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1930s food

last tuesday evening (14th february), 8.00-9.00pm, on bbc 2
1930s (in the further back in time for dinner series) includes …

“… the threats on the horizon come closer with a visit to London’s East End to commemorate the battle of Cable St, and all the traditional favourites of a Jewish dinner with Giles Coren.”

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I'm best friends with my husband's ex - just don't call me weird

How do you feel about your partner’s ex-girlfriend? A bit suspicious, probably. Perhaps threatened. Most likely you try not to think about her.

How would you feel if she lived only a few streets away and you shared the same high street and coffee shops? 1,544 more words


November dullness

A few weeks ago now Giles Coren’s review of the Randolph appeared in The Times. It was accurately and amusingly bad, and intriguingly didn’t even mention the only newsworthy event about The Randolph recently, namely the fire that broke out a few years ago. 864 more words


Sosharu - review of the restaurant review by Giles Coren

Jason Atherton is a great guy. He signed my menu for me when he was the guest chef for the London Art Week Pavilion in 2013. 481 more words


Coffee: what's going on?

I really like coffee. I always buy a decent blend when I go to the supermarket and I love finishing dinner at a restaurant with a rich double espresso. 183 more words

Casa Manolo

I went to a marvellous new place (it’s been open for a couple of months) called Casa Manolo for lunch on Tuesday.  It’s basically a tapas joint but has a deli at the front, along with some nice looking pigs’ legs. 187 more words


Calling all cliches: Taking them down

The word ‘takedown’ is a sporting term that comes from wrestling and martial arts, where it refers to a move that’s not a throw, but still brings an opponent to the ground. 488 more words