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That Deaf DJ

Robbie Wilde, known as “That Deaf DJ,” who was in charge of the turn table for New York Fashion Week and Sundance Festival, sees and feels music, instead of hearing it. 999 more words

Blind Gymnast's leap of faith

If she can do gymnastic being legally blind, you have no excuse to play badly on your instrument with your eyes wide open!

Watch this video: … 8 more words

PIANIST fought death, relearned the skills, teaching at the best institutions: MENG-CHIEH LIU

Fought a disease that totally ruined his body and almost took his life, had to relearn the skills from the very beginning all over again, this pianist is right now teaching at the most prestigious music institution, traveling around the globe playing first-class concerts. 18 more words

super star PERCUSSIONIST who can't hear: EVELYN GLENNIE

She may be deaf,
but she can magically make sounds on the instruments
that none of us could ever dream of!

Find out who she is… 14 more words

The Measure You Give

Today in the life of the church we celebrate Clement, Bishop of Rome.  Although early histories disagree about the actual order of things, Clement was one of the first bishops of Rome, (scholarship thinks he was actually the fourth Bishop of Rome) being consecrated by St. 524 more words

The Rev. Matthew R. Hanisian