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Sharing Success

Back in March I talked about the importance of celebrating High Flyers in education, and how we use our virtue of learning as a strong foundation for stretching our pupils’ abilities. 377 more words


Science High Flyers

Welcome to the new Bethany School High Flyers blog! To start things off, we have handed the reins over to Mr Thomas, Head of Science at Bethany, to share some of the work achieved by his keen scientists.   398 more words


The Gifted Sensor

For those who are digging into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the first time, the Sensing (S) and iNtuition (N) dichotomy is often the hardest to grasp.  2,019 more words


Sometimes you just have to jump in the water and be prepared to drown

This is something my youngest sister Lori believes in. I have an amazing group of siblings.  Three sisters and one brother (I’m stuck in the middle). 648 more words

Because everything you create has parts of you hidden in them

5 Goal-Setting Tips for Gifted Children

January brings a slew of goal setting articles, behaviors and strategies. For me, I few January as a chance to start anew. I review my mission statement and change or update it as needed. 611 more words


My batteries died again

Since my toddler has taken to my very old dying kodak, the batteries keep going fast and can’t afford rechargeable or lithium. It is ridiculous. The camera itself does not like to stay on and when I couldn’t get it turned on the other day, Abigale, who rarely speaks “let’s out this large NOOOOOOOOOOO” and her knees buckle. 274 more words