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happiness quite unshared

For the longest time, I’ve tried to adapt to the lack of human connection I’ve had while living in Florida. And for the longest time, I thought it was my “fault.” 3,407 more words


NYC Public Elementary School Choices

New York City offers a vast range of elementary school choices, which ultimately may be a good thing, but many Australian parents find this overwhelming.  In this post, we look at the choices available for elementary schools within the NYC public school system. 1,068 more words

Living In New York

No Misfits Here

So there I was, watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” yet again — as I have nearly every Christmas season except for that of its premiere (I wasn’t born yet), when it occurred to me (as it always does) that there are some serious flaws in the storytelling…most glaringly, with the subplot about the Island of Misfit Toys. 388 more words

Life Lessons

Giftedness: Do We Need the Label or Not?

Recently, I have been bothered by some emails I received from Dr. Jo Boaler who is a Math Professor at Stanford University in California and founder of… 891 more words

Education Today

A Message from New Zealand...

Back from NAGC in Charlotte, and intending to post a blog about the final panel of this year’s convention, I am instead sharing what Rosemary Cathcart (the newest member of the Columbus Group, whose Reach Education online course won an award this year from NAGC’s Professional Development Network–and who flew from the other side of the world to receive it) posted in NZ yesterday. 846 more words


Gifted Students & Education

The Mission to Serve Gifted Learners

As the increasing demand for higher education continues to progress throughout the United States, many schools are unprepared to meet the advanced needs of gifted learners. 1,411 more words

Advocating For Gifted Programs

For some people, love is the only refuge.

It’s a really bad idea to fall in love with someone you’ll never know.

Usually, people like me don’t write about how they feel because they fear judgement. 1,314 more words