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When passions collide

The focus of An Intense Life this month is “Nurturing Gifted Kids’ Passions.” Well, if I wrote about that, I’d just say “allow all the tech into the house and shut the door,” and… 577 more words


The Gift of Stubbornness

Madison only does what inspires her, interests her or makes her happy. If she is forced to do something she doesn’t want to do she resembles her infant picture above. 384 more words


A Flight of a Lifetime

Today Madison had the opportunity to take a Young Eagles flight in a RV-4 airplane owned by Winn Harris.

When we arrived we were invited to tour the control tower at the Denton Enterprise Airport. 363 more words


Thank You So Much

Madison wanted to personally thank everyone who voted for her dog bowl. Voting goes on through the 23rd, but she’s been humbled by the votes she has gotten so far and wanted to express her gratitude.



Invisible Advocate

Gifted children (and adults) are often not understood by most people. It’s very similar to an invisible disability in a way, especially when the gifted one keeps it a secret as long as possible. 545 more words


Why it is Important to go to Professional Conferences

I love going to conferences. I love presenting at conferences. If you are like me these days away from the classroom, and being able to meet new people and hear some new topics is invigorating.   444 more words


Not about me?

I’m gifted.  At least, that’s what my folks were told back when I was in 5th grade.  So they put me in different school for a couple of years, which was really nice of them, since it meant mom had to carpool a few of us “gifted” kids to and fro.  499 more words

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