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What Makes A Difference?

In think the majority of gifted individuals struggle with how they really can make a difference in their daily lives.

We all have our boundaries, but we still have that burning need within us and our children to make a difference. 78 more words


So…do you think your child is gifted?

Spring is in the air….and so are decisions regarding the appropriate placement of your child for the next school year.

You have noted that your child seems to have many gifted/ talented characteristics: an inquisitive mind; an advanced vocabulary and way of expressing her/himself; a critical way of thinking; an excellent memory; outstanding reasoning proficiency; high energy, alertness and eagerness; an understanding of abstract ideas and complex concepts; and s/he easily meets or exceeds classroom expectations. 472 more words


Interview With J.A. George, Author of Gifted!

Heya my lovely bibliophiles!

I’m back at it again with the wonderful Ms. J.A. George! Today we’ve got another exciting post in store for you–AN INTERVIEW!!! 1,118 more words


It's Time You Know The Truth About Your Child

I know you’ve been through a lot with your son and continue to struggle to understand.

I know you cringe inside every time someone wants to “talk to you about your child”. 1,549 more words

Atlas Ed- Rogue Educator

Guest Post With J.A. George, Author of Gifted!

Hello my lovely bibliophiles!

Today I’ve got something quite special for you! A guest post from J.A. George, author of Gifted!!! The guest post will be covering the interesting topic of “What was your favorite moment of writing  1,073 more words


Giftedness in the Media

Sadly, the portrayal of gifted individuals in popular media is not always correct or positive.  Rather, the media tends to reinforce stereotypes and send the message that the highly gifted are not normal.   1,216 more words

Beauty Faves: Truly Gifted

For the first beauty post, I wanted to talk a little about my all-time favorite product: Gifted mascara by Tarte

Now, I’m typically one of those women who refuses to leave the house without my makeup fully done. 677 more words