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A Hymn To Democracy: Fantastic Four vs. Sub-Mariner

Journey Into Marvel

By: Julian Munds

Sub-Mariner maybe the most politically important character of the early Marvel Silver Age. Every time I read one of his stories, I am astounded by the importance he holds in the… 886 more words


Wish-List: Moloids! (v1.1) Plus, Ret-Con: Mole Man (CM REV, v2.1)

Ah, Moloids. Yes. Love these little guys. (Guys? Have  to be some gals among them…. I hope.) Didn’t pay too much attention to them in the comics. 1,015 more words


From Sao Paulo to New York: How a Street Art Project Changes Lives

Last Thursday night in Brooklyn:

A suspicious-looking group is huddled around the Bedford Avenue Stop in Williamsburg. One girl is carrying a huge pipe-like figure, another is hoisting a heavy white bag on her shoulders. 1,460 more words

New York City

Action Scenes - Attack of the Mole Man!

Introducing: Action Scenes!

Greetings True Believers! Today’s post is the first in a series of Action Scenes. These are scenes which can be used alone for a short night of play, or incorporated into a larger event. 1,256 more words


Fantastic Four #4

Issue: Fantastic Four #4

Title: “The Coming of the Submariner”

Cover Date: May 1962

Cover Price: 12 cents

Author: Stan Lee

Penciler: Jack Kirby

Inker: … 705 more words

Human Torch

Kobe Gigantor

Recently, I wrote about the full size, 18 meter Gundam found in Odaiba, Tokyo to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

A 18 meter Gigantor robot is currently being constructed in Kobe (about a 2 hour bullet train ride west of Tokyo, home of the famous and expensive Kobe beef) which is scheduled for completion at the end of September.  The original Japanese name for Gigantor is Tetsujin 28-Go. 27 more words

The Lakelanders #4: Page 15

Health Update: Lone Wolf = 2, Dr. D = 2, Chimera = 3, Bedzerk = 2, Giganto = 1

Lone Wolf: = 2+0 = 2… 415 more words

The Lakelanders