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How Homeschooling Helped My Gifted Child

By Suji Rajagopal

A few years ago, another parent and I were waiting for our kids to finish a swim lesson when he asked what school my child goes to. 1,120 more words



There have been many an argument over spiritual gifts. What they are. What they aren’t. Who gets them? The list is endless. So much of life can be boiled down to the K.I.S.S. 150 more words

A beginner composer...

Currently happening now: working a piece for string quartet. Though this is not his first composition, it’s his first for string instruments. He doesn’t know what a special gift he has!


Why I Am A Big Fan of Michael Jackson

Newsflash about Michael Jackson’s supposed concert in London showed MJ stating it would be his final performance. I was eleven years old then, watching from the television with disinterested stare. 884 more words


Why I'm Happy I'm Not Gifted After All

In 1999, I had a psychologcal evaluation done. Included in it was the verbal part of the Wechsler IQ test for children (WISC). The performance part can’t be administered because I’m blind. 743 more words


Tuesday's Slice of Life Are Slices of Life

There is much I could write about today for my slice of life post and the supportive writing community of two writing teachers blog. 752 more words

Education Today

Comfort Levels

It is fascinating how people differ so much in their comfort levels doing different. Some people are right at home on stage. Some would rather drink poison. 205 more words