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Two Words Every Parent Dreads: School Project

So, here it is. The God’s honest truth.  I hate school projects!  Not because the project itself is all that bad.  But, because of the transformation that takes place in my child when she is working on it!   769 more words


The Gifted Identification Process with Guest, Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

The gifted identification process has been a hot topic in gifted education for decades. Far too often it is mired in personal prejudices, politics, and misapplied theories about what constitutes a gifted student. 1,042 more words


Problem Based Learning for the Gifted Child


Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) in the classroom energizes teachers, sparks learning interest in gifted students, and creates a positive relationship between parents and community with educators. 625 more words


Gifted Education - Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy of Gifted Education

Marralee Spencer

September 27, 2013

Sissy, brain, big head, smarty pants, nerd, and geek are just some of the slurs that a gifted child can be called by other students and  by adults that come in contact with him/her.  1,295 more words


"Habits of Mind" Implemented into the Classroom

5 “Habits of Mind” that I’ve embedded  in the classroom:

  1. Listening to Others:  Currently my 6, 7, and 8th grade gifted students are working in groups to present at Model United Nations. 
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Case Study of a Gifted Child

Gifted:  Case Study/Ashley

Marralee Spencer

October 8, 2013


Ashley, an identified gifted student educated through the Gallipolis City School District, has enjoyed the elementary pull-out sessions with her Gifted Intervention Specialist, the AP classes, and the Model United Nations program offered at her schools.  1,278 more words


My Gifted Education Journey, pt 1

School hasn’t yet started for the year, but I thought I’d be good and do my home learning before our school-based PL next week.  Well, it was that or finishing the housework – so to the readings it was.   1,007 more words