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Release me

Intelligent.Genius.’You’re gonna be something someday’ I’d hear. ‘You’re gonna be what this world lacks and needs’. Beautiful.Kind.’ You’ve changed my life’.  

These words that seem like compliments tossed me around like a crumpled up paper in the October wind. 464 more words

Personal Blues

Everyone, And No One, Is Alone

Last week I went with friends to see the movie “Into The Woods” at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Afterwards, as we walked from our cars into a restaurant for dinner, one friend began making up her own silly lyrics to “No One Is Alone” a song from the musical. 1,346 more words

Defining Myself

One of the March writing prompts on the SITS Girls site is “what defines you?”. I could write an essay on this, and in fact, in 2002, I did this in response to the “defining yourself” prompt on a disability website I visited at the time. 615 more words


Looking from the outside

I am forgetful about a lot of things. But not words. I can remember other people’s exact words and even the feelings with it when I want to. 308 more words


Your Giftedness Signs

You have shown yourself and your gifts to me openly even when you were a toddler. No doubt that you are bright, you have to be. 579 more words


Echoes of a Life that Might have Been

Take your Bibles and turn with me to…

In my last year of high school my parents arranged for me to have a tour of what was then called Ontario Bible College. 713 more words


Why Blog?

The end of this month marks two years since I first posted on this blog. It was a very spontaneous decision to even start A Good Crisis, 793 more words