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Ripple Effect

In The Times a week or so ago, Giles Coren, who is an entertaining restaurant critic but utterly (and possibly justifiably) London centric, or rather, anti-Provincial, asserted that when it comes to eating trends, for every 10 miles you go further from London, you become 1 year ‘behind trend’ (London being the measure of things). 1,103 more words

Interlude: Jules William Fiske Harrison

On March 21st, following the death of the actress Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident, the front page of The Times of London was as you see it above. 255 more words


When the offer is free

Try this for free! This is the commercial teaser we all see when we are offered a dozen of options. There is LinkedIn Premium, Spotify, Salesforce and the list goes on for a very long time. 1,539 more words


Giles Coren - Times Food Critic - is a piece of shit

So when you think of Giles Coren most think of a respected Times food critic. What people don’t often think of is an abusive wet fart with anger management issues who tweets about wanting his neighbours 12 year old child sexually abused and killed because he makes too much noise, but this ladies and gentleman is the reality and the truth. 998 more words


What to buy at your February Farmers Market - and I'm eating for comfort and pleasure this month

Mmm… purple-sprouting broccoli, scallops, brill, venison, kale and forced rhubarb – how good it feels to be back blogging about seasonal food after the hiatus last year due to writing two really wonderful books ! 1,187 more words

In Season

Week 13: No-one will complain

Today was our first day back at Brighton Journalist Works for a week-long full-time full-on course in Production Journalism.

(In)elegant variation and other POVs

My experience of sub-editors so far is that they can: 596 more words