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If it were harder...would it be easier?

Hey. It’s a bit early for me yet, but…I’ve realized why I’m hesitant to paint: it is truly creative work, and I don’t understand it. That is, I don’t understand how… 258 more words


Important Poetry

Once again, my students and I are composing poetry, this time based on Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book. It’s such a charming read, and both the kids and I love how Brown takes ordinary things in our lives and sees the poetry within. 95 more words

GT funding in TX on chopping blocks again.

The Texas Commission on Public School Finance has been meeting in Austin to study school finance and draft a recommendation for the Texas Legislature’s consideration in the 2019 legislative session. 280 more words

Trailers with Battle of the Sexes

A few days ago, we watched Battle of the Sexes on DVD.  Here are my thoughts on the trailers:

Step: We went to a screening of this movie before it was released. 52 more words


Classrooms with No Walls, Education with No Ceiling.

As parents one of our number one concerns is the development of our children. It seems there are so many options out there that finding the perfect school can seem daunting. 202 more words


Our Gifted Children

Well for today’s daily challenge the word is “prolific”. I wasn’t too sure of it’s meaning so of course I googled it. The definition states it is an adjective meaning producing offspring; plentiful or present in large quantities. 145 more words


Gifted Children and Technology

How are your gifted students using technology? Are they coding? Are they indulging in battles over Minecraft? Are they video editing, podcasting, or designing new ways of living in space or on the moon? 367 more words