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What's so Wrong with Employing The Interested?

I don’t read newspapers much, so I am terribly out of touch with things that will be forgotten by next Tuesday. It is part of my anger management. 748 more words

Dr Lucy Worsley's grammar

I see this morning that there’s a Twitter squall going on with regard to Lucy Worsley’s grammar. Today’s the day that the new Jane Austen tenners come into circulation, and Dr Worsley tweeted that “she and me” would be on television talking about it (Worsley doing most of the talking, one assumes). 293 more words

Food critic sparks fury by calling people from Plymouth 'tattooed fatties'

Food critic Giles Coren has sparked outrage by calling people from Plymouth ‘tattooed fatties with pikey tents’.

Coren was complaining that his usual holiday haunt, the formerly private Mothecombe Beach, had attracted new visitors after opening to the public. 335 more words


Quotation for Today - 23/07/2017

Giles Coren at The Times defines, tongue in cheek, but tellingly

University education — Something that could feasibly be kept “free to all” as long as access was restricted to young people intellectually equipped to benefit from it, but which has to be paid for with whopping fees and crippling debt now that any damn fool can go, and usually does.

Suing Oxford University

Faiz Siddiqui, a former student of Brazenose College, Oxford, is suing Oxford University because “negligent teaching” caused him to underachieve in his final exams, damaging his subsequent career. 499 more words

Oxford University

Foodie Heaven...or Hell

I’ve recently been binge-watching Supersizers Go…, not because it has anything remotely to do with travel or indeed my regular job, but because I’m a little bit in love with Giles Coren. 978 more words

Catch-up: Reviewing BBC Two's Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Before even seeing an episode of BBC Two’s Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby, I was hooked in by the notion of exploring places and other lives that were probably beyond my everyday reach. 1,177 more words