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Gilbert Arenas Claims to Rob Prostitutes on Instagram

Gilbert Arenas just can’t stop being a complete scumbag on Instagram. He gives zero fucks. He literally takes fucks and then has his buddy set up a fake robbery so he doesn’t have to pay for them. 374 more words

"They Sleep"

25, 7 & 4.

Apparently, that’s not enough to warrant an All-Star selection in a stacked, Western Conference field. For Damian Lillard, it’s just another piece of motivation in a basketball life filled with constant “slights” and a lack of respect. 297 more words


Gilbert Arenas Used A Desperate Tactic To Try And See Kobe Bryant's Last Game

Barring the most miraculous turn of events in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers will play their final game of the 2015-16 season two months from now on April 13 against Utah. 686 more words


Not Your Fundamental Jabstep

Get ready for The Jabsteps: the All-NBA podcast where our collection of professors and writers and NBA obsessives cover the League as only we can.  It’ll be like splicing Tim Duncan’s fundies, Gilbert Arenas’ gun dance, and Charles Barkley’s mound.   12 more words

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Draya Michele Confirms Identity of Son’s Father

Realtiy star Draya Michele has become somewhat of a media darling – and she’s certainly social media fodder – with her on/off romance with sometime-boyfriend, 176 more words

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Over The Weekend Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Admitted To Credit Card Fraud On Instagram

I’ve been pretty busy the last couple days, and I know its a few days old, but this post by Gilbert Arenas can’t go unnoticed. Let me try and break this down quick.. 319 more words


Gilbert Arenas Is Allegedly Under Investigation For Fraud After Gloating About Ripping Off Strip Clubs

Oh Gilbert Arenas. The former NBA All-Star was a lightning rod for controversy during his career, but it’s gotten worse since he left the league. He really does have a penchant for putting a foot in his mouth. 405 more words