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When We Don’t Cultivate Our Most Gifted Students

When I was in primary school it was recognized that I finished my schoolwork quickly. The school was well prepared for high achievers, and once a week a small group of us would be shipped off to a special class to challenge our minds. 945 more words


Violet Has Multiple Personalities,Thurs. 9:20am

They don’t know i exist yet. But that’s ok. They will know i exist. And i will make them love me. Even though i feel evil and dark and gritty and ugly on the inside, that’s apparently not how i look, so i can fool them. 1,724 more words

The Ghosts of Giftedness

Who are the ghosts of giftedness? Why are they invisible? What are the problems caused by the under-representation of certain groups in our society? Why are they disadvantaged? 2,550 more words


What is gifted anyway?

There I was, sitting across from the private school’s principal, conscious of the fact that I look more like a sixteen year old than a parent. 855 more words


Little ears are listening

Maybe we bumped into each other at the grocery store and haven’t seen each other in years. Maybe we’ve never met, but you’ve overheard my kiddo say something kinda enormous for a kid his size, and you want to share your admiration and excitement with me. 2,178 more words


How schools make giftedness a problem of the "elite"

A lot of people argue that gifted education is elitist.

“All children are gifted.”

“You should care more about your child being kind than being gifted.” 2,440 more words


Evangelical Egalitarians, Married Bachelors and Other Impossible Things


Gloria (Secular Feminist)

Sarah (Evangelical Egalitarian)

Abraham (Neo-Patriarch)

Moderator (Neutral)

Moderator: It’s hard to believe that this is our tenth session in our dialogue on the relationship between men and women in society, church and family. 1,721 more words