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Paul Auster's Fanshawe

In the last book of his New York Trilogy, the story revolves around a mysterious character called Fanshawe. The way that Fanshawe is described is captivating, and there are a few things that he does which eerily resonates with my own life… 2,865 more words


my experience of giftedness (1) - moved to tell my story

Giftedness saved my life ~ 

Understanding giftedness, the norms of the gifted experience and the fact that I belonged to such a category of people – it saved my life. 992 more words


How Distance Running Prepared me for Parenting a Twice-Exceptional Child

Parent perspectives by Nikki C.

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t imagine anything would compare to the experience of running my first marathon. 2,089 more words

Parent Perspectives

A duty, nay, a privilege

I have a friend whose baby was born around the same time as D. Back then she didn’t have a car so when I drove into downtown to go to Whole Foods, she would go with me and stock up on the things our neighborhood stores didn’t carry. 1,059 more words


It’s Time to Harness the Power of Your Individuality

Back in 2014 I wrote an article where I talked about the fact that it takes more than passion to succeed. Cal Newport, Ph.D., a 30 something year-old and assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University says “Follow your passion is an appealing command because it’s both simple and daring. 762 more words

2. Know Yourself

My Brief Perception on Islamisation in the Study of Giftedness (2)

My Brief Perception on Islamisation in the Study of Giftedness (2).

In my previous writing (1), I wrote about the empty vacuum of resources on giftedness that was left behind by “students” of human development studies in Malaysia. 405 more words

Bagaimana Saya Menilai (How I See)

Just Like... Me!?

This past fall we made the decision to let go of our Unschooling ways in favor for a more structured Charlotte Mason routine and now, half a year later, I am taking a second look at our decision. 920 more words