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Solo Path

Some people aren’t meant

For relationship ~ gifted

For simplified solitude


They walk solo path

Offer blessings to strangers ~

Disappear well-satisfied

© Azul, 2016


Looking for Gifted Programs in School District 62 in BC

As announced on the Events page, I am hosting a parent workshop on March 5th in School District 62.  As a result, I have been looking into what programs the district provides for students whose cognitive functioning exceeds the norm for their age peers: the so-called “gifted.” 192 more words


Sacrificing Busy

For over a year, I homeschooled while working full time. I was able to keep my schedule relatively stable, and with a little flexibility, homeschooling fit into the day. 1,182 more words



If I were the ocean,
rivers would run miles to attend me.

Had I a church bell’s articulation,
I could speak
and all the town would hear me. 68 more words


I Didn't Know Gifted Was a Thing

It’s interesting to me that giftedness seems to lay low, undercover. With estimates in the tens of millions, why is giftedness still such a term spoken in hushed whispers? 916 more words


The 5 Items You Need to Make a Kid Birthday Card

You know what really grinds my gears? (Thanks Family Guy for that one) I hate buying occasional cards for more than 4 dollars…and 3 dollars is even pushing it, but I’ll do a $3.89 card if in a pinch. 633 more words