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Gjálfrmarr – [Gila, Venomous Pygmy]

Have been playing around theorycrafting with the Gila as another High-Sec exploration ship to mess around in. Venomous Pygmy is the fit I’ve come up with, she’s a tight one and will need an Implant or some Faction Modules to get the CPU within limits but with the proper tank and if flown well she should be able to handle the 5/10 DED sites. 129 more words

EVE Online

Terjemahan Perasaan..

Dikala ini, disaat ini tiada ungkapan yang boleh menerjemahkan perasaan aku kepadanya.. Aku akui ia bertambah kuat dari sehari kesehari.. Tidak pernah terleka dan tidak pernah terkurang.. 118 more words



From this experience

From the endless days

From the people I am with

From every song sung

From every tear shed

I know what I want… 31 more words

Gila Woodpeckers - excavators of saguaros

The Gila Woodpecker (Melanerpes uropygialis) is a conspicuous resident of the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona and Mexico. This woodpecker has a body length of about 9 inches and a wingspan of 16 inches. 395 more words

Natural History

Tiba-tiba Mabuk

Anjirrr. Kenapa ini pulang dari sana tiba-tiba kumat? Mungkin gara-gara kurang kadar insulin, jadi berlebih adrenalin. Semua lepas kontrol seperti ingin bersenang-senang di atas apa pun termasuk itu, melihat kamu yang jadi takut. 477 more words

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Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

In the Gila National Forest of East Central New Mexico lies the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  This is another excellent example of the ingenuity of the builders of these structures in protected cliffs. 577 more words