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Where’s the pillow? Où est le coussin? (Day Two / Deuxième jour)

The “Paris in revolt” pillow wandered into a different part of town today, as we sought shelter from rain, hail, and much colder temps. But even when it’s chilly here, the city glows. 110 more words

French Revolution

Young Tunisians see red

Inspired by Franceʹs “gilets jaunes”, the Tunisian “red vest” movement reflects the widespread discontent in the North African country, where protests against spiralling living costs, unemployment, mismanagement and corruption are once again on the increase. 510 more words


Wealth Inequality in France That Led to the Yellow Vests Is Nothing Compared to the US

Yellow Vests demonstrations, sparked by a tax hike in France have exposed long simmering anger over rising inequality and a government that doesn’t seem to care. 142 more words


U Strasbourgu i policija i Žuti prsluci polako gube strpljenje

Francuzi se boje da će ih u ostatku svijeta doživjeti kao vandale. U zadnjih devet tjedana izvještavanja o Žutim prslucima, najveći se naglasak stavljao na žrtve, sukobe, nerede – gotovo svaku subotu tijekom dva mjeseca svijet bi obišla slika nereda na ulicama Pariza, gdje je većina razno raznih ekstremista razbijala i palila. 734 more words


Two Parallel Worlds!

For the ninth Saturday in a row, France’s ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or the yellow vest activists took to the streets in the capital Paris as well as in other major cities such as Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille… The number of participants in this ninth act was estimated to 84000, of which 8000 were mobilized in Paris. 572 more words

Politics & Society

Brits Find It's Not So Easy To Contain Human Creativity

China’s Chang’e-4 lunar rover lands on moon’s far side, sends back images, Jan. 3, 2019 (Image: China National Space Administration)


There are two outstanding strategic developments over the past week which bear emphasizing, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche remarked today. 584 more words


Gilets Jaunes Menace Rape and Beat up Journalists.

Comrade Journalist Attacked by the Gilets Jaunes. 

As the Gilets Jaunes movement is in its death throes, they have turned on the media.

The Local… 295 more words

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