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Review: The Magic's 'Grandeur' a strong examination of the duality of Gil Scott-Heron

For all of the influence and passion Gil Scott-Heron spread among the world in his 40-plus years as an artist, the final chapter of his life was largely a painful, enigmatic existence. 975 more words

Words About Words

Knowing the danger of choosing words that could inadvertently cause disrespect, where does one start when one doesn’t know which words will cause pain, because when using descriptive words, many of those words used have become stereotypes of people, and often times these stereotypes create images that are not flattering or nice, and thus the word creates an image and the image does not reflect the actual person or thing. 602 more words

Friday5 - goldie.olinga

This week’s Friday5 takes a trip back into the past with some sweet, soulful favourites by the likes of five artists who should not be a stranger to anyone listening. 31 more words

The Telltale Mind

Poetry Corner: Gil Scott Heron

Bernie Bell:  “Looking at Trump and May, I’m reminded of Reagan and Thatcher. And I’m reminded of this song by Gil Scott Heron, from 1984. The situation is un-cannily similar.  994 more words

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#Buddhist #Enlightenment Will NOT be Downloaded, Downloadable—OR Televised...

Author’s note: in the style of Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will not Be Televised,” preferably with some light jazz music in the background…

Enlightenment will not be delivered to your doorstep by drone, from Amazon flown and by PayPal paid, nor Bitcoin bought, but traded in kind and in species of the heartfelt kind, love and forgiveness and kindness and compassion and submission and surrender to that higher power that represents us all in the courtrooms of consciousness, and the guard posts of Godliness, the board rooms of the Bhagwan and the after-death chambers of pure heavenly delight, whipped and battered and dipped in divinity… 710 more words

The Magic's 'Grandeur' revisits the power and legacy of Gil Scott-Heron

Hearing Gil Scott-Heron speak about his powerful early 1970’s anthem “The Revolution Will Not be Televised,” which was first a spoken poem and then a song, you hear the voice of a man ahead of his time, an urban prophet sublimely in tune with his community and the issues surrounding Black America. 768 more words