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Remember how blessed you are... And... Smile!

One of my main motivational pillars is giftedness.

And I believe that every single person on this planet has been blessed with a great many gifts, starting with the gift of life! 227 more words

A math program...

MathCounts is a nationwide middle school mathematics competition. So happens that Dai Bee’s school offers this club after school. Recently, the students were given a test to qualify themselves in the upcoming competition (which I had no idea). 51 more words


“What’s Your Motivation?” Pursuing Excellence without Pride

My over-achieving, first-born, all-honors 6th-grader made a ‘B’ in math, and she didn’t like it. (Not bragging, just trying to give you a picture of the situation.) I was not upset. 1,207 more words


Why Does the Gifted Testing Process Take So Long?

“I just wasn’t willing to wait all year for the school to do the testing.” This is the sentiment so many parents express when reaching out to me to test their children for giftedness. 1,030 more words

Problem Based Learning for the Gifted Child


Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) in the classroom energizes teachers, sparks learning interest in gifted students, and creates a positive relationship between parents and community with educators. 625 more words


Gifted Education - Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy of Gifted Education

Marralee Spencer

September 27, 2013

Sissy, brain, big head, smarty pants, nerd, and geek are just some of the slurs that a gifted child can be called by other students and  by adults that come in contact with him/her.  1,295 more words


"Habits of Mind" Implemented into the Classroom

5 “Habits of Mind” that I’ve embedded  in the classroom:

  1. Listening to Others:  Currently my 6, 7, and 8th grade gifted students are working in groups to present at Model United Nations. 
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