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Navigating Through Still Waters

As citizens of the U.S., we are made to feel that our non-action in the face of violent death abroad is somehow protecting us. We are made to believe that valuation of life outside of whiteness abroad is not valuable. 866 more words

Because I always feel like running
Not away, because there is no such place
Because, if there was I would have found it by now…

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"I got some real shit to say...I want somebody to listen, so I can teach 'em somethin'"

In 1975, Richard Pryor became the first Black comic to host Saturday Night Live. Never one to shy away from art’s imitation of life and the concept of truth in jest, the most memorable segment of the show depends largely on who you ask. 434 more words

"i'm new here" - gil scott-heron (2010)

Getting old terrifies me on some level.  I’m not old by any measure and am still very young.  I have a youthful vigor and energy and still can run wild during my more uninhibited moments.  677 more words

From Dudley to the Delta

A comedian walks into a recording studio; it’s not funny. Here, Sir Lenny Henry has produced a seriously good blues record.

Henry has always had a musical element to his stand up, from Jeff Beck playing on  451 more words

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised . . .

. . . but apparently Gil Scott-Heron‘s song of that title will be . . .

. . .  on this past week’s episode of Scandal.

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