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Research: Using Bibliotherapy with Gifted Children

In an article entitled, Using Bibliotherapy with Gifted Children, Mary M. Frasier and Carolyn McGannon examine the way to use books as therapy in a gifted class setting. 414 more words


Gifted Education: Advocating

One thing parents of gifted children learn, and very quickly, is that you have to be an advocate for them; you advocate for their education, their emotional needs, and sometimes, their health. 104 more words


Gifted Education: Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a trait strong in certain gifted students. Something that begins as a desire to do well can turn into crippling fear of inadequate performance, testing anxiety, or delayed abilities due to fear of being able to do it perfectly. 125 more words


Gifted Education: What Are Overexcitabilites?

I have lovely children. They are also intense, and my daughter especially, sensitive. At first I wondered if it was a phase they were going through, but as they have migrated from one age to another, the intensity, the focus, the tactile sensitivity and emotional ups and downs have remained. 279 more words


How a librarian changed my life: Wil Wheaton

“If you’re a librarian today, you probably don’t hear this very often, but thank you. Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives.” ~Wil Wheaton, Mensa annual meeting, July 2016…

545 more words

Gifted Education: Early Childhood Books

Beginning gifted education in the early years is very important. If this is possible, teachers and parents can help developing toddlers and adolescents through these sometimes difficult and frustrating phases of their lives. 95 more words


Existential Depression in Gifted adults

Existential depression is a topic I would like to write about today, as it might be useful to some of you who might be feeling depressed and don’t know why. 657 more words