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Dark Glitter: Hush


Be quiet. Be still.


Don’t be loud, don’t not-give-a-fuck, don’t be sexual. Don’t criticise, voice concern, or surpass men.

Or be sexual, and be slut-shamed. 324 more words

Sexual Harassment

Nah, Giles Coren, Jane Austen really is great after all - and you're just a lazy contrarian.

Some writers need to be defended from their foes.  Jane Austen needs to be defended from her friends, for the most part.  Giles Coren’s Times… 1,033 more words

Giles Coren aims to prove Jane Austen books were rubbish in new documentary

Giles Coren really doesn’t like Jane Austen, and has gone as far as to make a documentary saying so.

Critic Giles has made a documentary, entitled I Hate Jane Austen, all about his dislike for the famed author, with celeb friends attempting to prove his opinion is entirely wrong. 318 more words


You can't appreciate wine without getting (at least a little bit) drunk

If an alien came down tomorrow and read Decanter magazine, he or she (or perhaps some new completely unthought of sex from the Alpha Centauri), would never guess that the subject being written about was not only meant to be fun but was in fact an intoxicant. 733 more words

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Dark Glitter: Some Of Us

Some Of Us

Imagine a world where women have no power.

Where men decide on the salaries we can earn, the jobs we can take, the support we can have when pregnant, or when mothers, or for our vaginas. 330 more words


What's so Wrong with Employing The Interested?

I don’t read newspapers much, so I am terribly out of touch with things that will be forgotten by next Tuesday. It is part of my anger management. 748 more words

Dr Lucy Worsley's grammar

I see this morning that there’s a Twitter squall going on with regard to Lucy Worsley’s grammar. Today’s the day that the new Jane Austen tenners come into circulation, and Dr Worsley tweeted that “she and me” would be on television talking about it (Worsley doing most of the talking, one assumes). 293 more words