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Is your child gifted? Some things that helped me decide...

Is your child reaching milestones early? Are they talking constantly and with an advanced vocabulary for their age? Are they doing things that make you just drop your jaw in disbelief? 1,818 more words

Professing Christians

So I like to use other peoples photos as my profile picture on Whatsapp and I get asked why.
Let me just answer this question once and for all.
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Churchill/Hampstead/Gifted Triple Film Review

Churchill (Director: Joseph Teblitzky) 98 minutes, PG

Having been rather enamoured with Brian Cox’s (the Scottish Shakespearean not everyone’s friendly neighbourhood astrophysicist) turn in the trailer, I had high hopes for this latest study of our wartime leader. 712 more words



Frank Adler (Chris Evans, Captain America) is a single man raising his niece Mary (McKenna Grace) after the death of her mother. His plans to give Mary a normal life are thrown into disarray however when after her first day at school it becomes clear that she is a Maths prodigy. 639 more words


Priorities of the GCABC 2017-2018

The new GCABC board, elected in May 2017, has this far already had two board meetings, as well as created a preliminary work schedule for 2017-2018. 63 more words


Gifted Review

Well Packaged and Well Recieved

As a director, Marc Webb shines with down to Earth simple stories, about connectable people in relatable or diverse situations. In his 2009 classic ‘(500) Days of Summer’ he showed this with the challenges and set backs of a seemingly cheesy but ultimately adult and complex relationship. 682 more words

Pratt McGrubben Exposed!!!

Note! This post is a continuation of another post. Read the previous one first!

You see his smug smile, you see how well he lives. Despite the destruction of New Trismus, despite the disgusting blight roots growing through the buildings, this man, known as none other than Pratt McGrubben, is the spy we’ve been looking for! 218 more words