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Stand tall, my poppy

Often times, you will read or hear people refer to gifted children as “poppies.” Why is that? Where did the term come from?

The story goes that there was once a general who had just conquered a new territory. 892 more words

Is your child gifted? Some things that helped me decide...

Is your child reaching milestones early? Are they talking constantly and with an advanced vocabulary for their age? Are they doing things that make you just drop your jaw in disbelief? 1,828 more words

Priorities of the GCABC 2017-2018

The new GCABC board, elected in May 2017, has this far already had two board meetings, as well as created a preliminary work schedule for 2017-2018. 63 more words


Personal Traits in the Gifted

Are you gifted?

Many people wonder if they are, some because they took an IQ test that didn’t seem to reflect how intelligent they feel they are, some because they never had access to a professional IQ test. 1,592 more words


Mind's Diversity

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”–Albert Einstein… 1,942 more words


From Scary Mommy: "7 Things I Want You to Know About My Gifted Kid"

by Maureen McDermid

As parents, not only do we find ourselves on a steep learning curve about our children, but we find we need to help others understand their delights and quirks.  87 more words


A Brief History of a Pivotal Year

This has been a year of duality- its been both fantastic and ravaging. The ravaging aspect comes in the form of longer work hours, both for me and my child, greater educational challenge, increased responsibilities for musical commitments, and less downtime. 470 more words