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Is this a breakdown?

I keep wondering if this is what we’ll someday call a breakdown.

Someday maybe we will tell this story by saying that Lei kept having really hard years at school, that we kept trying new things, new interventions, new schools, but we couldn’t seem to find the right fit. 901 more words


faithfulness (not giftedness) is what matters

Gifts are good and this post is not to downgrade them or deny the blessing they are. And of course all goodness comes from God; any good any of us can do is from the gift of God in creation or new creation. 481 more words

You Can Be Anything You Want to Be ... Or Not

There is a fascinating book dedicated to the idea that each person is uniquely gifted to accomplish what God wants that person to do. The book is entitled, … 247 more words

Scriptural Perspective

A practice test...

Call me crazy, but I’m registering for Dai Bee to take the SAT this winter. It is not uncommon for 7th graders take SAT. This was recommended by his 3rd grade teacher a couple of years ago. 51 more words


Advice for your Sensitive Soul

You will never be normal.

And this is good.

You have too much compassion. Too much awareness. Too much curiosity. Too much emotion. Too much… 222 more words


Have you ever had so much to say, and it all attempts to leave your mouth at once, and then you feel this choking muffled silence that makes your head throb in order not to word vomit…. 520 more words

A truthful Tuesday...

When I share with parents my boys’ development, many are very impressed followed by remarks like “you are so lucky,” or questions like “how do you do that?” or even as hideous as “your kids are naturally bright, you don’t need to do anything.” Well, my friends, I am lucky, yes, I know. 289 more words