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Labelling Children - The Good and the Bad


Learning Difficulties




These are all groups we place our students into or labels we give them. It’s not just teachers and educators who do this, it’s also parents/carers, schools, politicians, doctors, counsellors, and society in general. 411 more words

Teaching Ideas

A Truthful Tuesday: putting a good fight...

Last week, Dai Bee shared with us an incident in his math class. After 7 days of school, his teacher pulled him aside and asked him if he had taken her class before. 518 more words


Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up

I can always tell when someone is passionate about an idea, a project…whatever they’re talking about.

Their eyes light up. Their posture changes ever so slightly as if to straighten themselves out to deliver their truth. 260 more words

2. Know Yourself

Let the tiger out: Validating my daughter's anger

Last night Lei and I happened upon Elahe Bos’ blog, Plant Love Grow. We were loving the artwork and the creative approaches to social emotional development when we stumbled on… 1,047 more words


Would you Rather......

I think we all know of the book resource “would you Rather…” if not it is a book that youth leaders can use as discussion starters. 485 more words

Time For Action

Definitions and Conceptions of Giftedness Essential Readings in Gifted

Characteristics of gifted children are numerous. Not every gifted child will necessarily exhibit the same traits. The following is a list of characteristics that are often seen in gifted children. 265 more words

Better Clever than Brilliant

It isn’t the brilliant people that get the best results,
It’s the clever people that do.
Brilliant, is what we are;
Clever, is what we do that is wise. 134 more words