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Buck Rogers 1.23 and 1.24 - Flight of the War Witch

Well, now that is how you do a season finale. It’s the sort of thing that we expect now, but I don’t believe was all that common in 1980: a good chunk of location filming, including a big all-terrain vehicle, and a pile of guest stars. 582 more words

Sid Haig

Buck Rogers 1.22 - Buck's Duel to the Death

Holy anna, our son loved this episode. Our schedule got a little bent out of shape today, as it will again tomorrow, so he and I watched it earlier in the evening. 172 more words

Tim O'connor

Buck Rogers 1.21 - Space Rockers

This wasn’t guest star Jerry Orbach’s finest hour. In a moment of television about as clued-in as that punk rock installment of Quincy, Orbach plays the manager of the galaxy’s biggest rock band. 56 more words

Tim O'connor

Buck Rogers 1.20 - A Dream of Jennifer

I spoke too soon! Last time, I mentioned how there hasn’t been any location filming on this show in several episodes, and tonight’s installment brought a whole gaggle of costumed extras into two separate places. 182 more words

Tim O'connor

Buck Rogers 1.19 - Olympiad

I’m guessing that toward the end of Buck Rogers‘ first season, they started to run out of money. We haven’t seen any A-list guest stars in weeks, and not a frame of location filming. 244 more words

Tim O'connor

Buck Rogers 1.18 - Twiki is Missing

And while we’re on the subject of turkeys, here’s “Twiki is Missing.” The main guest star is actress Eddie Benton, and she’s the best thing about this hour, just like she was the best thing about the dopey 1979 movie… 99 more words

Tim O'connor

Buck Rogers 1.17 - Ardala Returns

Episode 16 was a clip show, so we skipped it. Life’s too short.

In the last two weeks, our son’s had to put up with the returns of… 293 more words

Tim O'connor