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The President is on the air

The President of our little college just released his quarterly vision statement on his YouTube channel.  Since his hiring five years ago this has been his only contact with the college community and we look to the videos for visual clues on everything from upcoming land grabs to potential new departments. 175 more words

song of the day Gil Scott Heron"Angel Dust"

Gil Scott Heron was truly a Poets Poet

and one of the deepest Brothers who came along during a time

when it was mandatory for you to have a pulse when you entered… 101 more words


Street Livin' - Black Eyed Peas

Well this took me by surprize. For anyone who remembers that Black Eyed Peas were a credible hip hop act before the megapop fame had them churning out blige water with glossy videos this feels like rolling the tape way way back. 325 more words

Black Lightning 1x01 (The Resurrection) Song List

(Show Theme – Black Lightning by Godholly)

  1. Strange Fruit by Nina Simone
  2. Blicka Blicka by Rome Fortune
  3. Love by Rome Fortune
  4. 100% by Monogem
  5. Blood On Me by Sampha…
  6. 42 more words
Black Lightning

Must be OK...Whitey's on the moon

Gil Scott-Heron don’t ever stop. The man always nails it.


The Vulture

The Vulture starts like any good crime thriller, with a corpse and a question: ‘Who Killed John-Lee?’ From there, we roll back a year to the summer of 1968 in New York. 409 more words