cup age. 1,086 more words

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