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My story

I’m intense and eccentric because my perception of things is something I’ve built out of deduction, experiments, intuition. My energy has always been akin to a whiplash ; I make people driving on the fast lane slam their brakes real hard. 706 more words


Simply Opening Your Gift is Not Enough

Brad and I graduated university on Wednesday; got married on Sunday; honeymooned; and then moved from New York to California, where Brad started working as a petroleum engineer.  438 more words


Book recommendation: "Mythos Begabung" ("The Myth of Giftedness") by Ulrike Stedtnitz

I’d like to write a review for this book, even if it’s currently available only in German. I found it a compact yet deep analysis about the perception of… 375 more words


Empowering the Abstract-Intensive Child—and Her Future Adult

When I was about ten years old, I got in trouble with a friend’s parent for something that now, twenty five years later, still cranks up my blood pressure as I reflect on it with the perspective of an adult.  1,726 more words


Ease Your Load by Empowering Others

Jackie loves to invite people to the meetings for teen moms.  Whenever I called to ask if she was able to come, she always responded, “Yes, Miss, and what car are you bringing?”  Then she would invite enough people to fill the car; I insisted there not be more than one person per seat belt.  507 more words


Private School Breakdown for Springfield, MO

Alright, so my kids go to public school. Ha!

But we’re always looking at options for the future, taking it one year at a time based upon their needs. 3,038 more words

Gifted Child

A Fool's Errand - Sermon on Mark 1:9-15

February 18, 2018 Lent 1B
Watch a video of this sermon here. 

What kind of fool are you? Over the next several weeks, as we mark the season of Lent, we’re going to be looking at the foolishness of God that puts human wisdom to shame. 2,450 more words