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Creativity: Predictor of Career Success!

C is for Creativity (Part 2)

Consider the following:

  1. Society, technology, and careers are evolving at lightning speed.
  2. Schools are preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet.
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Gifted And Talented

You grew up gifted.

For those who follow me – you know that I write about a variety of my life experiences, especially around beauty, travel, fashion and my own struggles around anxiety. 619 more words


The less shiny side of my Asperger's

The word shiny is being used, in this instance, in the Firefly sense, by the way.

I have some Aspie qualities I would not trade for anything, but others that can be quite disabling. 616 more words


Laina Eartharcher reblogged this on Laina's Collection - sharing Aspergian/autistic writing and commented:

I nodded knowingly and giggled compassionately with this post!  It expresses in clear thought what I could previously only sense as a vague, wordless phenomenon.  Thank you so much for this 👏👏👏😘❤️

Our musically gifted child

When I was really young, I had a favorite song. “Red, Red Wine” by UB40. Not sure why it was that song. I just enjoyed the sound of it. 1,419 more words


A few TV shows I've been watching

Hi everyone or no one but hi. The last two posts have been about what’s happening in my life, and I did wake up to find a few trees fallen over. 419 more words

FILM: Young, Gifted, and Grinding

Filmmaker Ndrika Anyika just dropped the first episode of her docu-series feature ‘Young, Gifted and Grinding’ a docu-series that explore a number of topics in relation to Black British enterprise and entrepreneurs. 218 more words