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Supersizing History

I love studying food history. I read a lot of books. I do a fair bit of travel. I interview experts. Happily, thanks to YouTube, I also have access to a wide range of wonderful videos that focus on different periods of food history. 282 more words


Who exactly are we writing for?

When watching journalist Giles Coren’s programme on how to eat to live longer, one thing he said really stuck in my mind. Whilst speaking of his late father, the satirist Alan Coren, Giles explained that on the day his column was printed, his dad would call him up to say how much a certain joke or phrase had amused him. 247 more words


Giles Coren's Eat To Live Forever: 10 foods that will keep you alive until 150

WARNING: This article contains an image from the programme which depicts the graphic butchering of an animal.

Giles Coren has been on a mission to increase his life span and has been looking at some extreme dietary measures of doing so for tonight’s Eat To Live Forever airing on BBC Two. 614 more words


Giles Coren Seeks a Longer Life Through Food

You can tell when I’m on a healthy-eating bender – or at least my family can. Without fail, I go hunting for programmes about food so I can sit and drool. 518 more words


Ripple Effect

In The Times a week or so ago, Giles Coren, who is an entertaining restaurant critic but utterly (and possibly justifiably) London centric, or rather, anti-Provincial, asserted that when it comes to eating trends, for every 10 miles you go further from London, you become 1 year ‘behind trend’ (London being the measure of things). 1,103 more words