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For The University Student Looking for a Window into the Next Chapter

Today I met with a woman who told me that her son started sending out resumés when he was only in his first year of a four year university program. 623 more words


Part 4 of 8.. The plot twist... we like them in movies but what about real life?

Proverbs 6:18a… God detests a heart that plots evil… This one is very much like the warning that preceded it.. Remember? Hands that kill the innocent.. 375 more words

Time For Action

Church Government

One of the ways that different churches show the most diversity is in church government. A congregation has to have some form of leadership and decision making, so avoiding the concept altogether is not a viable option. 500 more words


Being gifted; personal experience

This blog was extremely difficult to write as it’s so deeply personal and I’ve never really talked about it with anyone. However, this is the only example that I really have, that will explain why being gifted is not “a luxury problem”. 667 more words


White noise

I went and saw A Brilliant Young Mind tonight; I have to say it was beautiful and I am so happy this film was made. I might do a formal review on my other blog, but I wanted to say something more personal about this one. 135 more words


Let them Be the child!.... 

As a parent when I got to know that my child could be gifted, I had mixed emotions!! I went on an overdrive, and I zealously scanned the Internet for books and blogs to read….. 407 more words

Being gifted; not a problem

Today I want to talk about giftedness, because I am gifted and it is my opinion that the world doesn’t pay enough attention to what it means. 733 more words