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Negative Attitudes Toward Giftedness and the Academic Reaction to Donald Trump

We are enamored with the idea of genius and admire those who stand out, who create new things to make our lives richer and easier. We love their creativity and their contributions to society, yet all too often we do not love their unique and intense natures.

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Giftedness and Asperger.

The last video for the Huerta del Rey Center has been released! Check it out!


Outliers & The Gifted

If you’ve ever taken a statistics course, you’ve been warned about these. Outliers can throw your data off. ┬áIf you’ve ever looked at a bell curve, you’ve seen a graphical representation of these – data points at either of the far ends of the scale. 587 more words


Facts & Stats about gifted students in BC

I had a conversation with someone in the field of gifted education the other day. She told me the following stats and facts about the situation for gifted students in British Columbia: 240 more words


Circle of Trust

There’s a great ironic span of realizations that accompany having a profoundly gifted child- not the least of which is a shrinkage in your circle of trust. 381 more words


Gifted vs. high-achieving

by S&M

“Giftedness” does not mean “likely to come out ahead in any competition”. Gifted children often are non-neurotypical in other ways as well, in ways that make learning in standard classrooms difficult. 28 more words

On Giftedness, Pat Benetar, and Sherpas

Where do we begin? Can I be honest with you and lay it all out? Will you withhold your judgement, your cynicism, your criticism about socialization, and tiger parents, and giftedness? 489 more words