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Gig review: D.N.P. 6/8 Kafé, Birmingham 24/03/2017

Midlands Metalheads reviewed a rare live D.N.P performance last week. Here’s what they had to say…..

First up is Birmingham’s black ambient drone performer, D.N.P. (Dona Nobis Pacem) (7). 96 more words


Gig Review: Fatherson @ The Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Fatherson live, you really need to treat yourself. They’re everything you want from a live band: authentic, passionate and more atmospheric than a studio record can achieve. 90 more words


Having acquired a dog just over a week ago, I am spending a lot of time walking around in what could easily be described as "The Countryside". I have always loved animals and wildlife, and the chances are that I will die in a car crash having lost control as I became distracted by a heron flying overhead, but it seems to have been a long time since I actually got out into nature and saw wildlife up close. Over the weekend I have seen numerous common birds - including a wren which, in spite of its large distribution, I had never spotted before - a pheasant which was actually alive rather than dead at the side of the road, a fox and - most impressive at all - a buzzard take off from a tree not twenty feet in front of me. Initially, when thinking back, I was disappointed that I had not got photographs of these moments, but the more I thought about it, the more I consider that to be a good thing: The reason I didn't take a photo was because it didn't occur to me to; I was in the moment, enjoying the experience. It seems to me that the minute we start to film or photograph a moment then we take ourselves out of that moment and are thinking about how we or other people will view it in the future. It has always seemed strange to me when people watch a gig through the screen of their phone, held above the heads of the crowd by outstretched arms, a distillation of an immediate experience. Are our memories really so bad these days that we would rather experience half the emotional impact of something in order to preserve a copy of it, or are we so concerned with receiving hits and up-votes and showing people how much of a good time we had that we are actually willing to compromise on the good time? The fact that Daniel Kitson barely tours and doesn't release any material is somewhat frustrating as I want to be able to show other people just how amazing he is, but actually the scarcity of Kitson consumption means that I truly appreciate it when I do see him, and the enjoyment and legend of it only builds in my mind and memory, rather than being dulled and oversaturated by being able to see him any time I want. Familiarity breeds contempt, scarcity creates magic and intrigue.


Impromptu interview with Brent Thorpe

What do you do when you front up at a Phuklub show and you have a script full of questions for one of the show and tell performers (like I did on March 19) and the guy  in question doesn’t show? 92 more words


KIYASU Tour starts this week!

29/03 – Sydney – Life Groove Cafe – $6 Entry
Kiyasu (from Sete Star, Japan) Snare Drum Solo
Synchronized Periods (from Newcastle)
Melanie Eden/Leighton Arnold (vox/gtr/field rec) 160 more words

The Day was Going Great ’til I Rolled Down the Driveway

This past Monday which was accompanied by a full moon, started off like any other day of the week; with me not wanting to get up. 948 more words

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