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Think About A Fashionable Luxury Watch Gift For Your Father

Mother’s Day is one day that is aside for folks to show Mom exactly how much we love, care and appreciate his / her. There’s probably an individual on earth that has given you such support, devotion and unconditional love. 511 more words


How To Use Rel Canonical So That A Money Site Ranks Above A Google Site?

In episode 136 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to use rel canonical to make a money site rank above a Google site. 47 more words

Culinary Gifts

Highly Sensitive

I’ve been reading some HSP blogs and have had this issue come up for myself in my own meditations, etc.

We need to become more aggressive in our setting of boundaries and the way we deal with the world at large.   296 more words

My LIfe


You may not want to name any of your children after him*, but there’s a man mentioned in the book of Philippians, named Epaphroditus.  We don’t know a lot about him, but what we do know might give us some ideas how to serve others. 638 more words


Delivering love, unconditionally

I’ve always had a theory that one reason why teenage girls get pregnant in the face of financial insecurity and the impact on life prospects is in order to secure the unconditional love of another human being – presumably because it is so hard to come by in their lives. 90 more words



This time three years ago, I was in Krakow in Poland with my, then 19 year old son as a birthday present to him.

I like to give gifts of travel because travel broadens your outlook on life and helps you connect with the world, so now my children are grown up it tends to be holidays I give them as gifts. 29 more words


How To Invent The Most Effective Gift Ideas

As early as January, the try to find the best venue for the perfect Valentine’s Date l begins. Lovers of all ages search for your ultimate place where soothing mood within the February night heightens of the season of love. 557 more words