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Water 2

Rain Stick

The bruja turns her rain stick upside down.
Rain drops patter one by one,
then fall , faster and faster
until her bamboo sky… 217 more words


Love is all around! 

I was very lucky to receive some amazing gifts and cards from my colleagues, students, parents and friends as I went back to work, I even got a mention in the staff memo!


I received some nice gifts in the post!

The first was from a local artist who has created a heART project where she is sending out hearts to people around the world every day for a year. 19 more words

Perfect Gifts for Tea Lovers

Like our Coffee Lovers Gifts post, Tea Lovers are also super easy to buy for! Here are my 10 favorites, the first on this list being a must buy! 43 more words


(Modern) Baral Gifts Storm Primer

My name is Mike Thomas.  I have been playing magic competitively since Fate Reforged, grinding tournaments in the Oklahoma area with mild success. I started, as many grinders do, in Standard and I saw my first glimpse of success in Dragons of Tarkir with an Esper Dragons list at the SCG Open level with a Day 1 finish of 5-4.   1,910 more words



Vallejo Bookstore
The cutest bookstore in Vallejo
The only bookstore in Vallejo
Books by local authors
Handmade cards and gifts
Slow down and come visit 
A Mom and Pop place!

Diana Tenes