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Gifted Education and the Schools to Prison Pipeline

Don’t you love it when searching for an article leads you instead to another article even more thought provoking than the one you were looking for? 444 more words

Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling - The Fourth Week in February 2015

This week we experienced an ice and snow storm in Texas so Madison’s Homeschool class at the Perot Museum was canceled. It was a huge disappointment for her, but we got a lot of learning done, so it ended up working out.We happened to check out the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin from the library and it was perfect timing to read it. 754 more words


Eight Steps to Ease Homeschool Math Anxiety and Increase Confidence

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Math anxiety. I’ve had it most of my life. Even when we first talked about homeschooling, it was only the idea of math that made me feel queasy looking toward the future. 3,055 more words

Homegrown Kids

Slay the Stay-Put Beast: Thoughts on Acceleration

I rarely write about my now-grown children in blog entries, but this month, it’s SO tempting! But alas, because all three of their accelerated hearts adore privacy, I’ll remain mum. 1,570 more words

The Misdiagnosis of Giftedness, ADD & ADHD

I am very saddened this evening. I have officially heard from too many parents that either they have had a teacher suggest that their gifted child has ADD or ADHD or that their Pediatrician has referred a child to a Psychiatrist that does not have training on the characteristic traits of a gifted child and has diagnosed them. 343 more words


February Discovery Days at the Perot Museum

Madison’s favorite place to visit (aside from Disney World) is our local Science Museum, the Perot. Each month they feature Discovery Days on the second Saturday of the month where families discover the fun of science together. 440 more words


Ask the grumpies: Best school environments for gifted children?

Sarah asks:

What does the research say about the best school environment for gifted children?  We are looking at kindergarten options for the 2015-2016 school year for our child and I cannot find any conclusive research about what would be best for him – we feel paralyzed.

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