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365 Days of Album Recommendations - Jan 16

Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces of a Man

There are SO many reasons to recommend this album. So many.

So many, that I’ll probably have to recommend it again later in the year, just so I can talk about it again. 380 more words

Preacher Boy: General News

Oive lost moi kingaroooo, tears tears

Stretchlimoing back.

Watching Meryl Streep giving her wonderful and speech last night, I enjoyed the stunned reactions of the famous faces littering the tables. Also stunning was that the same faces couldn’t shut the fuck up for Viola Davis’s intro to Magic Meryl, which y’know kinda tells you a lot about the situation. 436 more words

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My Resolution Will Not Be Televised

after Gil Scott-Heron

You will not be able to discover it from your sofa, brother.
You will not be able to sit there under the cat, sister, 331 more words

Odds And Sods

Album Review: Run The Jewels—“RTJ3”

By Angelo Gio Mateo, Feature Photo via Pitchfork

If Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book (2016) represented optimism in this awful year, then Run the Jewels RTJ3 (2016) is its antithesis. 551 more words

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I’ve never seen a nation want to re-set a calendar as badly in my life.

From the post-presidential election hand-wringing to the so-called “conscious community” mudslinging, the last last seven or eight weeks have been an absolute drag.   194 more words

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Review: What We Leave Behind

Growing up, I was exposed to the music of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson from the albums my cousin had in his large music collection. Some of my young discoveries turned me on to albums such as  397 more words


Jam It Or Slam It? Soul Basement

Life can hand you little surprises. I had one of those on Friday. I was going through my inbox when I found an email from Fabio Puglisi, an Italian musician who is professionally known as Soul Basement.  459 more words