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Jeff Kopas's Blood Honey 'seems to be nothing but atmosphere'

Pardon the astronomical metaphor, but watching a movie that has no atmosphere is like living on Mars. Blood Honey, from Canadian director Jeff Kopas, sometimes seems to be nothing but atmosphere; it’s like living on Venus. 264 more words


Win a Pair of Tickets to Blood Honey!

Northern Banner is releasing the much-anticipated indie psycho thriller Blood Honey in theatres across Canada on Friday September 1st. Cinema Axis has a pair of tickets to giveaway for its opening weekend in Toronto. 185 more words


Blood Honey (Canada, 2017)

‘We cannot escape our past.’

Blood Honey – formerly The Hive – is a 2017 Canadian horror drama film directed by Jeff Kopas from a screenplay co-written with Doug Taylor. 139 more words


Film Review: BLOOD HONEY (THE HIVE) (Canada 2017) **1/2

Tortured by the memory of a childhood trauma, a woman returns after a decade to her family’s fly-in hunting lodge to assist her siblings with their dying father, only to find herself stuck in a life threatening nightmare. 584 more words

Life On The Line (2015, dir. David Hackl)

Electrical power workers battle their demons, and sometimes, power cuts. Ho-hum drama which can’t decide if it’s interested more in blue-collar soap operatics or in Hawksian camaraderie under pressure, ending up focusing on neither.

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Throwback Thursday-The Courage To Love (2000)

Our strongest sense is sometimes not our sense of smell or taste, but our gut. When we have nothing else to guide us, our gut will. 122 more words


Ok Folks as Promised Our Look at Scy-Fy’s Ascension the Mini-Series (2014).

Our last look at Science Fiction (for now): Ascension—the miniseries.  Once again Netflix comes through with programming that we here at JPFmovies would not normally watch.  656 more words

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