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Moving Forward: Faith and the Arts

I’ve been pretty lax about posting for the past half-year. After unloading my first armful of vignettes, publishing drew my attention, and I have since been more interested in submitting than posting. 271 more words


Stigma of Giftedness

A social stigma is a discrediting stereotype placed on individuals with attributes that deviates from norm; exactly what often happens to children identified as gifted. They figure out quite quickly that they will be treated differently by adults; sometimes with unfair expectations. 640 more words


All Along the Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix and the Search for Diverse Gifted Learners

by Ben Koch

The recent death of Prince has prompted us here at The Fissure to think about giftedness in celebrities, particularly in the arts.  In this era of selfies and news scandals, we sometimes equate celebrity with a shallow narcissism, and we can forget that many highly successful artists and performers reach the pinnacle of their craft as a result of extraordinary ability and resilience. 2,271 more words

Ed Research And Trends

The heart and hearth of things

a writing retreat

Fourteen quietly beating hearts – each possessed of a lifetime’s strength and quiet perseverance. How can we not love the courage that mines and ferries the marvellous and extraordinary giftedness that gathers around the reaching, scented, aspiring tree of life? 115 more words

my experience of giftedness (2)

On the importance of understanding giftedness as an experience, not (just) a measure of intelligence.

There is that standard stereotype of an inward-looking genius, socially awkward and unadjusted to society. 1,264 more words


Paul Auster's Fanshawe

In the last book of his New York Trilogy, the story revolves around a mysterious character called Fanshawe. The way that Fanshawe is described is captivating, and there are a few things that he does which resonates with my own life in little ways.. 2,864 more words


my experience of giftedness (1) - moved to tell my story

Giftedness saved my life ~ 

Understanding giftedness, the norms of the gifted experience and the fact that I belonged to such a category of people – it saved my life. 992 more words